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[Right-Up] Hinggil sa Usapin ng Karapatan at Tungkulin | by Jose Mario De Vega

Hinggil sa Usapin ng Karapatan at Tungkulin

Morality is not properly the doctrine of how we may make ourselves happy, but how we may make ourselves worthy of happiness. – Immanuel Kant

We must win freedom by deserving it, by improving the mind and enhancing the dignity of the individual, loving what is just, good and great, to the point of dying for it. When a people reach these heights . . . the idols and tyrants fall like a house of cards and freedom shines in the first dawn. – Jose Rizal

Itinuturo ng katuwiran na wala tayong iba pang maa-antay kundi lalo’t lalong ka-alipinan. Itinuturo ng katuwiran, lalo’t lalong ka-alipustaan. Itinuturo ng katuwiran na huwag nating sayangin ang panahon sa pag-asa sa ipinangakong kaginhawahan na hindi darating at hindi mangyayari. Itinuturo ng katuwiran na tayo’y umasa sa ating sarili at huwag antayin sa iba ang ating kabuhayan. Itinuturo ng katuwiran na tayo’y magka-isang luob, magka-isang isip at akala, at tayo’y magkaisa na maihanap ng lunas ang nagha-haring kasamaan sa ating Bayan. – Andres Bonifacio

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[Right-Up] The Philippines and Russia: On Independent Foreign Policy | by Jose Mario De Vega

The Philippines and Russia: On Independent Foreign Policy

A per report of Yahoo! News, “During the presidential election campaign, Marcos initially maintained a neutral position on the Russia-Ukraine war. However, he later issued a statement that he is united with the rest of world in calling for Russia “to respect Ukraine’s freedom and its citizens’ democratic way of life.” (Russia ready to help Philippines with oil, gas needs: Russian envoy, Nicholas Young, Jun 14).

It was at this period also that the Philippine government during the UN General Assembly voted together with 141 out of 193 member countries to denounced Russia’s aggression against Ukraine (U.N. General Assembly in historic vote denounces Russia over Ukraine invasion, Reuters, March 3rd).

Though, the said Resolution is non-binding, it is my firm view that the decision undertaken by Malacanan and DFA on this critical world issue is undeniably wrong. The Russian Federation may consider that idiotic decision as an act of an unfriendly country. (Putin issues decree requesting ‘unfriendly’ countries pay for gas in roubles, The Financial Times, April 1st).

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[Off-the-shelf] Pantayong Pananaw at Paninindigang Pulitikal | ni Jose Mario De Vega


Ang munting akdang ito ay isang pagtatangkang ituloy ang sa tingin ng manunulat na ito ang hindi natapos na proyekto o layon ng aklat na Pook at Paninindigan: Kritika ng Pantayong Pananaw ni Propesor Ramon Guillermo (2009) at isagad yaon hanggang sa lohikal nitong konklusyon.

Sa harap ng mga problemang panlipunan na kinakaharap ng bayang ito at gayundin ng iba’t ibang mga bansa sa mundo ukol sa pamamayagpag at tila paghahari ng populismo at pasismo o alalaumbaga ng malayong kanan (far right) ay kinakailangang magbalik-aral at tanaw ang mga rebolusyonaryo, aktibista, manghihimagsik, at akademikong mulat kung papaano ba ito susuriin at kakabakahin gamit ang mga kaisipan at kamalayan na naroon na rin sa nasabing mga bayan. 

Hindi maaaring hanggang wika at kalinangan lamang ang pakikibaka para sa katarungang panlipunan

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[Right-Up] In Defense of Madness and Mayhem: A Review of Reconstructing Dutertismo | by Jose Mario De Vega

#HumanRights #Dutertismo

In Defense of Madness and Mayhem: A Review of Reconstructing Dutertismo

This paper is a brief review of Mark Pablo’s article published by ADRiNSTITUTE for Strategic and International Studies in 2017 in a period wherein we could say that ‘Dutertismo’ was at the peak of its power.

The question or the research problem of the author is not to ask what Dutertismo means, as if we already know what this thing or tendency is, but to offer a rereading or a reconstruction of this phenomenon.

As per the author, his research objectives are as follows:
1) Map the political, economic, and social terrain, contextualizing Duterte’s rise to power;
2) Critique the charge that ‘Dutertismo’ is purely a theatrical phenomenon, and
3) Suggest a reinterpretation of ‘Dutertismo’ as a movement aimed at altering the post-Edsa configurations of power and at laying a blueprint for a new order and narrative for the future Philippine states.

Pablo began his exposition by highlighting Professor Quimpo’s analysis of the class division in the Philippines and intertwined it with Professor McCoy’s contention that Philippine post-Edsa politics is nothing more than the collision between the state and politico-economic dynasties.

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[Right-Up] A Review and Commentaries on The Early Duterte Presidency in the Philippines by Professor Mark R. Thompson | by Jose Mario De Vega

#HumanRights #Politics

A Review and Commentaries on The Early Duterte Presidency in the Philippines by Professor Mark R. Thompson

This article of Professor Thompson published in 2016 by Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs aims to give a critical analysis of what the Duterte administration will be like. I could say that he is indeed a visionary and early on he clearly saw accurately how brutal and hideous the said regime would be.

Rodrigo R. Duterte has “stuck to his guns” in carrying out his campaign pledge to launch a violent anti-drug campaign. He fulfilled his promise of making the sharks at the Manila Bay fat due to the vicious, relentless, organized, simultaneous and nefarious brutal “War on Drugs” in a national scale. This is the upgraded version of the Davao model or template of mass murder.

Duterte’s electoral victory is an irony, by virtue of the fact that “six years of political stability and high growth under the relatively liberal and supposedly reformist administration of President Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino, III.”

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[Right-Up] Sino ang mga Bayani at mga Bangag, Bulag at Talipandas ng Bayang ito? | ni Jose Mario De Vega

Sino ang mga Bayani at mga Bangag, Bulag at Talipandas ng Bayang ito?

