[Campaign] Dalawang dekada ng disgrasya sa kalikasan at mamamayan, SOBRA NA! TAMA NA! PALITAN NA MINING ACT OF 1995!

Dalawang dekada ng disgrasya sa kalikasan at mamamayan, SOBRA NA! TAMA NA! PALITAN NA MINING ACT OF 1995!

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March 10 marks the 20th anniversary of the Mining Act of 1995 (RA7942), a policy that ATM has been challenging for the last decade. The mining law, lauded as the best in the world by investors and mining corporations, is found to be flawed and therefore there necessitates a review and rewriting of the law—to fit the present situation.

The last two decades has brought in minimal or nil income and benefits from mining industry. This promised benefits from mining only results to 0.7-1% and 0.7% contribution to GDP and employment, respectively; in exchange, the country’s forests and watersheds continue to be threatened, indigenous and rural communities are marginalized and robbed off their means to livelihood, and so on. There are more negative impacts due to the industry as opposed to its promised supposed benefits. Moreover, the academe and economists can attest that the industry has very little impact to our economy.

Mining in the country exposes us to more disaster risks, human rights violations and failure in transparency and accountability. Human rights and social impacts of mining projects have resulted in recommendations to reconsider if not fully stop mining operations in different communities. On the other end, community voices are little heard as the government pursues this development path despite strong opposition.

Another important factor is the current environmental situation, disasters here and there, such as but not limited to the Philex Padcal mine tailings disaster, Citinickel’s mine spill in Palawan, and Red5Limited’s Siana Gold cracked tailings dam, etc.

As a response to people’s struggles, President Aquino issued EO 79, s. 2012 in an attempt to bridge the gaps with the mining laws—but in the past two years, this has not been properly implemented and we raise the same questions to the government. These policies are no longer timely and responsive—there is a need to repeal the law and enact a new mining bill—our proposed Alternative Minerals Management Bill.


1. Expose the injustices brought about by the mining industry, highlighting human rights violations in mining areas—focus on the Didipio Fact Finding Mission Report.
2. Pressure the government and legislators to assess the implementation and review of RA7942 and demand a moratorium on all mining operations.
3. Demand the scrapping of RA 7942 and the enactment of the Alternative Minerals Management Bill (AMMB).

Dalawang dekada ng disgrasya sa kalikasan at mamamayan, SOBRA NA! TAMA NA! PALITAN NA MINING ACT OF 1995!

You may also download the following images, share to your social networking sites and help us spread the truth about mining in the Philippines.

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