[Event] 2nd Araw ng Siklista – CYCAD

On Sunday Nov. 20, 2011,  thousands of cyclists will gather to hold the 2nd Araw ng Siklista. They will  trace a path through Metro Manila‘s 16 cities & 1 town. The free public whole-day event fetes cyclists by fellow cyclists from all walks of life – the blue-collar worker bike commuter  to the weekend leisure biker, the teener on their  first bike to the road veterans now in their 60’s.

This festive convergence of a growing number of Pinoy bikers, is a clear signal from our country(wo)men of their preference for non-pollutive, healthy and cheap sustainable transportation alternatives. Last year’s event was magical. Bikers foregoing a Sunday with their families to pedal the 130 km route – no accident, motorists glady shared the road, pedestrians cheered us on, And while some faltered to finish the day’s course, the stories of personal feats, meeting new friends, a sense of shared community, have not.  In this simplest contraption & come-as-you-are event, bikers go home embracing diversity, overcoming adversity, lessons in on-spot leadership & teamwork,  free-boost of self-esteem, discipline (on & off-road) and a commitment that others must savor what we have.

Felix ‘Jun’ Salaveria
Contact Persons for the event:
Monchy Garcia – 514-0661 / 0947-306-6068
Roi Sta. Romana -0999-731-2935


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