Sa kanyang paskil sa Facebook noong Agosto 25 ay sinabi ni G. Jose ang mga sumusunod:

“In these perilous times we need heroes. Those young NPA rebels killed by this country’s Armed Forces—whatever their personal achievements, however their courage, are not Filipino heroes. They fought to destroy this Republic in their protracted war. Was Ninoy Aquino a hero? He had murky connections that provoke this question. His massive funeral—never in our history has such event occurred. Is this enough to anoint him? Our thousands of workers who left this country that cannot sustain them—how truly heroic are they? Our frontline health workers—fatigued, sometimes underpaid—many have died—how do we recognize their heroism? In my novel Po-on, the fictional Mabini declares—“the heroes are the foot soldiers, the peasants who produce our food.” Now, look at the mirror and ask yourself, “Have I toiled, suffered and sacrificed something precious for Filipinas? You may not know it, friend, but our unhappy country needs you.”

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[Right-Up] Historical Distortionism is the Destruction of the Nation’s Foundation | Jose Mario De Vega

Historical Distortionism is the Destruction of the Nation’s Foundation

This is a response with Lito B. Zulueta’s Aguinaldo in a fairer light. I do have some serious reservations, not only to the tenor of his questionable narration but also firmly dispute the veracity and truthfulness of the very core of his views.

Mr Zulueta stated that:

Independence Day is less than a month away, so it is auspicious that the man who declared it on June 12, 1898, often vilified for having allegedly assassinated Andres Bonifacio and “Heneral Luna,” if not independence itself, is getting a fair shake from a Philippine historian with no mean international reputation.


He talked about Independence Day, the question there is that, had he read the whole document of the said proclamation? According to that auspicious document:

And having as witness to the rectitude of our intentions the Supreme Judge of the Universe, and under the protection of our Powerful and Humanitarian Nation, The United States of America, we do hereby proclaim and declare solemnly in the name by authority of the people of these Philippine Islands,

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[Right-Up] The Women of my Life | Jose Mario De Vega

The Women of my Life

Nearly a decade ago, the Star Malaysia published my article on Mother’s day. As I’ve stated then:

My personal life is a bit complicated, coming as I do from two different social classes. My father is a bit well to do, by virtue of him coming from the bourgeois class, while my mother came from the proletarian class. I deem myself a mixed product of heaven and hell, so to speak! Though, I love my father, I love my mother more. Why? Because she taught me all the laws of life and the mysteries of existence from a very young age.

I believe that what she transmitted and bequeathed to me is far more superior and undeniably more substantive tan all things money can buy.

Material things come and go, but virtue, responsibility, character and wisdom can never be bought, and no one can ever take these away from you.

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[Right-Up] The World Must Come Together to Stand with Palestinian People: In Defense of Humanity | Jose Mario De Vega


The World Must Come Together to Stand with Palestinian People: In Defense of Humanity

I am writing this letter not merely as a Filipino but as a citizen of the world. I believe that the time now has come that the world must come together to stand with the Palestinian people in their perennial fight for their honor, their identity, their homes, and their right to self-determination. In a word, their right to exist.

It’s been a week now that the state of Israel is bombing Gaza indiscriminately. The bombings are sophisticated and on a massive scale without due consideration to the civilian population. They are doing it to a besieged nation without an army, navy, and air force. There is no shadow of a doubt that this criminal act is an act of ethnic cleansing, indeed, a genocide.

The world must now stand as one to condemn the state of Israel for Nakba, for their continuing brutal colonialization, to call for an end to their occupation of the land that they did not own, to end their state-sponsored and policy of aggression.

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[Right-Up] Isang Bukas na Liham Para kay Bb. Angel Locsin | by Jose Mario De Vega

Isang Bukas na Liham Para kay Bb. Angel Locsin

Mahal na kapatid na Angel,

Isang mainit na pagbati. Marahil hanggang ngayon ay binabagabag ka ng iyong loob at labis na nalulumbay gawa ng insidenteng naganap nitong nakaraang pagtatayo mo ng community pantry upang isabay sa pagdiriwang ng iyong kaarawan.

Ayoko nang ulitin pa ang detalye ng nakalulungkot na nangyari, sapagkat batid na naman ito ng lahat at nakadalawang beses ka nang humingi ng patawad at ng patuloy na pang-unawa. Hindi mo alam, ngunit, labis-labis mo akong pinahanga sa iyong pagpapakumbaba at pag-ako sa responsibilidad, kahit pa nga, sa aking tingin ay wala ka namang sagutin ukol doon.

Ipinakita din ng iyong akto kung paano ka wastong pinalaki ng iyong mga magulang. Napakatatag at lalim ng konsepto mo, kapatid ng responsibilidad, tungkulin at pananagutan. Mga katangian, nakalulungkot na hindi mo makita ni madama sa mga walang silbi at walang kuwentang kinatawan daw at trapo ng ating bansa.

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[Right-Up] Ang mga nararapat na gawin ng gobyerno Hinggil sa Suliranin ng Pandemya at Kalusugan -ni Jose Mario De Vega

#HumanRights #Covid19ph

Ang mga nararapat na gawin ng gobyerno Hinggil sa Suliranin ng Pandemya at Kalusugan


Sapat na ba na matugunan ng pamahalaan ang pangangailangan sa vaccine para sa ​​​​”recovery” natin mula sa pandemya?


Hindi! Kailangang muling irehistro ang mapait, kasuklam-suklam at kasumpa-sumpang katotohanan na ang rehimeng ito ang isa sa primordial na dahilan kung bakit nakapasok ang bee-rus na ito sa atin (hindi tayo nagdeklara ng Travel Ban sa mga pasahero galing ng Tsina) at ang pagiging tuta ni Mang Kanor sa China (ang kauna-unahang namatay ditto ng corona virus ay isang Chinese na galing mismo ng Wuhan na siyang epicentre ng global na pandemya noon) ang hindi mapapasubaliang salik na lalong nagpalubha at nagpalala ng pandemya dini sa atin!

Bukod sa kawalang malasakit at pagtingin sa kapakanan ng mga mamamayan, ipinakita din ni Mang Kanor ang kawalan niyang kaalaman at sampu ng mga inkompetente, impertinente at mga tungaw na miyembro ng gabinete na pawang mga walang kasanayan at walang kaalaman sa pagharap at pagtugon sa problema!

Ang problema ay pangkalusugan, ngunit na sa halip na mga ekpersto, siyentipiko, akademiko at mga alagad ng medisina ang manguna sa IATF — ay tinadtad ito ng mga militar!

Sa halip na nakabatay sa agham at siyeniya ang programa, ang ginawa ng rehimen ay militariayon na para ba gang matatakot ang virus sa sandamakmak na mga militar at pulis na nagsilipana sa mga kalsada. Hindi pa nakuntento at naglagay pa ng mga tangke.

