[Announcement] 5th Human Rights Pinduteros’ Choice Awards

5th Human Rights Pinduteros’ Choice Awards

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We are connected now more than ever before.

As our way of showing gratitude to our contributors, partners and networks in their continuous support for the success of the Human Rights Online Philippines or HRonlinePH.com, we are holding the 5th Human Rights Pinduteros’ Choice Awards.

The HRonlinePH.com http://hronlineph.com is a site specialized to promoting and protecting human rights in the Philippines through Information Resources Online.

For the fifth time since 2011, the HRonlinePH.com will recognize the remarkable actions of human rights defenders in their ability to share ideas and band together through the internet for the common cause to- INSPIRE, INFORM, MOBILIZE- for promotion, assertion and defence of human rights.

This event is our contribution to the commemoration of the International Human Rights Day through online human rights awareness and polling campaign which interested individuals and groups would be best able to find ways to encourage more followers to read their human rights articles and campaigns etc. and views on the various websites shared by human rights organizations and networks.

With the 5th Human Rights Pinduteros’ Choice Awards theme, “Social media as a medium for expression, as a tool for social change- social media has become an essential tool for human rights defenders wishing to reach as many people as possible. And the ways that Filipinos have made good and innovative use of social media are evident and have drastically changed the landscape of human interaction.

For Filipinos, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts are for more than just posting, liking and reading through the feeds- social media has proved to be powerful in many other ways from Pope Francis visit here in the Philippines which ignited a social media frenzy, turning the “selfie” and the combined power of social media into a form of protest, the phenomenal #AlDub, disaster response such as #LandoPH, to campaign for protection of the rights of indigenous peoples and Lumads way of life #StopLumadKillings.

While we are so driven by these information and data in the internet, we often overlook the human aspects of our human rights campaigns. That we see it crucial that we begin this process of delivering real human experiences on the Internet and that our campaign relies on online and offline actions which will highlight the 5th Human Rights Pinduteros’ Choice Awards, which give recognition to exceptional individuals and organizations in recognition of their achievement in defending all human rights through online and offline.

Nominees are chosen from the list of most clicked items per category posted on the HRonlinePH.com site based on the number of hits generated provided by wordpress.com statistics from the period of November10, 2014 to November 10, 2015.

Final tally of scores of winning posts are based on the combined online voting/polling results which will be held from the period of November 10, 2015 to November 25, 2015 at the HRonlinePH.com Facebook Page and website. Vote Now!

Winners will be announced and awarded during the 2015 International Human Rights week commemoration (exact date and venue to be announced).


 HR Pinduteros Choice for HR NETWORK‘S POSTS
 HR Pinduteros Choice for HR PINDUTERO‘S POSTS
 HR Pinduteros Choice for HR BLOGSITE
 HR Pinduteros Choice for HR WEBSITE
 HR Pinduteros Choice for HR EVENT
 HR Pinduteros Choice for HR PHOTO
 HR Pinduteros Choice for HR VIDEOS
 HR Pinduteros Choice for HR CAMPAIGN

Human Rights Online Philippines…
Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in the Philippines through
Information Resources Online

HR Pinduteros vote now!

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