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[Right-Up] The Philippines and Russia: On Independent Foreign Policy | by Jose Mario De Vega

The Philippines and Russia: On Independent Foreign Policy

A per report of Yahoo! News, “During the presidential election campaign, Marcos initially maintained a neutral position on the Russia-Ukraine war. However, he later issued a statement that he is united with the rest of world in calling for Russia “to respect Ukraine’s freedom and its citizens’ democratic way of life.” (Russia ready to help Philippines with oil, gas needs: Russian envoy, Nicholas Young, Jun 14).

It was at this period also that the Philippine government during the UN General Assembly voted together with 141 out of 193 member countries to denounced Russia’s aggression against Ukraine (U.N. General Assembly in historic vote denounces Russia over Ukraine invasion, Reuters, March 3rd).

Though, the said Resolution is non-binding, it is my firm view that the decision undertaken by Malacanan and DFA on this critical world issue is undeniably wrong. The Russian Federation may consider that idiotic decision as an act of an unfriendly country. (Putin issues decree requesting ‘unfriendly’ countries pay for gas in roubles, The Financial Times, April 1st).

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[Tula] “Nakamamangha…” | ni Kelvin Vistan


Isang tula.
(Binigkas: Nukes Coal-Free Bataan Movement Activity,
February 25, 2022)

Nakamamangha nga namang
Sa pagbagwis ng kamalayan ng sangkatauhan
Ay natanto nyang
ilibid sa lubid ang kislap
ng pinagbanggang
sangkatining ng sangkatiting ng sangkatiting
at binaligtad ang pagsilang ng bituin,
kalamidad na inamo at nagawang pigain,
nakapagtatakang kayang ipunin,
na ningas at kidlat at kinalikot hanggang
Na isusubo sa sibilisasyong
Di maawat sa pag-abante’t pagkonsumo ng daigdig
Kaya madaling alukin ng kasinungalingang
“ligtas” ang mamuhunan sa nukleyar.
Kasinungalingan dahil
maningning na tuklas ay may kakambal
Na gimbal,
May kabakas na dahas.
Hindi simpleng nag-uumpisa
sa kislap ng kisapmatang salpukan
Dahil puhunan ay saling-ilang salinlahi nang
pagtungkab sa dawag ng gubat,
tayog ng bundok, buong pamayanan,
kapalit ng pirapirasong batong sangkap
na gamit sa pagluluto ng putaheng isusubo sa ambuklaw ng
kusinerong halimaw.

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[Right-Up] Teachers as Believers of Marcos Lies | by Norman Novio

Teachers as Believers of Marcos Lies

I cannot imagine as I truly lament teachers being Marcos apologists. They are the kind of human beings who first taught us the evils of cheating, lying, and any form of academic, behavioral, and disciplinary misconduct, but continue to defend a cheater and a liar joining the Philippine presidential race.

The biggest “scholastic dishonesty” that Marcos Jr. and his minions of teachers-apologist is when he lied about his educational achievements. I was surrounded by teachers at home and relatives and friends beyond it, both real and virtual. I cannot remember any of them lying about their educational status. Much more they are condoning those who lie about it or any other lies related to the pursuit of education, teaching in particular.

But some mentors are fighting nail and tooth for the truth about the evils of the Marcos dictatorship just like the teachers from all over the world condemning Hitler’s Nazi regime.

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[Maikling Kwento] BORIS | ni Rene Boy Abiva


ni Rene Boy Abiva           

Aripue’y isang nilalang

Utusa’t ampaw sa katwiran

Kaya tama lang din na walang

Laman ang kanyang utak at tiyan.

