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Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition 


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It’s an independent coalition of Students/ Youth organizations, young workers/professionals.

Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition was established on August 18, 2013 by a group of youth leaders at the PSLINK national headquarters.

Public Service Labor Independent Confederation (PSLINK) played a major role to its formation through trainings, exposure and educating the members.

sigaw ng kabataan coalition


Establish solidarity among youth /youth-serving organizations, student council/government, professionals, Young workers and out of school youth for the promotion of the social, moral, political, economic and professional well being of its members and the youth sector through collective bargaining and other concerted activities
Coordinate and cooperate with other organizations wherein its activities are chiefly concerned for the common good of the youth and the community.
To strive for adoption of legislation, policies and other measures that will promote the economic, social and general well-being of all the members in particular, and the youth, in general.
To ensure that the internationally recognized fundamental rights and principles of the youth are universally implemented.

To promote a sustainable development in the empowerment of the youth in participation to the social, economic and political progress in our country.


Sigaw ng kabataan coalition is a leading network of organizations, working in solidarity to achieve progressive goals. We develop a legacy of leaders that will initiate greater change and establish a humane,just and peaceful society.

Visit sigawngkabataan.wordpress.com

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