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[Statement] Scaremongering seems to be obscuring the facts in the furor over the case of Evangeline Vallejos, the Filipino domestic worker seeking the right to apply for permanent residency -AI Hongkong

Amnesty International
Mabel Au, Director, Amnesty International Hong Kong
February 25, 2013

Scaremongering seems to be obscuring the facts in the furor over the case of Evangeline Vallejos, the Filipino domestic worker seeking the right to apply for permanent residency.

AI smallWith the Court of Final Appeal due to consider her case this week, conspicuously absent in this emotive public debate is any meaningful discussion of the widespread exploitation and discrimination migrant domestic workers face on a daily basis.

It is unlikely Hong Kong would be the economic powerhouse it is today without the army of 300,000 migrant domestic workers. The truth is, they are the backbone of our society, liberating tens of thousands of Hong Kong women to enter the labour market and advance our wealth.

Hong Kong can implement robust immigration controls but when it comes to the right to abode, international laws that the government has signed up to are clear: restrictions must respect individual rights and not discriminate. A blanket ban on migrant domestic workers being eligible for permanent residency fails this test.

Despite the controversy surrounding Ms. Vallejos’ case, for many of the Filipino and Indonesian women who gather at Victoria Park and along Chater Road on a Sunday, tackling the discrimination they face everyday remains their priority.

On paper, migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong have greater protections than those in Malaysia or Singapore: a weekly rest day, annual leave, a minimum allowable wage, the right to form trade unions and access to a complaints procedure.

Yet the reality is, these labour rights are not properly enforced, leaving women isolated and vulnerable to abuse.

Last year, the UN Committee that looks at discrimination against women expressed ‘deep concern’ about the persistence of violence, abuse and exploitation that Indonesian domestic workers face in Hong Kong.
On arrival they are frequently denied information by Hong Kong placement agents, have their passports confiscated by their employer and are burdened with debt.

Most are forced to take out high interest loans in Hong Kong to pay back questionable training and expense charges.

There is overwhelming evidence this is merely a ruse by placement agents to get around the commission cap of 10 per cent of one month’s salary, which amounts to HK$392.

Instead most women are forced to pay at least seven months’ salary in recruitment fees, up to HK$3,000 per month. This widespread practice is a blatant breach of Hong Kong law and leaves many women trapped.

A recent survey from the Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (IMWU) found that 70 per cent of women in their first contracts were in debt and that a third of domestic workers are paid less than the minimum allowable wage – sometimes as low as HK$2,000 per month.

A migrant domestic worker can be left with as little as HK$500 a month, with the expectation they will still send money home.

Saddled with the cycle of debt, many endure intolerable working conditions, fearful of losing their income and immigration status. Unscrupulous agents and employers take advantage of this precarious situation, acting with virtual impunity.

Forcing migrant domestic workers to live with their employer is another clear act of discrimination – simply because the same measure is not applied to Hong Kong nationals performing similar work. It leaves women vulnerable to poor working conditions and sexual abuse.

There is no law defining the standard of accommodation either. There have been reports of women having to sleep in kitchens, wardrobes and even over a toilet.

It wouldn’t take a Herculean effort from the government to improve the lives of migrant domestic workers. Repealing these and other discriminatory measures and fully enforcing existing labour laws would go a long way towards solving this problem.

It is high time the government stops passing the buck to their counterparts in the migrants’ countries of origin. Instead, it needs to work with them to bring an end to this exploitation.

Whatever the Court of Final Appeal rules this week, Hong Kong must no longer turn a blind eye to the systemic daily discrimination migrant domestic workers face.

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[In the news] Inter-religious group to gov’t: Stop killings in Zambo -MindaNews

MindaNews » Inter-religious group to gov’t: Stop killings in Zambo.

By Mindanews
April 4, 2012

MALAYBALAY CITY (MindaNews/03 April) – The Inter-Religious Solidarity Movement for Peace today asked authorities to put a stop to the unresolved killings in Zamboanga City that have claimed dozens of victims since January this year.

