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Torture. More fun in the Philippines!
Published on Jan 26, 2015

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Will it be suffocation or beatings, waterboarding or electric shocks – the Wheel of Torture decides.

It was discovered in 2014 that police in Laguna, Philippines were using a ‘wheel of torture’ to decide which torture techniques to use on prisoners shocked the world. 28 January 2015 marks the one year anniversary of when the ‘Wheel of torture’ was first discovered during a routine visit by the Philippines Commission on Human Rights.

The ‘Wheel of torture’ was loosely based on the popular 1980’s game show ‘Wheel of fortune’. To mark the anniversary, we have produced a video that is a satirical take on the show, recreating the exciting, family atmosphere but contestants spin the wheel of torture. One contestant spins the wheel to try and win a lawyer, but ends up landing on Manny Pacman (beatings).

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