Isang araw ay umulan nang hindi gaanong kalakasan. Iyong eksakto lang. Kumbaga’y hindi nakakairita sa pandinig ng tao. Ni hindi ito nakakabagabag. Para itong salidummay na humehele sa mga gutom sa layang malay at katawan ng mga aripuen. Mga aripuennahindi singlaya ng mga pipit, panal, sitsitok, at martines na lumipad at dumagit sa dibdib ng alangaang. Mga aripuenna hindi singlaya ng tubig na ipadama ang kanyang bagsik at lumanay sa pamamagitan ng pagdaloy at pagsalpok sa mga matatalim at dambuhalang bato sa kandungan ng Ilog Magat.

Tama. Hindi nga isang malayang nilalang ang mga aripuen. Mula sa pagputok ng mga silahis sa likod ng Sierra Madre hanggang sa paglubog nito sa likod ng Caraballo ay bihag sila. Paano ba naman kasi’y naturingan silang mga animal.

Naturingang mas mababa sa hayop?

Ano ang tawag kaya rito?

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[Right-Up] All Souls’ Day and the Petition for Disqualification of BBM | by Norman Novio

#HumanRights #NeverAgaintoTheMarcoses

All Souls’ Day and the Petition for Disqualification of BBM

Yesterday, All Souls’ Day, which was declared by President Rodrigo Duterte as a Special Working Public Holiday, a group of petitioners from the ranks of political detainees, human rights, and medical organizations that opposed the Marcos dictatorship filed a petition to disqualify Ferdinand Marcos Jr. from running as president in the May 2022 elections.

The Petition to Cancel or Deny Due Course the Certificate of Candidacy of Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. under Section 78 concerning Section 74, Article IX of the Omnibus Election Code was filed with the Commission on Elections (COMELEC), the country’s supreme poll body.

Fr. Christian “Toots” Buenafe, O.Carm. was one of the petitioners and said that Marcos’ Certificate of Candidacy (CoC) is full of false material representations claiming he was eligible to be a candidate for the upcoming national polls when in fact he is not. They claim that BBM is a convicted criminal, ergo, cannot be a candidate. For the record, Marcos was convicted by the Regional Trial Court of Quezon City in a July 27, 1995 Decision for his multiple failures to file income tax returns. Apparently, BBM did not pay his taxes for 4 years so it could be classified as tinted with moral turpitude.

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[Right-Up] In Defense of Madness and Mayhem: A Review of Reconstructing Dutertismo | by Jose Mario De Vega

#HumanRights #Dutertismo

In Defense of Madness and Mayhem: A Review of Reconstructing Dutertismo

This paper is a brief review of Mark Pablo’s article published by ADRiNSTITUTE for Strategic and International Studies in 2017 in a period wherein we could say that ‘Dutertismo’ was at the peak of its power.

The question or the research problem of the author is not to ask what Dutertismo means, as if we already know what this thing or tendency is, but to offer a rereading or a reconstruction of this phenomenon.

As per the author, his research objectives are as follows:
1) Map the political, economic, and social terrain, contextualizing Duterte’s rise to power;
2) Critique the charge that ‘Dutertismo’ is purely a theatrical phenomenon, and
3) Suggest a reinterpretation of ‘Dutertismo’ as a movement aimed at altering the post-Edsa configurations of power and at laying a blueprint for a new order and narrative for the future Philippine states.

Pablo began his exposition by highlighting Professor Quimpo’s analysis of the class division in the Philippines and intertwined it with Professor McCoy’s contention that Philippine post-Edsa politics is nothing more than the collision between the state and politico-economic dynasties.

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[Right-Up] A Review and Commentaries on The Early Duterte Presidency in the Philippines by Professor Mark R. Thompson | by Jose Mario De Vega

#HumanRights #Politics

A Review and Commentaries on The Early Duterte Presidency in the Philippines by Professor Mark R. Thompson

This article of Professor Thompson published in 2016 by Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs aims to give a critical analysis of what the Duterte administration will be like. I could say that he is indeed a visionary and early on he clearly saw accurately how brutal and hideous the said regime would be.