In a statement, the group cited that the killing on Sunday of Arturo F. Eustaquio III, president of Universidad de Zamboanga “has shocked former and present city residents, and hopefully the city’s authorities from their smug complacency as well.”

The statement said that Eustaquio, the 61st victim this year, was “not an ordinary citizen” but a  respected education official and a member of a prominent family.

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Suu Kyi makes election debut in Myanmar

Suu Kyi makes election debut in Myanmar.

April 1, 2012

Kawhmu, Myanmar — Voting began Sunday in Myanmar elections seen as a test of the government’s budding reforms, with opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi standing for a seat in parliament for the first time.

A victory for Suu Kyi would cap a remarkable transformation for the 66-year-old icon of the pro-democracy movement, who spent most of the past 22 years locked up by the generals who ruled the country for decades.

Her National League for Democracy (NLD) party swept to a landslide election victory in 1990 but the junta never recognised the result.

Suu Kyi, who won the Nobel Peace Prize the following year, was not a candidate herself on that occasion because she was under house arrest.

Her party is contesting 44 of the 45 seats at stake in Sunday’s vote — not enough to threaten the ruling party’s majority, but a seat in parliament would give the opposition leader a chance to shape legislation for the first time.

Polling stations opened at 6:00 am (2330 GMT Saturday) and were due to close at 4:00 pm, with more than six million people eligible to vote. The results are expected within about one week, according to election officials.

Observers say the regime wants the pro-democracy leader to win a place in parliament to burnish its reform credentials and smooth the way for an easing of Western sanctions.

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[In the news] Solons urged anew to pass RH bill amid increase in maternal deaths -InterAksyon.com

Solons urged anew to pass RH bill amid increase in maternal deaths

MANILA, Philippines – Lawmakers were urged anew to pass the long-pending Reproductive Health (RH) bill following a report on the rise in maternal mortality in Metro Manila.

“The RH bill being ignored for years has only resulted in increasing deaths among pregnant women… It’s time for Congress to help save women’s lives by finishing the RH debate and pass the bill now,” Ramon San Pascual, executive director of the Philippine Legislators’ Committee on Population and Development Foundation, said on Sunday.

The Department of Health (DOH) recorded 50 maternal deaths in eight of 16 Metro Manila cities last January.

San Pascual said the deaths could further increase if data from rural areas, which lack awareness and education on reproductive health, would be included.

“What are being reported now are only the cases in Metro Manila. What more in provinces or smaller local government units (LGUs)?” he said.

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[In the news] Flood in illegal Philippine gold mine kills 2 | Sun.Star

Flood in illegal Philippine gold mine kills 2 | Sun.Star.

January 30, 2012

 MANILA — Police said seawater flooded an illegal gold mine in Camarines Norte province Sunday morning, killing two miners.

Police officer Wilmore Fresco said police searched the mine in the coastal town of Paracale in Camarines Norte to check if other miners were trapped in the vertical pit as eight are believed to be buried alive.

Fresco said the bodies of the two men were retrieved Sunday. They victims were identified as Christian Banal of Barangay Mercedes and Budo Villanueva of Barangay Dalnac.

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[In the news] TF Ranao files cases vs illegal loggers in Lanao Sur – MindaNews.com

TF Ranao files cases vs illegal loggers in Lanao Sur
By Mindanews
January 23, 2012

 ZAMBOANGA CITY (Mindanews/22 January) – Task Force Ranao has filed two cases and will file 20 more against groups allegedly responsible for logging in Lanao del Sur despite the ban, Col. Daniel Lucero, commander of the 103rd Infantry

Brigade and head of Task Force Ranao, announced Sunday.

Lucero hinted that some of those involved in illegal cutting of trees are government officials, including barangay officials. “They will be charged for illegal logging,” he said.

The task force was reactivated to combat all forms of criminalities, including illegal logging, in Lanao.
Lucero said one of the two cases was filed against a group in Tamparan, a 5th class municipality in Lanao del Sur province and the other was against a group based in Marawi City, the province’s capital.

