[Press release] Women still in chains of poverty and abuse – Labor NGO -CTUHR

Women still in chains of poverty and abuse – Labor NGO

As the world celebrates 101 years of the historic International Women’s Day, labor NGO Center for Trade Union and Human Rights said that women are still “tied to the chains of poverty and abuse.” Daisy Arago, executive director of CTUHR said, “After more than a century of celebrating the women’s fight for liberation, women all over the world are still tied to the chains of poverty and abuse. Corporate greed for profits and globalization policies have resulted to deeper crises for women especially in the neo-colonies like the Philippines.”

“The state policy of deregulation of oil prices in the Philippines brought about unabated price hikes. In the 2012 alone, oil prices have increased by as much as P5 per liter. And while oil companies squeeze more profits from the people, women together with their families are made to suffer hunger and deteriorating quality of life.”

“The diminishing value of wages due to relentless price hikes adversely affects women and their families. Not only do women resort to
belt-tightening measures to stretch the family’s daily budget, in the banana plantations of Mindanao for example, women are forced to leave their children and accept casual positions that are paid as low as Php 125 a day to augment the family’s income.” Arago also added that despite the so-called ‘equal opportunities’ accorded to women and the growing women’s labor participation rate, women workers remain subject to vulnerable employment. “Within the framework of more flexible production, women are encouraged to work at night and to join the labor force largely as casual employees. Moreover, most women are employed in jobs that lack social protection like domestic work. Previous studies have also shown that women generally have lower wages lower than men in the Philippines.”

Sexual abuse and violence against women are also continuing problems not only at home but in the workplace. Because of increased competition between the employed and unemployed, women become easy victims to various forms of harassment and sexual abuse by their employers only to gain or keep their jobs.”


Arago challenged the Aquino administration to put forth programs that will truly end the root causes of abuse and exploitation of women. “Programs
like the CCT, Pantawid Pasada among others are but remedial solutions to poverty. What we need are real programs that can develop our agrarian
economy and our national industries so that our people and our women can be freed from poverty, exploitation and oppression.”

“To the women and people’s movement, the challenge remains to persevere in the struggle not just for political freedom and for gender equality but
ultimately against exploitative and oppressive policies that is driving women into deeper destitution,” Arago added.

07 March 2012
Reference: Daisy Arago, Executive Director, Center for Trade Union and
Human Rights, +6392.411.0256
*A century and a year since the first IWD, *

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