Rodrigo R. Duterte has “stuck to his guns” in carrying out his campaign pledge to launch a violent anti-drug campaign. He fulfilled his promise of making the sharks at the Manila Bay fat due to the vicious, relentless, organized, simultaneous and nefarious brutal “War on Drugs” in a national scale. This is the upgraded version of the Davao model or template of mass murder.

Duterte’s electoral victory is an irony, by virtue of the fact that “six years of political stability and high growth under the relatively liberal and supposedly reformist administration of President Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino, III.”

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[Tula] Pakikiisa sa laban ng health workers | ni Greg Bituin Jr.


sa mga health workers kami’y sadyang nakikiisa
sa isyu nila, sampu ng aking mga kasama
upang itaguyod ang mga kapakanan nila
at kami’y sasama sa kanilang kilos-protesta

ipakita ang matagal na nilang mga hinaing
na ibigay na ang benepisyo nila, gayundin
ang hazard pay nila, allowance para sa pagkain
tirahan, transportasyon, special risk allowance din

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[Right-Up] Sino ang mga Bayani at mga Bangag, Bulag at Talipandas ng Bayang ito? | ni Jose Mario De Vega

Sino ang mga Bayani at mga Bangag, Bulag at Talipandas ng Bayang ito?

Sa kanyang paskil sa Facebook noong Agosto 25 ay sinabi ni G. Jose ang mga sumusunod:

“In these perilous times we need heroes. Those young NPA rebels killed by this country’s Armed Forces—whatever their personal achievements, however their courage, are not Filipino heroes. They fought to destroy this Republic in their protracted war. Was Ninoy Aquino a hero? He had murky connections that provoke this question. His massive funeral—never in our history has such event occurred. Is this enough to anoint him? Our thousands of workers who left this country that cannot sustain them—how truly heroic are they? Our frontline health workers—fatigued, sometimes underpaid—many have died—how do we recognize their heroism? In my novel Po-on, the fictional Mabini declares—“the heroes are the foot soldiers, the peasants who produce our food.” Now, look at the mirror and ask yourself, “Have I toiled, suffered and sacrificed something precious for Filipinas? You may not know it, friend, but our unhappy country needs you.”

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[Tula] Panawagan ng Maralita | ni Greg Bituin Jr.

Panawagan ng Maralita

tingni ang tarpolin nila’t kaytinding panawagan
na talagang ikaw mismo’y mapapaisip naman
krisis daw sa pagkain, trabaho at kabuhayan
ay marapat daw lutasin para sa mamamayan

ipaglaban din ang karapatan sa makatao
at abot kayang pabahay, panawagang totoo
pahayag nilang ito’y tumitimo sa puso ko
na di sila dapat maapi sa panahong ito

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[Right-Up] Historical Distortionism is the Destruction of the Nation’s Foundation | Jose Mario De Vega

Historical Distortionism is the Destruction of the Nation’s Foundation

This is a response with Lito B. Zulueta’s Aguinaldo in a fairer light. I do have some serious reservations, not only to the tenor of his questionable narration but also firmly dispute the veracity and truthfulness of the very core of his views.

Mr Zulueta stated that:

Independence Day is less than a month away, so it is auspicious that the man who declared it on June 12, 1898, often vilified for having allegedly assassinated Andres Bonifacio and “Heneral Luna,” if not independence itself, is getting a fair shake from a Philippine historian with no mean international reputation.


He talked about Independence Day, the question there is that, had he read the whole document of the said proclamation? According to that auspicious document:

And having as witness to the rectitude of our intentions the Supreme Judge of the Universe, and under the protection of our Powerful and Humanitarian Nation, The United States of America, we do hereby proclaim and declare solemnly in the name by authority of the people of these Philippine Islands,

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[Right-Up] The Women of my Life | Jose Mario De Vega

The Women of my Life

Nearly a decade ago, the Star Malaysia published my article on Mother’s day. As I’ve stated then:

My personal life is a bit complicated, coming as I do from two different social classes. My father is a bit well to do, by virtue of him coming from the bourgeois class, while my mother came from the proletarian class. I deem myself a mixed product of heaven and hell, so to speak! Though, I love my father, I love my mother more. Why? Because she taught me all the laws of life and the mysteries of existence from a very young age.