Read full article @ www.mindanews.com

[In the news] Killing of defender of gays called a ‘hate crime’

Killing of defender of gays called a ‘hate crime
January 3, 2012

 As colorful fireworks lit up the Manila sky, 18-year-old Fernando Mendoza Jr. was on a jeepney with his friends and cousins early Sunday morning. They were headed to Rizal Park to celebrate the New Year.

Friends of Mendoza describe him as a quiet guy, but also one who would have the mettle to stop a fight. On this particular occasion, Mendoza came to the defense of a couple of gay passengers, who were being taunted by a group of ruffians. “Sabi ng bakla, ‘Huwag niyo kaming anuhin, kasi mabait kami,'” one of Fernando’s cousins narrated. “Tapos sabi ng pinsan ko, ‘Eh huwag niyo na nga anuhin, kasi mabait nga sila.’”

Mendoza’s intervention triggered a reaction that would end his life.

“Bigla niya pong sinuntok ‘yung pinsan ko, tapos gumanti po ‘yung pinsan ko isang beses. Tapos nag-away na po sa loob ng jeep,” said Mendoza’s cousin, whose identify is being withheld for her security.

Outnumbered, Mendoza jumped off the jeep and a chase ensued along crowded Avenida Rizal, before he stumbled in the middle of the street in front of Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center.

There to report on fireworks-related injuries, a GMA News team was waiting outside the emergency room when they heard the commotion. “Trobol, trobol,” people muttered as they rushed out in time to witness five men smashing bottles on Mendoza and kicking his head.

In video captured by GMA News, a man in a white sleeveless shirt is seen rushing toward the youth. The man shoots Mendoza with an improvised shotgun, or sumpak, as bystanders stand back in shock. After firing his weapon, the man and four others continue to beat the defenseless teen.

The suspects fled before anyone could stop them. A bystander approaches the boy and checks his pulse. “Buhay pa, buhay pa,” he cries out, and the teen-ager is rushed inside the hospital.

But it was too late. With six bullet fragments in the heart, he was pronounced dead at 2 a.m. on New Year’s Day.


[Event] 2nd Araw ng Siklista – CYCAD

On Sunday Nov. 20, 2011,  thousands of cyclists will gather to hold the 2nd Araw ng Siklista. They will  trace a path through Metro Manila‘s 16 cities & 1 town. The free public whole-day event fetes cyclists by fellow cyclists from all walks of life – the blue-collar worker bike commuter  to the weekend leisure biker, the teener on their  first bike to the road veterans now in their 60’s.

This festive convergence of a growing number of Pinoy bikers, is a clear signal from our country(wo)men of their preference for non-pollutive, healthy and cheap sustainable transportation alternatives. Last year’s event was magical. Bikers foregoing a Sunday with their families to pedal the 130 km route – no accident, motorists glady shared the road, pedestrians cheered us on, And while some faltered to finish the day’s course, the stories of personal feats, meeting new friends, a sense of shared community, have not.  In this simplest contraption & come-as-you-are event, bikers go home embracing diversity, overcoming adversity, lessons in on-spot leadership & teamwork,  free-boost of self-esteem, discipline (on & off-road) and a commitment that others must savor what we have.

Felix ‘Jun’ Salaveria
Contact Persons for the event:
Monchy Garcia – 514-0661 / 0947-306-6068
Roi Sta. Romana -0999-731-2935

[In the news] 500 flee as AFP intensifies operation vs. NPA in Agusan – MindaNews

MindaNews » 500 flee as AFP intensifies operation vs. NPA in Agusan.

By Erwin Mascariñas

KITCHARAO, Agusan del Norte (MindaNews/8 Nov) – About 500 people, including members of the Mamanwa tribe, left their homes in a hinterland village here as the military intensified operations against the New People’s Army, bombarding rebel positions with artillery and helicopter gunships last Sunday afternoon, belated reports said.