Nagdeklara nang Lockdown (na pinakamahaba na yata sa buong mundo) na ang idinulot ay labis-labis na hirap, pagdurusa at kagutuman ng mga tao. Bukod sa magulo, sabog ay lubhang naging mabagal ang pamamahangi ng ayuda na hanggang ngayon ay marami pa ang hindi nakakatanggap at marami din ang hindi kailanman nakakuha ni anumang tulong.

Samantalang pinalulusot ang mga big-time na lumalabag sa mga health protocols ay siya namang lupit at higpit nito sa mga karaiwang mga tao.

Kaya naman sa aking tingin kahit pa matugunan ng pamahalaang ito (na pinagdududahan ko) ang bakuna para sa mga tao ay hindi pa din iyon sapat sa lahat ng mga inhustisya at kawalanghiyaang sinapit ng mga tao sa napakasamang rehimen na ito.

Hinggil sa usapin ng bakuna, kinakailangan na ang gagamitin ay tunay na dumaan sa siyentikong pagsusuri at pag-aaral at hindi kung ano-anong bakuna lamang. Gayundin, walang karapatan ang gobyerno na ito na ipilit sa mga mamamayan ang bakuna na kanilang napupusuan o bakuna ng kanilang minamanok na imperyo kahit pa kuwestiyunable ang naging proseso at kaduda-duda ang diumano’y epikisidad o pagiging epektibo nito.

Kailangan ding idagdag na bukod sa bakuna, kailangang isaayos ng gobyerno ang usaping pang-ekonomiko at higit sa lahat ay ang usapin at karapatang-pangkalusugan ng mga mamamayan. Halimbawa, kailanman ay hindi natin dapat na kalimutan ang ninakaw na P 15Bilyong piso na pondo sa PhilHealth. Sapagkat kakailanganin natin ang nawawalang pondo na yaon sa implementasyon ng Universal Health Care Law o UHC.


Ano ang dapat pang mga ayusin sa sistema ng ​​​​kalusugan, pamamahala, at panagutang kapalpakan ng pamahalaan sa naging CoViD ​​​​response nito?


Habulin, singilin at pagbayarin ang mga magnanakaw at mandarambong sa PhilHealth.

Kanselahin muna ang pagtataas ng kontribusyon ng mga miyembro sa PhilHealth.

Bayaran ng gobyerno ang utang nito sa Red Cross, upang ang nasabing institusyon ay patuloy at tuloy-tuloy na magawa ang tungkulin nito na makatulong sa mga mamamayan.

Ang mga pork barrel ay dapat na ilipat para sa implementasyon ng UHC.

Itaas ang sahod ng mga medical frontliners

Dapat na gawing polisiya ng gobyerno ang pamimigay ng libreng face mask at face shield sa mga mamamayan — lalo na sa mga bulnerableng sektor ng ating lipunan at mga naghihikahos.

Kailangang magkaroon at ipaglaban ng mga Mamamayan ang Karapatan at Katarungan sa Usapin ng Kalusugan…

Panghuli, kinakailangang magkaroon ang gobyerno ng maayos na implementayon ng pamamahagi ng bakuha. Huwag nating kalimutan ang naging magulo at napakabagal nitong ginawa sa pamamahagi ng ayuda at tulong-pinansyal sa mga tao.

Gayundin, ibig kong muling idiin na walang karapatan ang gobyerno na ipilit sa mga tao ang isang bakuna na hindi naman pinagkakatiwalaan ng mga mamamayan. Kinakailangan din sa aking tingin na magkaroon ng malawak at Pambansang Konsultasyon ukol sa bagay na ito at Komprehensibong dissimenayon at edukayon para a Taong-Bayan ukol sa  bagay na ito!

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[Right-Up] On the impertinent and idiotic contention of so-called Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo with regard to the ICC Complaint -by Jose Mario De Vega

#HumanRights #ICC #ExtraJudicialKillings

On the impertinent and idiotic contention of so-called Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo with regard to the ICC Complaint

This refers to the outrageous and out of this world pronouncements of Mr. Panelo (see, “Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo on the ICC Complaint”, PTV, January 3, 2021) with regard to the initial action of the ICC who said recently through its Prosecutor that they found reasonable ground to believe that crime against humanity was committed under the satanic regime of Mang Kanor aka Mr. Fentanyl y sino-farm tongpats bee-rus.

Mr. Panelo stated that “a year ago, Atty. Jude Sabio formally withdrew his communication filed before the International Criminal Court against the President.”

The withdrawal of the communication of that freak has nothing to do whatsoever on the standing of the complaint before the ICC. For the record, that person is not the only individual who filed a complaint before that international body.

Further, the PTV report alleged that:

The said withdrawal, as we previously articulated, exposed the truth that the accusations against PRRD before the tribunal is part of the “vilification campaign” orchestrated by Trillanes in collusion with the opposition and other personalities identified by Atty. Sabio. Hence it is crystal clear that the case before the ICC is politically motivated, there being no factual and legal bases.

Trillanes, the opposition and Mr. Sabio has nothing to do with this so-called “vilification campaign”. For the record, it is the families of the victims of Extra Judicial Killings (EJK) with the help, support and assistance of various Human Rights defenders and organizations who lodged the complaint before the ICC. The fact that the Prosecutor proceeded with the initial part of the proceeding simply means that it relied its initial findings based on the strength of the evidences presented by the complainants and not on the withdrawal of that freak.

As against Mr. Panelo’ charge that the case before the ICC is politically motivated, this is not only fallacious and ridiculous but undeniably fantastic. The fact that the Office of the Prosecutor released its findings unmistakably means that it is based both on facts and the applicable relevant international laws.

Another idiotic and impertinent claim of Mr. Panelo is as follows:
In the light of the recent publication of the ICC prosecutor of a Report that shows her misplaced determination to proceed with the case, the ICC should realize by now that it is being used as a platform to bring down the Duterte presidency.

How on earth could the ICC prosecutor be misplaced in her determination to proceed with the case when she published her Report for all the world to bear witness to her findings?

Will the ICC allowed itself to be used as a platform to bring down the Duterte presidency?

