Finalists 2nd HR Pinduteros choice for Human Rights Events/Campaign

2nd HR Pinduteros choice for Human Rights Events/Campaign

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Please support your favorite Events/Campaign post and help us decide who will be our 2nd HR Pinduteros choice for Human Rights Events/Campaign. Voting starts now and ends on 12 midnight of November 20, 2012.

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[Announcement] PIHRTPA 4thNational Human Rights Training Program (NHRTP) Call for Applications 2012

The NHRTP is the annual core program of PIHRTPA in the Philippines. PIHRTPA is composed of human rights educators/activists trained by Montreal-based Equitas International Centre for Human Rights Education through its annual International Human Rights Training Program (IHRTP). Equitas is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1967 dedicated to the promotion of human rights through education in Canada and around the world. Equitas’ annual IHRTP helps organizations build their capacity to engage in human rights education, promotion and democratic development. A product of Equitas’ annual IHRTP, PIHRTPA was established in the Philippines in 2005 with a framework of building a culture of human rights.

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Search for the best Pick-up lines against Immoral Debt

sali na sa kulitan… Post ur Pick-up lines against Debt
sa comment box sa link na ito, share and ask friends to like ur Pick-uplines.
Ang pinakamaraming like ang magiging official T-shirt print/design ng uTANG na! Imoral! at may libreng T-shirt pa! Winner will be announced on March 25, 2012.
It’s more FUN to HATE DEBT in the Philippines!

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New movement Kilusang 99%

I write on account of significant and indicative developments happening all over the world which I think presents judicious opportunity for the Filipino people to bring about systems change.

Since December of last year, we have witnessed a global restiveness that toppled governments and encouraged mass uprisings against the economic monopoly of the rich. First, it was the Arab Spring in the Middle East, and now the Occupy Wallstreet Movement that has swept the coasts of the United States, Europe and the rest of the world. These unrests speak about a people’s desire to triumph over poverty, social injustice, inequality and corporate greed. The Occupy Wallstreet Movement is a resonance of the collective protest of the 99% suffering from joblessness and dislocation with no hope of recourse from their governments.

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[Petition] Cancel the permit of Ore Asia Miningat DRT given by the DENR, Now!

The site is a fragile area part of the geohazard, it’s also an ancestral domain of the Dumagat indigenous people with no FPIC or free and prior informed consent, it’s also located in a 1 kilometer radius from Angat Watershed source of our Metro Manila Water. The area is a natural and residual forest that needs to preserve to maintain our biodivesity (flora and fauna). The Ore Asia Mining corporation has been cutting trees where they dont even have cutting permit for almost a year and this resulted to intoxication and siltation of our Biak na Bato rivers. Please Help us to gather more signatures so that our national government will act to save our Bulacan Sierra Madre.

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Padyak para sa Katutubo at Kalikasan II (PKK II)

On October 14, the Church will celebrate the 35th Indigenous Peoples Sunday. A yearly event that started in 1978 by the CatholicBishops’ Conference of the Philippines, our Bishops have accepted and declared the second Sunday of October as Indigenous Peoples Sunday (formerly Tribal Filipino Sunday), thereby intending to call attention to the plight of our indigenous brothers and sisters who are so often exploited and discriminated against in our society.

To date, more than ten (10) million IPs, yearning for respect and survival, challenge us, their Christian brothers, to help redeem them from this undeserved situation. Their experience and aspiration remind us how life is interrelated with land as gift from the Creator, and the dignity of all women and men as children of God.

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Never Again to Martial Law! We remember, we inform, we inspire our youth with the truth and lessons of Martial Law. #rememberML@40

JOIN us in our pledge to remember, inform and inspire the youth with the truth and lessons that our nation learned from this dark period of our history.

I pledge to…

Never Again to Martial Law!
We remember, we inform, we inspire
Our youth with the truth and lessons of Martial Law.

and Invite people to…
1. Like and share the “Remember ML@40” FB page
2. Invite/recruit 40 or more others to like “Remember ML@40” FB page and ask them to recruit 40 more
3. Submit and/or post own “Pinky Pledge Photo” and ask others to do the same
4. Like and share all posts from “Remember ML@40” FB page
5. Participate in the “Online action day”
6. Change profile pic on September 21, 2012

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Book Launch of Philippine Native Trees 101

This book is published by Green Convergence (GC) and Hortica Filipina (HF), the GC member focused on the promotion of planting native trees. It features 108 native trees and their botanical information, each accompanied by beautiful pictures and a personal anecdote by an environmentalist/friend/scientist who wrote about her/his favorite tree.

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International Solidarity Mission (ISM) to call for international and local support against the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority (APECO)

The Prelature of Infanta is organizing a two-day International Solidarity Mission (ISM) to call for international and local support against the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority, better known as APECO. This mission will be highlighted by an on-site visit of Swiss, Dutch and Filipino faith-based leaders, local anti-APECO support groups, representatives of the CHR and NCIP, and media around the area of the eco-zone on February 17 and 18, 2012.
The ISM aims to support and strengthen the anti-APECO campaign on both local and national levels towards the repeal of Republic Act 10083 (amended version of the RA 9490) renamed as the “Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority (APECO)”.

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“It’s More Fun Without APECO” – A Call for Solidarity with the Anti-APECO Struggle

We, from the Prelature of Infanta and Task Force Anti-APECO, are hoping for your solidarity with our latest efforts to stop the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority (APECO). Since 2007, we’ve been campaigning against the construction of this ecozone in the town of Casiguran, Aurora.

This February 16-20, we’re launching a social media platform entitled “It’s more fun in Aurora, without APECO” to spread word and to reach out to sympathetic groups. Beyond APECO itself, this platform will be highlighting the negative impact of special economic zones and their underlying development model on the poor, showcasing concrete grassroots alternatives to APECO, in Casiguran and beyond.

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[Event] 2nd Araw ng Siklista – CYCAD

This festive convergence of a growing number of Pinoy bikers, is a clear signal from our country(wo)men of their preference for non-pollutive, healthy and cheap sustainable transportation alternatives. Last year’s event was magical. Bikers foregoing a Sunday with their families to pedal the 130 km route – no accident, motorists glady shared the road, pedestrians cheered us on, And while some faltered to finish the day’s course, the stories of personal feats, meeting new friends, a sense of shared community, have not.  In this simplest contraption & come-as-you-are event, bikers go home embracing diversity, overcoming adversity, lessons in on-spot leadership & teamwork,  free-boost of self-esteem, discipline (on & off-road) and a commitment that others must savor what we have.

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