The operation resulted in the death of a Scout Ranger, Pfc Ninoto C. Gulani, and the wounding of four others, including an officer, according to Maj. Eugenio Julio Osias IV, spokesperson of Army’s the 4th Infantry Division.

About a hundred houses in Sitio Zapanta in Barangay Bangayan – site of frequent of clashes between the military and the NPA – were reportedly deserted on the fifth massive evacuation to happen in the area this year.

Residents said the Army’s 30th Infantry Battalion fired 105mm Howitzer rounds as the Air Force’s MG-520 helicopters attacked rebel positions starting 10 a.m. on Sunday as members of the 5th and 6th Scout Ranger Companies, meantime, operated on the ground in search of rebels.

Nonito V. Senonis, Bangayan barangay chairman, said that the evacuees, including children, started arriving at the barangay hall compound at 4 p.m. on Sunday. Some were accommodated in the buildings around the hall, while others sought refuge in the houses of relatives nearby.

Read full article @ www.mindanews.com

[Isyung HR] Ligo na you, wangwang na me.

by Mokong Republic

For the sake of our new readers.  Ang Isyung HR po ay inilalabas ng HRonlinePH tuwing Linggo.  Layunin nitong gawing magaan ang mga isyung bumabatbat sa karapatang pantao.  


On August 30, the international human rights community will be commemorating the International Day of the Disappeared (IDD). There will be activities in honor of all the victims of enforced disappearance.  Ang Coalition Against Enforced Disappearance led by FIND and AFAD ay may “I Have RAGED” na isang mala-Fun run na ang ibig sabihin ng RAGED ay Run Against Enforced Disappearance. Everyone is invited JOIN na!

Ayon po sa isang source natin ay may pa-event din po ang security forces under the OPLAN BAYANIHAN in secret. Pero dahil sa wikileaks ay nabisto po ang mga kamokongang ito.  Ang nasabing event ay mga palaro tulad ng taguan pung forever, ejk and poy, mataya-taya patay at agawan base.


Dahil sa pinagbawal ni PNoy ang paggamit ng wangwang pinapayo ng mga bituin na gumawa ng mga signs ang MMDA upang swertihin sila.  Tulad ng “Bawal magwangwang, nakakamatay,” at “one wang.”  Iwanan na lamang ang isyu ng paninigarilyo at mga billboards, sasablay. Huwag magpakabihasa sa income generation, hindi niyo trabaho ‘yan.

Para kay Lacierda, payo ng mga bituin, iwasan ang pagiging spoiled brat upang hindi magmaktol si Midas Marquez.  Sige ka lagot ka pag umiyak ‘yan.

May nag-aabang na gantimpala sa pagsasakripisyo ni Iggy Arroyo para sa kapatid na si Mike Arroyo.  Sasalo ka ng swerte dahil sa palagiang pagsalo sa ibinibintang kay Mike Arroyo. Isa kang dakilang kapatid… Ano ba’t pasasaan at makakamtan mo din ang matagal nang hinahangad, ang makulong para sa mahal na kapatid.

Maswerte si Neric Acosta at appointed siya sa isang susing pusisyon sa malakanyang adviser for environment.  Sisikat kang lalo.  Payo ng mga bituin, mag-ingat lang at baka ka sumikat dahil sa pagiging desusi para sa  kalikasan.

Wala sa priority bills  ni PNoy ang compensation para sa mga biktima ng human rights violations ng Martial Law.  Payo ng mga bituin, mag-ingat sa mga sinasabi sa SONA na hindi kayang pangatawanan.

Upang maipasa ang nilalobby na batas laban sa sapilitang pangwawawala, pinapayuhan ng mga bituin ang mga human rights defenders na baguhin ang titulo nito. Gawin na itong “Batas laban sa sapilitang pangwawangwang.”

Gayundin ang pagtutulak na magkabatas para sa proteksiyon natin laban sa EJK. Baguhin ng kaunti ang titulo ng proposed bill, gawin itong anti-Extra WangWang Killings Act. Siguradong pasok ‘yan.

