[Resources] Inform, inspire and mobilize! Tips for digital activists

As it is an accepted fact now, social media has become a tool for people in many parts of the globe to affect change even in the face of violent repression.

Social media in the country have already transcended from a mere venue for self-expression and entertainment to a source of alternative news and a platform for social connection, participation, or even political mobilization,”Putting human rights online, Moving people into action, HRonlinePH.com HR day statement.

With our objective to serve our readers especially those who have used or are planning to use digital platforms on their advocacy we would like to share with you some helpful tips by reposting series of available valuable information coming from different international initiatives like the site of http://www.tacticaltech.org.

Tactical Tech was established in 2003. It is an international NGO working to enable the effective use of information for progressive social change. They are composed of technologists, information designers, data and security experts, and human rights and environmental justice activists who share a passion for social change.

Tactical Tech works with the principles of freedom of expression and freedom of information and the need for transparency and accountability. If you want to know more about them, visit www.tacticaltech.org

Tactical Tech provided useful information on how to transform information into action. They call it “10 Tactics, Transforming information into action.”

We would also like to encourage you to share with us or comment about your experience or samples that would help our readers about this topic.

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10 Tactics, Transforming information into action

10 Tactics provides original and artful ways for rights advocates to capture attention and communicate a cause. It includes a 50-minute film documenting stories from around the world and a set of cards; with tools, tips and advice, for you to work through as you plan your own info-activism. The film has now been translated by volunteers into more than 25 languages and it has been shown at over 200 screenings in over 60 countries.

mobilise people

Tactic 1: Bring them to the action. by Tactical Tech

Source: http://www.informationactivism.org/sites/www.informationactivism.org/files/TacticsCard1.pdf

Example for Tactic 1 by Tactical Tech

● These campaigns blend digital information with in-person action: projecting videos made by advocates in India in their villages as well as online, or sharing photos of the many pairs of pink panties mailed in protest on the campaign’s blog and on social network site profiles.

● If you want to use a social network site like Facebook or Orkut to gather supporters, you may face challenges in sending mass messages to all of them at once. Plan for other ways to collect people’s contact information so that you can also message people outside the social network site.

● Using humour or surprise can help to get people’s attention and can increase the chances that they will spread your call to action to their friends. Hearing about your campaign from social network site friends can make your issues more personal and easier to relate to.

● When asking people to submit photos or videos as part of the action itself, as with the Pink Chaddi campaign, be mindful of communicating clearly with them how these images will be used. This can be especially important if you draw media attention to your campaign.

● Consider how you can monitor the reach of your campaign, including how people understand and respond to your message or call to action. Video Volunteers use an outreach volunteer to contextualise their media to target audiences and offer workshops with their screenings.

Note: 10 tactics is an original of Tactical Tech and its partners.  We’ll feature Tactic 2 soon.

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