I believe that what she transmitted and bequeathed to me is far more superior and undeniably more substantive tan all things money can buy.

Material things come and go, but virtue, responsibility, character and wisdom can never be bought, and no one can ever take these away from you.

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[Right-Up] Digong and Johnny, Classic Leviathans | Norman Novio

#HumanRights #Corruption

Digong and Johnny, Classic Leviathans

Juan Ponce Enrile was Rodrigo Duterte’s special guest in the latter’s regular public address on May 17, 2021 and they spent a one hour and 10-minute of scratching each other’s back, flattering each other like toddlers.

President Duterte, who vowed to eradicate corruption until the end of his term, designated as his honorable guest last Wednesday former Marcos architect Enrile who is still facing one plunder and 15 graft charges because of the reported misuse of his priority development assistance fund (PDAF). Allegedly, Enrile endorsed the phony NGO owned by Janet Lim Napoles in exchange for bribes. Enrile’s chief of staff, Jessica Lucila “Gigi” Reyes, is still incarcerated at Camp Bagong Diwa for her alleged role in said scam. According to reports your old man Johnny and Gigi are lovers. Just this January, Reyes filed a motion for her temporary release citing that the corona virus might spread inside the prison facility. The Sandigangbayan instantly denied her bid.

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[Right-Up] The World Must Come Together to Stand with Palestinian People: In Defense of Humanity | Jose Mario De Vega


The World Must Come Together to Stand with Palestinian People: In Defense of Humanity

I am writing this letter not merely as a Filipino but as a citizen of the world. I believe that the time now has come that the world must come together to stand with the Palestinian people in their perennial fight for their honor, their identity, their homes, and their right to self-determination. In a word, their right to exist.

It’s been a week now that the state of Israel is bombing Gaza indiscriminately. The bombings are sophisticated and on a massive scale without due consideration to the civilian population. They are doing it to a besieged nation without an army, navy, and air force. There is no shadow of a doubt that this criminal act is an act of ethnic cleansing, indeed, a genocide.

The world must now stand as one to condemn the state of Israel for Nakba, for their continuing brutal colonialization, to call for an end to their occupation of the land that they did not own, to end their state-sponsored and policy of aggression.

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[Right-Up] Isang Bukas na Liham Para kay Bb. Angel Locsin | by Jose Mario De Vega

Isang Bukas na Liham Para kay Bb. Angel Locsin

Mahal na kapatid na Angel,

Isang mainit na pagbati. Marahil hanggang ngayon ay binabagabag ka ng iyong loob at labis na nalulumbay gawa ng insidenteng naganap nitong nakaraang pagtatayo mo ng community pantry upang isabay sa pagdiriwang ng iyong kaarawan.

Ayoko nang ulitin pa ang detalye ng nakalulungkot na nangyari, sapagkat batid na naman ito ng lahat at nakadalawang beses ka nang humingi ng patawad at ng patuloy na pang-unawa. Hindi mo alam, ngunit, labis-labis mo akong pinahanga sa iyong pagpapakumbaba at pag-ako sa responsibilidad, kahit pa nga, sa aking tingin ay wala ka namang sagutin ukol doon.

Ipinakita din ng iyong akto kung paano ka wastong pinalaki ng iyong mga magulang. Napakatatag at lalim ng konsepto mo, kapatid ng responsibilidad, tungkulin at pananagutan. Mga katangian, nakalulungkot na hindi mo makita ni madama sa mga walang silbi at walang kuwentang kinatawan daw at trapo ng ating bansa.

