[Resources] Tips for digital activists (Series 2)

 This is the second part of our sharing of information about tips for digital activists.

Like what we had already mentioned in our first post on Tactic no 1, these useful information are shared from the advocacy group Tactical Technology Collective’s project which they call as “10 Tactics for turning information into action.”

“10 tactics” explores how rights advocates around the world have used information and digital technologies to create positive social change. It also came out in DVD form that includes films and set of cards in pdf format, filled with tools, tips and advice to help other advocates plan their own info-activism.

We are now sharing their Tactic No 2 entitled “Witness and record”


PLAN YOUR ACTION (Excerpts from 10 tactics card no 2)

● In Burma, bloggers and rights advocates faced significant risks in coming forward with their testimonies and evidence. How will you protect yourself and others involved in and supporting your campaign? Consider the digital trail you may leave: your IP address, email accounts, passwords, lists of friends you have on social network sites, the names that your mobile phones and SIM cards were purchased under, and the names and organisations that websites’ domain names have been registered to.

● Develop criteria for verifying the witness reports you collect and publish. Some citizen reporting platforms have been abused to accuse innocent people and expose dissidents’ identities.

● One way that WITNESS has protected the identities of people in video testimony is to not record their faces. By backlighting a person, you can record a silhouette of his or her face without showing revealing details. In this way, even if your tapes were seized, there would be no visual record of the people in them.

● Talk people through the “worst case scenario” if they told their story and their identity was compromised or revealed. This discussion allows you to get informed consent from people and can help you plan how to minimise risk.

To read more and download the 10 tactics cards visit http://www.informationactivism.org/en/tactic2video

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