Assuming for the sake of the most stupid “argument” that that is “true”, what the hell will the Office of the Prosecutor will gain if and when the demonic regime of Mang Kanor aka Mr. Fentanyl y sino-farm tongpats bee-rus fall down?
Next, Mr. clown, opps, I mean Mr. Panelo invoked jurisdiction. Here’s the exact text of that rubbish news report:

Last year, we called on the ICC not to be swayed by the false information it received against PRRD, and pointed out the very provisions of the Rome Statute that negate its taking jurisdiction over the case, the Philippines not being a member state thereof. Neither is there a crime that the ICC Prosecutor may ascertain that falls under the jurisdiction of the international tribunal.

Point one, on the alleged false information being received by the ICC. The whole world knows that Mr. Panelo is utterly stupid, but I doubt if there is a reasonable person in the planet who will believe that the Prosecutor of the ICC is that stupid that she will not verify first the veracity, sufficiency and truthfulness of all the information that she is being given.

Point two, it does not mean that because the Philippines is no longer a member state to the Rome Statute, immediately the ICC has lost jurisdiction.

For the benefit of Mr. Panelo and all idiots like him, the Philippines is a member of the ICC since 2011 and it was only in 2019 that they bolted out of that international convention to evade criminal responsibility. Only the most idiotic of all idiots will fail to see this.
Nonetheless, what those bloody bastard freaks did is highly illegal, or at least highly questionable.

Can the President get out of that international agreement without the concurrence of the Senate? Corollary to that, can a President unsign an international convention signed for the Republic by his predecessor?
I wonder why up to now the so-called fucking Supreme Court of this godforsaken land has yet to rule on the petition before it specifically on that question? What the fuck are they waiting for? Are they waiting for the Second Coming?
Does it mean that because we are no longer a member today, the ICC has already lost its jurisdiction?

I do not think so!

How about those people that they mercilessly killed and murdered in cold blood by the thousands from 2016 up to 2019?

Not content with their absurdity, the outlandish news report ends by saying that:

We reiterate therefore our advice to the ICC not to waste its time entertaining a case outside of its jurisdiction that only validates the claim of former member-states that the reason for leaving the ICC was because it has become a politicised court that infringes on the sovereignties of its member-countries.

The ICC has become a politicised court that infringes on the sovereignties of its member-countries?

How about the Philippine state that infringes, traduces, violates and viciously trampled the rights of its citizens?

The significance of the ICC’s act of proceeding with the case

The initial action of the ICC has given all the victims of injustice and state abuses a sense of purpose and hope. It reminds us once again that crime does not pay and that no matter how powerful some government creatures are and no matter what legal gymnastics they may utilize, end of the day, they will be held accountable and responsible for their gross violation of human rights, disrespect to the dignity and sanctity of the human person and their crimes against humanity.

The fight and struggle for justice may be long, hard and arduous but there is hope and eventually we shall all see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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[Right-Up] The coronavirus is the monstrous product of the present nefarious global system -by Jose Mario De Vega

The coronavirus is the monstrous product of the present nefarious global system

The whole world now is once again in the middle of an international humanitarian crisis whose extent and magnitude are utterly pervasive. This is brought about by a virus which is now pandemic and threatens the whole existence of humanity.

The coronavirus which started in Wuhan, China late last year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) now affects 210 countries across the globe. This worldwide scourge is reminiscent of the Bubonic plague and the Spanish Flu. The first one was triggered by Europe’s thirst and greed for new colonies. Hence, it is the deadly product of colonialism.

While the latter emerged during the First World War between the most powerful empires and rich countries.

Hence, it is the fatal offspring of Imperialism.

Throughout the course of human history, every time a virus will emerge, there is an on-going war between the rich and the powerful and as always the victims of the virus or plaque that they cause are the vulnerable people, the poor, the marginalized, the outcast, the wreathed of the earth.

Today, my view is that this so-called corona or Covid-19 or Wuhan virus is continuing manifestations, inherent detects natural abnormalities, and imbued ills of the prevailing global economic system whose features are international finance and consolidation of capital.

Sad but true, this monstrous virus is the latest product or curse spawn by capitalism!
I substantially agree with Filippo Grandi and Michelle Bachelet that this “coronavirus outbreak is a test of our systems, values, and humanity”. (See, The Telegraph, March 10th).

This reminded me of the line said by Joker (2008):

“See their morals, their code, it’s a joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They’re only as good as the world allows them to be. I’ll show you. When the chips are down, these civilized people, they’ll eat each other. See, I’m not a monster… I’m just ahead of the curse.”

Indeed, our guy Joker is not a monster, rather he was made a monster but evil and monstrous system that is based on commodity and biofuel industry. He is not even a curse. The curse is the system of capital and we are all victims of this evil system, including those idiots who taught they can tame and control its erratic powers.

The coronavirus is the incontestable evidence of the hypocrisy and weakness of the global system; a system that is based on the exploitation of man by man, a system that frowns upon at universal health care and a system that is pretending to be equal, humane and inclusive.

The sad and brutal truth is that the alleged “value” of this system is not humanity, but undeniably exclusivity, discrimination, and indeed, inhumanity.

The values of this system are madness and barbarity!

Where can you find an international system wherein the people of the world are already dying by the thousands all across the globe, but the mindset and the aim of the powers that be in their business interest, profits, and further income?

In the words of Karl Marx:

“There must be something rotten in the very core of a social system which increases its wealth without diminishing its misery…”

Nonetheless, all is not lost for mankind.

In an immediate and prompt sense, we have to execute the cogent proposal and rational suggestions lucidly laid down by Filippo Grandi and Michelle Bachelet:
a. The need for international solidarity and multilateral systems are more vital than ever,
b. We must accelerate the work of building equitable and accessible public health care,
c. Our response to this crisis must be grounded in the principles of public trust, transparency, respect, and empathy for the most vulnerable.
Who are they?

The most vulnerable as always are those people and nations that are poor, whose health care infrastructure is weak, if not completely inadequate, the immigrants, the prostitutes, the dirty workers, the street urchins, the refugees and other similarly situated desperate folks and voiceless human beings living for the gutter and bottom of society.

Why is that that the world must come together and unite to defeat this latest phantom menace and challenge?

We have no choice, because if we will not unite — then there is a possibility that this virus wipes a great score of us, if not a human annihilation whose scope is beyond our comprehension.

I know that in the end man will win, we shall survive and overcome. But the pertinent questions are: to what cause? To what ends?