Ang Poleteismo ni Mideo Cruz ay tinuligsa, ang payo ng mga bituin ipagpatuloy lang niya ‘yan dahil effective siya. Ika nga ng mga bituin, You cannot please everybody but not everybody can make the Catholic Church react this way.  And not everybody belongs to the Catholic Church.

Payo ng mga bituin “Ang hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay may stiffed neck” Pero ang payo ng mga bituin kay GMA, magpahinga ka na kasi, tama na sobra na.


  • Mga Right to Food activist mag-ha-hunger strike. Panawagan kay PNoy: huwag niyo kaming gutumin!
  • Nueva Viscaya hindi natakot sa Bagyong Mina. Ayon pa sa kanila… “Sanay na kami, matagal na kaming binabagyo ng malawakang pagmimina.”
  • Ara Mina nagreklamo sa PAGASA, black propaganda raw na ipangalan sa kanya ang bagyo.
  • Gng. Arroyo, mainam na ang kalagayan. Mamamayan nagbanta ng riot dahil sa balita.
  • Smoke free campaign ng MMDA tinuligsa. Mga naninigarilyo nagbantang mag-smoke hunger strike.

Now showing in mokong theaters only

  • Ligo na you, wangwang na me
  • Ang wangwang sa septic tank
  • Patayin sa wangwang si Remington
  • Rise of the planet of the wangwang
  • Cowboys and wangwangs

[Sunday Isyung HR] Joks ba ‘to? Kala mo lang hindi, pero OO, OO!

Its Sunday again mga ka-mokong at ka-mokang. Labor Day pa. San ka pa?

Gumising akong bat-bat ng muta at pagmamantika.  Naghilamos po ako nang ma-realize ko na wala na pala akong sabon.  Paano po ako makakabili gayong wala rin akong perang pambili.  Kasi po wala na akong trabaho dahil sa end contract na ako last week. Hay! Bwiset kasing kontaktwalisasyon iyan.  Kaya mungkahi ko ipagbawal na lang ang sabon at paghihilamos, idamay na rin ang pagligo. Para pantay-pantay lang kasama na pati ang mga nasa gobyerno.  Ang lumabag impeach at kulong!

Mokong the dream reader
Nagpanggap nanaman po ang inyong Mokong na lingkod. This time, isa akong dream reader.

Ang ilang mga personalidad ay pumila po sa aming tanggapan at nagkonsulta ng kanilang mga panaginip. Ang ating interpretasyon sa kani-kanilang mga panaginip ay ibinatay po natin sa aking napagdalubhasaan sa isang dream interpretation university sa unibersidad sa lansangan.

At eto po ang Mokong na pagbasa sa kanilang mga panaginip:  

P-Noy’s dream
Mokong: Isalaysay niyo po ang inyong panaginip…
P-Noy:  Mokong, nanaginip ako habang natutulog kagabi.
Mokong: E siyempre Mr. President, alangan namang managinip kayo ng gising… sabagay pwede rin…
P-Noy: Nasa isa daw akong tuwid na daan… Habang marahan akong naglalakad, nakaramdam ako ng pagod at paghingal.
Mokong: Ganun po ba. Ayon po sa aking dream studies, ang tuwid na daan sa inyong panaginip ay nangangahulugan ng inyong pagkahumaling sa sasakyan. Kaya nga kung inyong matatandaan ang inyong unang deklarasyon ay may kaugnayan din rito. Ang pagbabawal sa “wang-wang”. Gayun din ang pagbili niyo ng Porsche at aminado naman po kayong mahilig kayo sa sasakyan di po ba?
P-Noy: Oo nga.  E bakit parang bagamat tuwid ang daan ay parang hirap ako?
Mokong: E kasi po, sino po ba ang hindi mapapagod, e lakarain niyo ba naman e may sasakyan naman kayo.
P-Noy: Ganun ba…
Mokong: Isa pa wala na rin pong ibang mga sasakyan at pampasaherong jeep at bus sa inyong panaginip, kasi, tumigil na lahat sa pagpasada sa sobrang taas ng presyo ng langis. O di pa ba obyus?