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[Right-UP] The Philippines’ COVID-19 Response: Securitising the Pandemic and Disciplining the Pasaway | by Karl Hapal

#HumanRights #COVID19ph

The Philippines’ COVID-19 Response: Securitising the Pandemic and Disciplining the Pasaway
by Karl Hapal

It was the third week of April 2020, five weeks since Metro Manila and other provinces were put under “enhanced community quarantine” (ECQ). Under ECQ, school and university classes were suspended, mass gatherings were prohibited, government offices were run with a skeletal workforce, businesses were closed except for those providing essential goods and services, mass transportation was restricted, and people were ordered to observe social distancing measures and to stay at home. At that time, the Philippines had 6,456 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) confirmed cases, 426 deaths, and 612 recoveries. Quarantine rules specified that only one person was authorized to go out and buy essential goods for the rest of their family. As the designated “authorized person outside of residence” (APOR), I was given a “quarantine pass,” a document issued by the barangay. With my quarantine pass securely kept in my bag, I went out to buy food and medicine in a nearby market. Without any public transportation, I walked for nearly thirty minutes to get to the market. The street leading to the market was relatively empty. Apart from people who were, like me, walking towards the market, very few vehicles plied the road. Occasionally, an ambulance would pass by as well as illegal motorcycle taxis. As I neared the market, I saw slow-moving vehicles occupying the street. It was as if I had gone back to the “old normal.” Soon I saw police vehicles. I also saw several buses where people were being loaded. I thought the buses were there to transport frontline workers. I was later told that the buses were there to transport people apprehended for violating quarantine guidelines. My brief encounter with the government’s campaign to apprehend violators of quarantine guidelines is hardly an aberration. Elsewhere in the greater Metro Manila area, the joint forces of the police and the military cracked down on erring individuals.

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[Right-UP] Run, Sara, Run (Away) | by Norman Novio

#HumanRights #Election

Run, Sara, Run (Away)
by Norman Novio

Whether in times of pandemic or not, held elsewhere or right here in Occidental Mindoro, the “Run, Sara, Run” motorcade is a nasty manifestation and display of usual theatrics in pushing forward a phenomenon called political dynasty which is part and parcel of the dreaded traditional politics.

Traditional politics and political dynasty are the two deadliest pandemic in our country’s socio-political history. Traditional politics and political dynasty are cradles of weathervane politicians and butterflies, the bootlickers and their hardcore flatterers disguised as “concerned netizens”, the local politicians who hope to catch manna before 2022 from public gods upstairs and coagulate with them both in financial and organizational terms.

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[Right-up] Pulling the Trigger: Serving Translucent Information Amidst Threats -by Kristian Rivera

#HumanRights #COVID19ph

Pulling the Trigger: Serving Translucent Information Amidst Threats
by: Kristian Rivera

Photo Credits: From

Journalists around the world are facing new threats as they document the COVID-19 pandemic that has killed more than 2,166,440 people globally, stated by World Health Organization (WHO). The COVID-19 pandemic is pulling the strings and cracking up the whip reality, a surprise stress test to every democratic state. Major democratic principles are under pressure, and governments’ respect for press freedom which is one of the pillars of free societies, is continuously eroding.

ABS-CBN was shut down and the loyalty of hundreds of journalists were provoked in such ways for delivering fiery information that only served the truth behind this modern- day societal issues. The right to information and privacy were dejected.

Mohammad Mossed, a reporter in Iran who criticized the government’s response to the pandemic, has been barred from practicing journalism and suspended from Social Media. Chen Quiche, a freelance journalist who was covering the outbreak in Wuhan, China, has not been seen since early February, when he told family members he was planning to report on a temporary hospital as a field reporter.

Social media platforms have assumed the role of news distribution sources. Due to this fact, the media have largely rejected the affiliated gatekeeper role of fact-checking to the content they allow on different pages and sites. This renunciation has led to the rise of fake news, disinformation and propaganda. We cannot see the entire effect of these unless we know how to comprehensively read and understand unfiltered news even in a different lens.