Is it enough to uphold the intrinsic rights of every human being? That we aspire, desire to invent the necessary drug, vaccine, or solution to the present menace and to learn our lesson on this for future reference?

Though undeniably they are also important and utterly necessary, in my view, this is all shortsightedness and incontestably preposterous.


Until the poor, the marginalized and oppressed peoples of the world rise up to overthrow this prevailing evil system that creates, spawns and produces these sicknesses, calamities and catastrophic viruses due to the insatiable greed and lust for power, money, and privileges only for the few elite and minority individuals that control the whole operations of the system and owns the world financial establishment, all these viruses, calamities, and catastrophic mayhem will keep on coming to haunt humanity and shall continue to spread deaths, famines, pestilence, destruction of our true human values and global miseries.

Hence, working-class peoples of the world and common folks, listen to this call:

The abolition of this evil system that creates the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for our real and true happiness. Hence, I call on you all to give up your good for nothing illusions about these fantastic conditions and ardently persuades you to give up a condition that requires illusions.

Capitalism is far more sinister and deadlier than the coronavirus, sars, and ebola combined.

The choice is ours!

Rosa Luxemburg is correct when she asked and dared us to choose: “Barbarism or Socialism?”

Jose Mario De Vega

Philosophy Instructor
Department of Philosophy and Humanities
College of Arts and Letters
Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Ph.D. Student
Asian Center
University of the Philippines

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[Blog] The Indian Rape Mentality: Barbarity and Inhumanity of the lowest order. By Jose Mario de Vega

The Indian Rape Mentality: Barbarity and Inhumanity of the lowest order
By Jose Mario de Vega

I refer to Reuter’s “Ally of India’s Modi says rape “sometimes right, sometimes wrong””, June 5th concerning the gruesome and horrible case of two young cousins who were gang rape, strangled to death and then consequently hanged to a mango tree by those bastard animals.

Mario De Vega

I joined the international community in condemning to the highest possible extent this act of madness, barbarism and pure evil which can only be committed not merely by “young boys” but undeniably of demons of the most satanic order!

Those sexual predators are not humans, they are worst than the animals! It is not an exaggeration to state that they are the perfect physical manifestation of evil on this planet!

They don’t deserve to live in any civilize society, because they belong to the barbaric past by virtue of their animality and depravity.

If truly India is a civilized society then the government must do everything within its powers to bring those criminals to the bar of justice to answer for their despicable and heinous crimes.

The people of India must unite to show themselves and to the whole world that they are not tolerating discrimination and that they are detesting and condemning to the utmost, this utterly loathsome and abhorrent inhumanity.

According to report of the Human Rights Observers, “India: Teen sisters allegedly gang-raped, hanged to death in Uttar Pradesh; Cops suspected”, May 29th:

“Hundreds of angry villagers spent the rest of Wednesday in silent protest over alleged police inaction in the case. Indian TV channels showed video of the villagers sitting under the girls’ bodies as they swung in the wind, preventing authorities from taking them down from the tree until the suspects were arrested.”

These angry villagers are demanding justice and action from the authorities, but the bastard police instead of doing its job “took the side of the culprits”. That is not only a travesty of justice and mockery, but the heights of indescribable shame!

Again to quote from the report of the Human Rights Observers, “Indian teen girls gang-rape: families allege police shielding attackers”, May 31st:

“The victims’ families allege that local police were shielding the attackers as they refused to take action when the girls were first reported missing. It was only after angry villagers found the hanging corpses and took the bodies to a nearby highway and blocked it in protest, say the families, that police registered a case of rape and murder.”

It is clear from the facts of the case, that there is a conspiracy! Those policemen that shielded and protected those rapists and murderers must not only be suspended but should also be prosecuted for the crimes of rape and murder.

Why? It is a universally accepted principle of law that in a case involving conspiracy: the act of one is the act of all! Further, those bastard policemen must be prosecuted from negligence and acts prejudicial to the interest of the public. They have no right to be members of the police force for showing their bias, discrimination and incompetence. They are good for nothing! They are the one that should be hanged to death!

Adding insult to injury “a lawmaker from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling party has described rape as a social crime, saying “sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s wrong”, in the latest controversial remarks by an Indian politician about rape.”

That dirty pronouncement of that bastard son-of-a-bitch is not only detestable, disgusting, but utterly both idiotic and discriminatory.

I condemn the act of the state government involved in this case in trying to bribe the fathers of the victim and I commend one of the fathers for refusing the said “blood money”.

If India will not do something about this latest abominable and undeniably repulsive rape case, then they are on their way to become the Rape Capital of the World!

A regional politician from Modi’s own party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), said on Thursday that the crime of rape can only be considered to have been committed if it is reported to police.


I do not know whether that bastard idiot is drunk or under the influence of drugs, yet the facts of this case is clear: the parents of the victims had tried to report that their daughters are missing yet the bastard police turned them away.

So, following the super idiotic “definition” of that hyper moronic politician, every time a rape complaint is file but so long as the police will not record it, then there is no case and there is no crime?

Bloody hell! This creature is one of the most idiotic freaks that I have encountered in my entire conscious life!

Point two: It does not mean that because a case of rape was not reported, it means that a crime does not occur. Rape is rape and a crime is a crime!

Below are the heinous and odious words of the home minister of Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Babula Gaur:

“This is a social crime which depends on men and women. Sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s wrong…

“Until there’s a complaint, nothing can happen…”

This is a shame!

That bastard freak as home minister is responsible for law and order in the said state. How will that idiot enforced the law if he himself is violating the law? How will that bastard execute peace and order, if he himself does not have an orderly and sound mind?


Mr. so-called home minister, could you please tell us, when is rape right and when it is wrong!

What if I rape and fuck your daughter inside your house; is it right?

What if I rape and fuck again your daughter the following day, but this time in an open space, in an open air, in full view of the public; is it wrong?

Mr. so-called home minister, you also stated that: “Until there’s a complaint, nothing can happen.”

Again, it is clear from the facts of the case and from the various and numerous reports that “the father and uncle of one of the victims said they tried to report the crime to local police but had been turned away.”


How could the case of rape be recorded if some of your fucking bastard policemen are siding with those demonic rapists?

How could the case of rape be recorded if some of your policemen are not doing their job?

As of the moment, three bastard criminals have been arrested over the killings.

What the hell are we going to do with these animals?

