[Right-Up] On the impertinent and idiotic contention of so-called Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo with regard to the ICC Complaint -by Jose Mario De Vega

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On the impertinent and idiotic contention of so-called Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo with regard to the ICC Complaint

This refers to the outrageous and out of this world pronouncements of Mr. Panelo (see, “Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo on the ICC Complaint”, PTV, January 3, 2021) with regard to the initial action of the ICC who said recently through its Prosecutor that they found reasonable ground to believe that crime against humanity was committed under the satanic regime of Mang Kanor aka Mr. Fentanyl y sino-farm tongpats bee-rus.

Mr. Panelo stated that “a year ago, Atty. Jude Sabio formally withdrew his communication filed before the International Criminal Court against the President.”

The withdrawal of the communication of that freak has nothing to do whatsoever on the standing of the complaint before the ICC. For the record, that person is not the only individual who filed a complaint before that international body.

Further, the PTV report alleged that:

The said withdrawal, as we previously articulated, exposed the truth that the accusations against PRRD before the tribunal is part of the “vilification campaign” orchestrated by Trillanes in collusion with the opposition and other personalities identified by Atty. Sabio. Hence it is crystal clear that the case before the ICC is politically motivated, there being no factual and legal bases.

Trillanes, the opposition and Mr. Sabio has nothing to do with this so-called “vilification campaign”. For the record, it is the families of the victims of Extra Judicial Killings (EJK) with the help, support and assistance of various Human Rights defenders and organizations who lodged the complaint before the ICC. The fact that the Prosecutor proceeded with the initial part of the proceeding simply means that it relied its initial findings based on the strength of the evidences presented by the complainants and not on the withdrawal of that freak.

As against Mr. Panelo’ charge that the case before the ICC is politically motivated, this is not only fallacious and ridiculous but undeniably fantastic. The fact that the Office of the Prosecutor released its findings unmistakably means that it is based both on facts and the applicable relevant international laws.

Another idiotic and impertinent claim of Mr. Panelo is as follows:
In the light of the recent publication of the ICC prosecutor of a Report that shows her misplaced determination to proceed with the case, the ICC should realize by now that it is being used as a platform to bring down the Duterte presidency.

How on earth could the ICC prosecutor be misplaced in her determination to proceed with the case when she published her Report for all the world to bear witness to her findings?

Will the ICC allowed itself to be used as a platform to bring down the Duterte presidency?

Assuming for the sake of the most stupid “argument” that that is “true”, what the hell will the Office of the Prosecutor will gain if and when the demonic regime of Mang Kanor aka Mr. Fentanyl y sino-farm tongpats bee-rus fall down?
Next, Mr. clown, opps, I mean Mr. Panelo invoked jurisdiction. Here’s the exact text of that rubbish news report:

Last year, we called on the ICC not to be swayed by the false information it received against PRRD, and pointed out the very provisions of the Rome Statute that negate its taking jurisdiction over the case, the Philippines not being a member state thereof. Neither is there a crime that the ICC Prosecutor may ascertain that falls under the jurisdiction of the international tribunal.

Point one, on the alleged false information being received by the ICC. The whole world knows that Mr. Panelo is utterly stupid, but I doubt if there is a reasonable person in the planet who will believe that the Prosecutor of the ICC is that stupid that she will not verify first the veracity, sufficiency and truthfulness of all the information that she is being given.

Point two, it does not mean that because the Philippines is no longer a member state to the Rome Statute, immediately the ICC has lost jurisdiction.

For the benefit of Mr. Panelo and all idiots like him, the Philippines is a member of the ICC since 2011 and it was only in 2019 that they bolted out of that international convention to evade criminal responsibility. Only the most idiotic of all idiots will fail to see this.
Nonetheless, what those bloody bastard freaks did is highly illegal, or at least highly questionable.

Can the President get out of that international agreement without the concurrence of the Senate? Corollary to that, can a President unsign an international convention signed for the Republic by his predecessor?
I wonder why up to now the so-called fucking Supreme Court of this godforsaken land has yet to rule on the petition before it specifically on that question? What the fuck are they waiting for? Are they waiting for the Second Coming?
Does it mean that because we are no longer a member today, the ICC has already lost its jurisdiction?

I do not think so!

How about those people that they mercilessly killed and murdered in cold blood by the thousands from 2016 up to 2019?

Not content with their absurdity, the outlandish news report ends by saying that:

We reiterate therefore our advice to the ICC not to waste its time entertaining a case outside of its jurisdiction that only validates the claim of former member-states that the reason for leaving the ICC was because it has become a politicised court that infringes on the sovereignties of its member-countries.

The ICC has become a politicised court that infringes on the sovereignties of its member-countries?

How about the Philippine state that infringes, traduces, violates and viciously trampled the rights of its citizens?

The significance of the ICC’s act of proceeding with the case

The initial action of the ICC has given all the victims of injustice and state abuses a sense of purpose and hope. It reminds us once again that crime does not pay and that no matter how powerful some government creatures are and no matter what legal gymnastics they may utilize, end of the day, they will be held accountable and responsible for their gross violation of human rights, disrespect to the dignity and sanctity of the human person and their crimes against humanity.

The fight and struggle for justice may be long, hard and arduous but there is hope and eventually we shall all see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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