Moreover, this will result in echo-chamber of deception. We have the internet as our daily resource of information, and it is much easier to access data and information via google or the drastic Facebook pages that are emerging. Many leaders are manipulating and threatening the news and pressuring local media to obscure reality and divert attention.

This form of unethical information to the public consensus is satire. As the health of the entire nation comes under increasing threat, the concern for accurate and clear reporting is more essential than ever, it becomes a burden, the fact that we only want to serve as the voice and to only speak for the truth could lead to a one-shot destination that could probably end one’s misery. When disaster strikes — and the COVID-19 outbreak gripped the world right now, it certainly qualifies — domestic and local media outlets are vital to combating problems, including the spread of a disease that could decimate entire populations.

Today is about all of us and all the things closest to us: our health and safety as Filipino citizens, our children and parents, our ability to move and speak freely without the fear and dilemma. Our liberty to write and be critical without restraint.

This is what it looks like when a crisis of leadership makes its way into our health and our homes, when lack of prudence induces panic, when diligence and the assurance of refuge is in need. When a lot of people won’t either trust and listen to the government because of inequality, overpower and suppression. Under any circumstances of the government’s incompetence, I am more than willing to engage in political retribution, counter blow, and an eye to eye against the administration, even though it would be a prime mover.

As a youth, I want to uphold democracy as much as I could, as our democracy today is under aggression. As we pay tribute to the bravery and sacrifices made to build this nation, it is important that we remember the full cost of liberty.

My message for the youth is to listen to dangerous words, be calm when the unthinkable tries to shock you, be a patriot, be courageous and speak when you can. Today, ask yourself about how many freedoms we have and how many we are in danger of losing. Every day, the sphere of politicism is trying to chip away at our basic rights and civil liberties.

The Philippines should not create another battle for us to transcend. Suppression days were over. We already shed blood and tears over the primitive times. Today, none of us doesn’t want to lose our valor, so choose to evolve, to speak, and to break through for a prominent eternity, for our country, the Philippines.

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[Right-Up] Ang mga nararapat na gawin ng gobyerno Hinggil sa Suliranin ng Pandemya at Kalusugan -ni Jose Mario De Vega

#HumanRights #Covid19ph

Ang mga nararapat na gawin ng gobyerno Hinggil sa Suliranin ng Pandemya at Kalusugan


Sapat na ba na matugunan ng pamahalaan ang pangangailangan sa vaccine para sa ​​​​”recovery” natin mula sa pandemya?


Hindi! Kailangang muling irehistro ang mapait, kasuklam-suklam at kasumpa-sumpang katotohanan na ang rehimeng ito ang isa sa primordial na dahilan kung bakit nakapasok ang bee-rus na ito sa atin (hindi tayo nagdeklara ng Travel Ban sa mga pasahero galing ng Tsina) at ang pagiging tuta ni Mang Kanor sa China (ang kauna-unahang namatay ditto ng corona virus ay isang Chinese na galing mismo ng Wuhan na siyang epicentre ng global na pandemya noon) ang hindi mapapasubaliang salik na lalong nagpalubha at nagpalala ng pandemya dini sa atin!

Bukod sa kawalang malasakit at pagtingin sa kapakanan ng mga mamamayan, ipinakita din ni Mang Kanor ang kawalan niyang kaalaman at sampu ng mga inkompetente, impertinente at mga tungaw na miyembro ng gabinete na pawang mga walang kasanayan at walang kaalaman sa pagharap at pagtugon sa problema!

Ang problema ay pangkalusugan, ngunit na sa halip na mga ekpersto, siyentipiko, akademiko at mga alagad ng medisina ang manguna sa IATF — ay tinadtad ito ng mga militar!