Then, “two policemen were held on suspicion of trying to cover up the crime.”

Again, what the fuck are we going to do with these good for nothing so-called law enforcers?

It is incontestably sickening and disgusting to note that “a rape is reported in India every 21 minutes on average, law enforcement failures mean that such crimes – a symptom of pervasive sexual and caste oppression – are often not reported or properly investigated, human rights groups say. More sex crimes have come to light in recent days.”

Not to be outdone, another bastard so-called home minister from another state has issued another equally super preposterous and utterly ridiculous statement: “rapes happen accidentally”!

As reported by the AFP, “Indian minister says rapes happen ‘accidentally’”, June 8th:

“A minister from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling party has said rapes happen “accidentally” in the latest controversial remarks by a politician amid renewed anger over attacks against women.

“Ramsevak Paikra, the home minister of central Chhattisgarh state who is responsible for law and order, said late on Saturday that rapes did not happen on purpose.”

This is exactly what that bastard told the reporters as recorded by the media:

“Such incidents (rapes) do not happen deliberately. These kind of incidents happen accidentally…


How the hell could a crime of rape which is a crime that is always associated with violence, force and viciousness be accidental?

How could the crime of rape which is so hideous, repulsive, revolting, disgusting and utterly distasteful happened not in an arbitrary manner and deliberate method?

It is a shame that Paikra, also of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which also rules at the national level could come out with such preposterous ideas, worst, that creature have the guts and galls to issue such a super stupid and incontestably idiotic pronouncement!

Shame to both Babula Gaur and Ramsevak Paikra!

A Call to Mr. Modi

Sir, if you and your government truly represent the will of the people, then the right thing to do is for you to castigate your men and ask them to apologize! Failure to do so on the part of these animals, you have no choice but to sack them from your party!

Show to the people that your party truly represents all the Indian people! Let the hammer fall and let it fall heavily!

On The Question of Pervasive Sexual Violence, Caste Oppression and Discrimination Against Minority

Besides the rampant sexual assaults, constant rapes and everyday molestations barbarically and habitually committed against women now happening in India, said society must also admit the brutal truth and that is: it is not true that their Constitution abolished the caste system.

Bapu called the dalits, the “untouchables” as harijans or children of god, but sad but true, the free and liberated India that he aspired and fought for against the colonizers has only ironically replaced the British in oppressing, abusing, dehumanizing and violating these people, which ironically are their fellow Indians.

I am wondering if Gandhi is alive today, what will he say to these lecherous creatures, these bastard policemen, good for nothing and discriminatory so-called home ministers?! Shame! Super Shame!

Now, look at this, while this case is still raging and making an outrage all over India, another woman was victimized!

According to the reports:

“A woman in a nearby district of Uttar Pradesh was gang-raped, forced to drink acid and strangled to death. Another was shot dead in northeast India while resisting attackers.”

Finally, I overwhelmingly concur with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon when has said that he was “especially appalled” by “the rape and murder of the two girls.”

As he said in a statement:

“We say no to the dismissive, destructive attitude of, ‘Boys will be boys’…”

The world must come together to make sure that India is protecting its woman and carrying out the laws and legislation that protect women’s rights and welfare!
Jose Mario Dolor De Vega

Philosophy and Social Science lecturer
General Education Department
Unibersidad de Manila

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[Blog] The Purpose and Use of Philosophy by Jose Mario De Vega

The Purpose and Use of Philosophy
by Jose Mario De Vega

Mario De Vega

I refer to Steven Lydon’s “It’s time to start teaching philosophy as a formal subject in our secondary schools”, The Irish Times, August 1st.

I overwhelmingly concur with the call of his paper with regard to this issue. Needless to state, I am voting affirmatively to his thesis.

Nonetheless, may I be allowed, with the indulgence of the reader to express a few words to further adumbrate on the points that he lucidly raised.

As the report narrated:

Education is a field in which small but well-targeted reforms can make a big difference. One of the simplest options open to the Department for Education and Skills is the introduction of philosophy as a Leaving Cert subject. No single other step could so dramatically raise the standard of second-level education.”


I agree that education is an indispensable tool to make a big difference not only to one society but to the whole world! In the immortal words of President Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nonetheless, it is my firm view that “the modern-day education system has failed the whole world. The world has built many colleges and universities, yet we have no peace because what we consider education is but an incomplete one.

“We fail to realise that education is not a scheduled event, but a continuing process; that the quest to develop ourselves and to refine our character does not cease when we leave the university and enter the working world.”

Education must not stop round about the end of the second decade of life; rather it should and must be a lifelong pursuit and endeavor.

What kind of education is needed? My simple answer is: a Liberal Education!

Professor A.C. Grayling says that:

“By ‘liberal education’ is meant education that includes literature, history and appreciation of the arts, and gives them equal weight with scientific and practical subjects.

“Education in these pursuits opens the possibility for us to live more reflectively and knowledgeably, especially about the range of human experience and sentiment, as it exist now and here, and in the past and elsewhere. That, in turn, makes us better understand the interests, needs and desires of others so that we can treat them with respect and sympathy is returned, rendering it mutual, the result is that the gaps, which can prompt friction between people, and even war in the end, come to be bridged or at least tolerated.”

Is that enough? No, because for education to be fully effective and dynamic it must be a blend of the external and internal in order to create true humanness in a student. External education alone cannot confer human values and benefit the world.

The external factor is what our educational institution hammered us to be, while the internal substance is our social background, culture, upbringing, and how our family raised and educated us. The two elements must concur to produce a good individual.

Again to quote Professor A. C. Grayling:

“Moreover, a true education provides people with a broad knowledge of culture and history, enabling them to appreciate the amenities of life, to understand that they encounter in their experience as citizens of the world, and to relate with greater insight and generosity to others. Like any appetite for finding out, and thinking about what learned, grows by feeding; and with the nourishment it provides come other goods of the mind and the heart.”

Going back to the report, it also stated that:

“Not teaching philosophy is a bit like not teaching English. People will do it anyway; they’ll just do it badly. More than any other discipline, philosophy teaches you how to think well. Rigour and creativity are consciously being developed and the subject enables you to make a clear distinction between true and false.

“This all seems obvious, until one recalls how decisions are actually made at the highest levels in this society. The Anglo Irish tapes are one sad illustration. The old argument that philosophy does nothing for the economy smacks of the same short-term thinking that landed us in the current crisis.”


