[In the news] MABINI ‘committee’ opposes Libingan burial for Marcos – Interaksyon.com

MABINI ‘committee’ opposes Libingan burial for Marcos – Interaksyon.com.

MABINI Lawyers

(The following statement by the MABINI lawyers group on Marcos and the Libingan ng mga Bayani was drafted by Fulgencio Factoran Jr., Mon Esguerra, Hessie Mallilin, Alex Padilla, Nelson Loyola and Rene Saguisag, members of a self-appointed “committee” on the subject. Any dissenting member may express his or her reprobation or forever hold his or her peace; it’s been a week.)

MABINI  joins those who oppose the transfer of the remains of Mr. Marcos to the Libingan ng mga Bayani because –

1. He imposed a brutal dictatorship, outrageously illegally enriched his family and cronies, and directly or indirectly caused massive human rights violations.

1.1. This view is validated by word of mouth. From 1972 on, we have met and assisted many human rights victims, our reason for being, and continue to do so today in terms of recognition and compensation.

1.2. This stand is also confirmed by judicial decisions in Seattle (Domingo-Viernes), in Honolulu (human rights class suit and initial payment to thousands of victims began last Feb. 28), and locally in the Aberca v. Ver suit. FLAG-MABINI filed it in the Court of First Instance of Quezon City (now Regional Trial Court)1982. It is now pending in the Supreme Court.

1.3. Our highest court ruled, in another case, on July 15, 2003, that the Marcoses stole big-time as William Saunders (FM) and Jane Ryan (IM), forfeiting in favor of the government hundreds of millions of dollars (406 SCRA 190) turned over by the Swiss government, which stipulated that part of it should go to the human rights victims (yet to happen; the little the victims have gotten has been through private sector initiative).

2. The Filipino people expelled the Marcoses on February 25, 1986, peacefully and bloodlessly. The world applauded, and many oppressed societies imitated and followed our paradigm. The world remembered in 2009, and sympathized with the nation when the iconic Cory Aquino passed away, and the people elected her son President in May, 2010.

3. MABINI resisted martial law from Day One. We did not fight a hero, who left a nation bankrupt in money and values.

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