Sa halip na nakabatay sa agham at siyeniya ang programa, ang ginawa ng rehimen ay militariayon na para ba gang matatakot ang virus sa sandamakmak na mga militar at pulis na nagsilipana sa mga kalsada. Hindi pa nakuntento at naglagay pa ng mga tangke.

Nagdeklara nang Lockdown (na pinakamahaba na yata sa buong mundo) na ang idinulot ay labis-labis na hirap, pagdurusa at kagutuman ng mga tao. Bukod sa magulo, sabog ay lubhang naging mabagal ang pamamahangi ng ayuda na hanggang ngayon ay marami pa ang hindi nakakatanggap at marami din ang hindi kailanman nakakuha ni anumang tulong.

Samantalang pinalulusot ang mga big-time na lumalabag sa mga health protocols ay siya namang lupit at higpit nito sa mga karaiwang mga tao.

Kaya naman sa aking tingin kahit pa matugunan ng pamahalaang ito (na pinagdududahan ko) ang bakuna para sa mga tao ay hindi pa din iyon sapat sa lahat ng mga inhustisya at kawalanghiyaang sinapit ng mga tao sa napakasamang rehimen na ito.

Hinggil sa usapin ng bakuna, kinakailangan na ang gagamitin ay tunay na dumaan sa siyentikong pagsusuri at pag-aaral at hindi kung ano-anong bakuna lamang. Gayundin, walang karapatan ang gobyerno na ito na ipilit sa mga mamamayan ang bakuna na kanilang napupusuan o bakuna ng kanilang minamanok na imperyo kahit pa kuwestiyunable ang naging proseso at kaduda-duda ang diumano’y epikisidad o pagiging epektibo nito.

Kailangan ding idagdag na bukod sa bakuna, kailangang isaayos ng gobyerno ang usaping pang-ekonomiko at higit sa lahat ay ang usapin at karapatang-pangkalusugan ng mga mamamayan. Halimbawa, kailanman ay hindi natin dapat na kalimutan ang ninakaw na P 15Bilyong piso na pondo sa PhilHealth. Sapagkat kakailanganin natin ang nawawalang pondo na yaon sa implementasyon ng Universal Health Care Law o UHC.


Ano ang dapat pang mga ayusin sa sistema ng ​​​​kalusugan, pamamahala, at panagutang kapalpakan ng pamahalaan sa naging CoViD ​​​​response nito?


Habulin, singilin at pagbayarin ang mga magnanakaw at mandarambong sa PhilHealth.

Kanselahin muna ang pagtataas ng kontribusyon ng mga miyembro sa PhilHealth.

Bayaran ng gobyerno ang utang nito sa Red Cross, upang ang nasabing institusyon ay patuloy at tuloy-tuloy na magawa ang tungkulin nito na makatulong sa mga mamamayan.

Ang mga pork barrel ay dapat na ilipat para sa implementasyon ng UHC.

Itaas ang sahod ng mga medical frontliners

Dapat na gawing polisiya ng gobyerno ang pamimigay ng libreng face mask at face shield sa mga mamamayan — lalo na sa mga bulnerableng sektor ng ating lipunan at mga naghihikahos.

Kailangang magkaroon at ipaglaban ng mga Mamamayan ang Karapatan at Katarungan sa Usapin ng Kalusugan…

Panghuli, kinakailangang magkaroon ang gobyerno ng maayos na implementayon ng pamamahagi ng bakuha. Huwag nating kalimutan ang naging magulo at napakabagal nitong ginawa sa pamamahagi ng ayuda at tulong-pinansyal sa mga tao.

Gayundin, ibig kong muling idiin na walang karapatan ang gobyerno na ipilit sa mga tao ang isang bakuna na hindi naman pinagkakatiwalaan ng mga mamamayan. Kinakailangan din sa aking tingin na magkaroon ng malawak at Pambansang Konsultasyon ukol sa bagay na ito at Komprehensibong dissimenayon at edukayon para a Taong-Bayan ukol sa  bagay na ito!

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