Indeed, teaching philosophy is not like teaching English. There is a great difference in using the English language as a means to teach philosophy from that of teaching philosophy as a means to discuss the meaning of life.

A philosophy lecturer may use a variety of languages depending on the nationality of the philosopher he or she is teaching, yet if he or she is not fully grounded on the central tenets or the primary ideas of the said philosopher, no languages can help him or her to teach the said subject-matter. His or her proficiency on the English language will not help him or her in teaching the philosophy of the said philosopher. Understanding the language of the philosopher is one thing, but knowing the character and realizing the vital principles of the said philosopher is another.

It is beyond dispute that philosophy teaches us to think well and most importantly to think for oneself. Undeniably, “Rigour and creativity are consciously being developed and the subject enables you to make a clear distinction between true and false.”

This is in-line with what Professor Tim Maudlin said: “If you think of philosophy, and I think this is a bit better and more important. If you think of the job of the philosopher methodologically is to very carefully figure out by what reasoning you arrived at some conclusion, or why is it you hold some belief. What are the grounds for it? How did you get to it and are those grounds good grounds for holding it? To carefully review arguments and unearth their presuppositions and then hold those presuppositions up to the light of day and ask whether you want to believe them. That’s what I would say is the foundation of philosophical method.”

The distinctive animating spirit and characteristics of a true philosophical endeavor are the following: a seemingly endless curiosity, a questioning mind, critical inquiry, a probing temperament, reflective analysis, insatiable pursuit of the truth in the name of knowledge and wisdom.

Once more to quote from Professor Grayling, “enquiry of this kind is obviously a highly exportable process; practice in it constitutes what we called a ‘transferable skill’. For this reason alone philosophy ought to be central and continuous feature of the school curriculum from an early age, because it immediately potentiates students’ work in other subject areas… Philosophy is par excellence what offers the evaluator part of this desideratum.”

To the preposterous charge that “philosophy does nothing to the economy” thus implied that it is “useless” or “immaterial”, let me state that philosophy as part of the General Education and the Humanities in general is precisely the very subject that expands man’s humanity and harmonizes his individuality. These are the indispensable elements utterly necessary for the development of Man’s Selfhood that will lead to Social Solidarity!

Philosophy, in the view of the great Bertrand Russell, “is to be studied, not for the sake of any definite answers to its questions since no definite answers can, as a rule, be known to be true, but rather for the sake of the questions themselves; because these questions enlarge our conception of what is possible, enrich our intellectual imagination and diminish the dogmatic assurance which closes the mind against speculation; but above all because, through the greatness of the universe which philosophy contemplates, the mind also is rendered great, and becomes capable of that union with the universe which constitutes its highest good.”

I fully concur with the author, Mr. Lydon when he listed the obvious benefit of teaching philosophy:

“A philosophical training has obvious benefits for the sciences and the humanities. The best scientists are those who can use knowledge creatively. Philosophy goes beyond science: it teaches the value of taking an ethical stance towards others. It shows students how to express their own interests in common terms, the foundation for a healthy public sphere. For decades, all of this has all been obvious in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, where philosophy is a permanent fixture at second level.”


This is clearly understood by Professor Will Durant. As he categorically enunciated in his magnus opus, The Story of Philosophy:

“Science tell us how to heal and how to kill. It reduces the death rate in retail and then kills us wholesale in war. But only wisdom — desire coordinated in the light of all experience — can tell us when to heal and when to kill. To observe processes and to construct means is science. To criticize and coordinate ends is philosophy. And in these days our means and these days our means and instruments have multiplied beyond our interpretation and synthesis of ideals and ends, our life is “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” For a fact is nothing except in relation to desire. It is not complete except in relation to a purpose and a whole. Science without philosophy, facts without perspective and valuation, cannot save us from despair.”

As I’ve stated in my own article:

Philosophy constantly seduces us by provoking us to look at the same thing in a new way.

Once the familiar becomes strange, they can never be the same again.

Exercise in self-knowledge is both a hard and sweet devotion; once wisdom is fully entrenched within our minds and souls, it can never be undone and it can never be “un-thought”.

Knowledge without morality is dead; wisdom without a strong and firm ethical basis is unthinkable.

To be a complete man, what we need is not only the dryness of the mind, but also the warmness of the heart and the goodness of the soul. (The quest for ethico-moral values, The Star Malaysia, October 20, 2011)

It is my firm and vehement view that a country which does not include philosophy to its educational system will never ever be a great, powerful and truly liberating nation.

In the immortal words of Socrates:

“Are you not ashamed that you give your attention to acquiring as much money as possible, and similarly with reputation and honor, and give no attention or thought to truth and understanding and the perfection of your soul?”

Jose Mario Dolor De Vega
Philosophy lecturer
College of Arts and Letters
Polytechnic University of the Philippines

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[Blog] The Path and Necessity of Writing by Jose Mario De Vega

The Path and Necessity of Writing
by Jose Mario De Vega

Mario De Vega

Vincent Van Gogh once said that: “If you hear a voice within you ‘say you cannot paint’, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”

In the same vein, we can also say with certainty that the apathetic and pessimistic voices that trying to stop and silence us to write can only be subdued and be defeated, if we ourselves will begin to hold the pen and commence to write. It is on this great sense that Voltaire is correct when he stated that to “hold the pen is to be in a state of war.”

In doing so, we will give justice to Franz Kafka’s admonition:

“Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.”

I concur with the Meg Manzano (“The write path”, PDI, August 24th) that the task of “assembling words to orchestrate an idea and momentarily hold a reader captive to one’s thoughts is quite daunting…”

However, I certainly believe that we humans write not simply to impress, but more importantly to express.
The former is merely to persuade, while the latter’s aim is to convince and to enlighten.

Man’s duty is to discover the truth and to highlight the natural beauty of virtue base on our material human condition.

Part and parcel of discovering the truth is by writing about it.

As Graham Green told us “writing is a form of therapy”. Indeed, I often “wonder how all those who do not write, compose or paint can manage to escape the madness, melancholia, the panic and fear which is inherent in a human situation.”

There is no iota of doubt that writing is a human necessity.

It is my contention that we have no choice but to write. It is on this inescapable sense that writing is also a curse or a disease (call it what you will)!