Rosalinda Baldoz’s dream
Baldoz: Ang panaginip ko ay maraming Pilipino ang dumagsa sa Job Fair ng aking opisina sa Luneta.  Masaya ang aking pakiramdam.
Mokong: Saan ho ba kayo Masaya Secretary?
Baldoz: Sa tagumpay ng Job fair.
Mokong: Ang sayang inyong nararamdaman sa inyong panaginip ay nangangahulugan ng security. Ang hindi ninyo napansin ay kung Masaya rin ang mga dumagsang mga tao.
Baldoz: Ganun ba…
Mokong:  At madami sila, kasi madami ang hirap makahanap ng trabaho.
Baldoz: ikaw naman e peacefull naman ang mga manggagawa sa panaginip ko. Sa di kalayuan tanaw na tanaw kong dagsa silang nakatingin sa akin habang nagliliwanag.  Di ba pag-asa ang ibig sabihin nun.
Mokong: Secretary, mga multo po sila.  Dinadalaw po kayo ng mga multo ng mga manggagawang mamatay sa gutom dahil sa inyo.

Mercy’s dream
Mercy: Nanaginip ako na nasa isa akong lugar na payapa at puno ng kasaganaan.
Mokong: Resulta po ‘yan ng inyong pag-reresign. Magbabakasyon lang po kayo, at pansamantalang makakaiwas sa mga isyu. Pero hindi nangangahulugang tapos na ang inyong problema. Kabaligtaran po ang inyong panaginip.
Mercy: E yung kasaganaan?
Mokong: Yan ang totoo.  Aanihin na ninyo ang inyong mga tinanim.

photo by zamboanggajournal.blogspot.com
photo by zamboanggajournal.blogspot.com

Melissa Roxas’ dream
Melissa: Nanaginip ako nakulong na ang mga nag-tortyur sa kin.
Mokong: Yan ang iyong wish. Makuha ang hustisya. Pero kung mangyayari? Only in your dreams…

GMA’s dream
GMA: Ang saya-saya no.  Hindi ko maipaliwanag ang aking panaginip.
Mokong: Nangangahulugan po iyan na kahit sarili ninyo ay hindi niyo maintindihan.
GMA: Nagbibiro lang ako no.  Nanaginip ako na umaakyat daw ako sa isang mataas na gusali at doon ay naghihintay ang isang selebrasyon, maraming mga bisita, mga taong bayan, nag-uumapaw no.
Mokong: Tama po kayo, ang nag-uumapaw na bisita ay mga taong bayan na nagdiriwang.  Wini-welcome nila ang inyong napipintong pagbagsak mula sa napakataas na gusali.

Lucio’s dream

Hindi pa siya nakakapagsalita ay sumagot na si Mokong, “Cash ang panaginip mo. kailangan pa bang imemorize yan?!”

Manggagawa’s dream
Manggagawa: napanaginipan po namin na hinarap kami ni P-Noy sa Mendiola. Tumaas na daw ang sahod, naging regular ang trabaho, umunlad ang buhay ng pamilyang Pilipino.
Mokong: Matagal niyo na ‘yang panaginip… ang ibig sabihin ay patuloy pa rin kayong umaasa.  Asa pa. paano po kayo haharapin ni P-Noy sa Mendiola e hayun siya’t nananaginip na naglalakad pa rin sa mahabang tuwid na daan.

Ang mga nabanggit ay pawang pang-aasar lamang.  Batay sa mga panaginip na hindi makatotohanan.  Ang siste, ay kung ang mga nabanggit na panaginip ay maging bangungot kung kayo ay sadyang maaasar.  

Hanggang sa uulitin, eto po ang Asyon 24, Bandilang totoo, dahil dito ang mga balita ay hindi totoo. Absent nga pala si Mokang kasi sumama sa Rally.

Eto ang inyong Mokong na lingkod na nagsasabing “Mokongs and Mokangs of the world unite. We have nothing to loooose coz we have nothing at all.”