[Announcement] HR ALERT! CSO-Peoples Intervention and Monitoring Mechanism (CSO-PIMM) now ready -PAHRA

Dear HRDs ,

Our web-based reporting of HRVs is now ready for use, cases could be Civil, Political, Econonic, Social and Cultural rights violations.

To access , please click on this link:


OR for a step by step access

1. Go to PAHRA website : philippinehumanrights.org

2. See revolving scroll of various colors on the upper right side of page, between ” search menu bar ” and logos of Forum Asia/FIDH and OMCT

3. Wait for a while for the RED colored box to appear : the box is tagged as HR ALERT and then click

4. The page contains a brief explanation on the CSO-PIMM

5. Scroll down and the Reporting Form is ready for use
If HRV IS ONGOING and need emergency attention — please call or text our

MOBILE HOTLINE NUMBER is 0928-713-1519
or 0906-553-1792


Brief background of the CSO-PIMM:
Early this year PAHRA, PHILRIGHTS and TFDP launched the CSO-Peoples Intervention and Monitoring Mechanism (CSO-PIMM). Its mandate is of a comprehensive and systematic monitoring of civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights violations perpetrated directly by the State or authorized by the State.
1) Facilitate an effective and efficient institutionalized and well coordinate monitoring of violations
2) Develop a comprehensive updated statistics in a centralized repository readily available for all
3) Come up with analysis of processes and factors contributing to the violations and impunity
4) Facilitate/directly provide systematic and programmatic quick reaction response including para-legal/legal services, relief/immediate intervention and rehabilitation/long term response
5) Pro-active and coordinated local, national and international campaigns towards prevention of and breaking impunity

For any inquiries and comments , please call PAHRA office at 436-26-33.

justice and Human Rights for All!

PAHRA Secretariat

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