Writing is both a gift and a curse, and as I already noted; it is also a disease. It is my contention that such is the fact by virtue of the undeniable truth that the only thing that can make one at ease is only when one is writing or precisely the very moment when said individual lose oneself in the act and process of writing his or her thoughts!

The only cure or the sole antidote for the “itch” is for us to keep on scratching it! We have no choice and there is nothing we can do about it, because we are constituted as such!

To write is to be human and to be truly human is to write as truly and as completely as possible with regard to the overall human condition!

Writing is also a gift, by virtue of that fact that the said process or exercise heals our deepest wounds, calm our nerves and regularly restore our sanity.

Nonetheless, I also admit the indisputable fact that, writing is also a curse, because no matter how many times one writes or no matter how often one scribble one’s thoughts and ideas; the need, the hunger and the burning desire to write and to express oneself is always there. The urge to write never goes away, there’s no dissipation, no let up, for the thirst for words and the will to express — remains, no matter what!

Yes, I concur with Manzano’s words that:

“People will tell you that writing is commonplace and that if it possesses any incredible substance, it is reserved for professors, scholars, and literature students. Let me tell you differently. Get lost in the whimsical swirls and sways of words, marry rhyme and reason with your phrases. Re-imagine the believed nature of a story and how, if it isn’t only good for bedtime, then it’s too complicated to bother with.

“Fall in love with writing and revel in your ability to tell a story that can make others feel, that can disturb their previously still surfaces and provoke their curiosities. Spur their creativity by allowing them entrance to your own mind, and let them see a woman the way you’d see her (do her brown eyes startle you or perhaps leave you with coupled breaths?), offer them careful adjectives that may aid them to grasp her flesh the way you celebrate it.

“Create a world, allow others to briefly take residence as their eyes scan your work, and finally, leave them heavily compelled to build one of their own.”

It is beyond dispute that in the process of writing and putting into paper our ideas and feelings, we lose ourselves; yet it is also undeniable that it is also by scribbling our thoughts and it is only through writing that we find ourselves, realize our existence and internalize the true meaning of our lives.

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect”, hence Anais Nin is absolutely correct in reminding us.

Writing gives us our identity and concretizes our autonomy. Needless to state, the exercise and process of writing gives our lives its meaning and significance and more importantly, it consequently improves and completes our humanity, in the final analysis!

Jose Mario Dolor De Vega

Philosophy lecturer
College of Arts and Letters
Polytechnic University of the Philippines

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[Blog] Self-Destruction: The Question of Suicide and the Tendency to Harm Oneself by Jose Mario De Vega

Self-Destruction: The Question of Suicide and the Tendency to Harm Oneself
by Jose Mario De Vega

Mario De VegaWhy do people kill themselves?

According to Wikipedia:

“Suicide (Latin suicidium, from sui caedere, “to kill oneself”) is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death”.
The following are the usual reasons and often quoted factors given, why an individual commits suicide:

“…is committed out of despair or attributed to some underlying mental disorder, such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcoholism, or drug abuse. Pressures or misfortunes such as financial difficulties or troubles with interpersonal relationships often play a significant role.”

Though I substantially subscribes to the foregoing premises, I am also holding the view that the said given enumeration is not complete neither it is exclusive.

Every person is a special entity. Hence, we cannot ascribe to him or
her; the prevailing doctrine or principle so far accumulated by medical research, notwithstanding the fact and regardless of the point that the said documentation is extensive.

That is beside the point.

My argument is that, there could be no definitive quantitative analysis that would determinatively answer the question of: why people decide to kill themselves.

I will argue that the usual application of the scientific template with regard to the issue is incomplete.

That people commit suicide because they are sad, they are mentally disturbed, they are suffering from serious physiological disease that is incurable, that they are undergoing extreme depression due to financial bankruptcy and emotional emptiness, that they are broken-hearted, that they felt so hopeless and defenseless in the face of a seemingly difficult situation, that they find life meaningless and existence nonsense and absurd.

I am not saying that all these factors and reasons do not play a part in the ultimate decision of the person; the irrefutable fact is: they do. However to reduce the whole scenario on the above-quoted grounds which led the individual to harm him/herself would be myopic and indeed, puerile.

We owe ourselves! Our bodies, our souls and our minds belong to us. Only the person knows what he/she is going through.

At the end of the day, society as a whole cannot fathom what’s going on inside the head of an individual, nor has it the power to check the feelings and agony suffered by a lonely heart.

Every individual is unique and special, every soul has its own mind and feelings, which society can never ever fully conquer nor decipher.

We may never understand the prevailing thoughts that animates the mind of a desperate heart that led an individual to do such a drastic act, yet instead of condemning the said person, it would be better if we will pause and reflect on the whole episode! Why a lonely soul decided to end her life?

In effect, we just return to the issue and question that we posited above.

To those idiots who condemn and ridicule those people who committed suicide; let me state that:

But we are not all the same! We must celebrate our differences!
We are all special and unique individuals!

I may not agree to the grim decision undertaken by those persons to end their lives; for purposes of ending their suffering, yet it is my ardent contention that I do not have the moral right to condemn their action!

They acted on their own will and volition! It may not be the right thing to do in our eyes, yet the actors saw it the other way!

Rather than condemning or criticizing those poor souls, let us ask ourselves: what led those people to choose that decision?

What compelled or impelled them to do what they have done?

Did we as a community also failed them? During those hard and turbulent moments that they are suffering, are we there for them?

Of course, end of the end, our decision is our own decision; yet we cannot deny the significance of our fellow human beings in our lives.

As a philosopher, I am critically analyzing all the angles and elements of this shocking moral issue that affects not only our society but the whole world.

What’s to be done?

Our duty is not only to remember the dead; but primordially to analyze and subsequently understand the reasons behind their decisions! We must locate the ultimate root cause(s) of the problem.

We must create a socio-communitarian consciousness! If may not stop some people from killing themselves, yet I certainly believe that due to our efforts: we may save some desperate lives and lost souls!

It is on this sense that I am also in favor of scrapping the STFAP or at least review it!

All my life, I am so proud of my Alma Mater, the University of the Philippines, yet the event that happened this week makes me sad and utterly angry!

UP must return to its roots!

Note: I dedicate this humble piece to the memory of Kristel Pilar Mariz Tejada. May she rest in peace and may her death be not in vain!

Jose Mario Dolor De Vega
Masters in Philosophy (2004)
University of the Philippines

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