[Statement] Consider the use of books and stop producing expensive modules -TDC

Consider the use of books and stop producing expensive modules

If it has been scientifically determined that modules should be the main delivery system replacing textbooks, there needs to be one standard method for creating them. We are supposed to have specialists and experts in the Central and Regional offices who should design them. But divisions are being compelled to draw Plan Bs as it becomes more and more clear that Central Office will not be able to deliver on time. Now, we have modules from the Central Office and modules from the divisions and even schools. Which one takes precedence then? This is not a simple “left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing”, the left-hand doesn’t know what it’s doing itself either! But the right hand isn’t doing so well either, leaving the burden now on who else, but teachers!

Realities on the ground are embarrassing. Schools produce their own modules and actually raise funds to be able to meet the requirements of DepEd. Some of our teachers now resorting to online solicitations— even barter. This is outright begging. Simple mendicancy. Still, many are forced to personally finance these modules- materials that are supposedly state-funded.

Yet, in the end, and 9 billion pesos later, the readiness of the system, even for the first quarter is proving to be but a myth. Because of this shortage, there are even reported cases of schools resorting to scheme where modules will be shared by two groups of learners. Based on a survey that we have conducted thru social media, most schools have ready materials only for the first two weeks up to the first month of the coming school year.

Recently, Secretary Leonor Briones herself stated in a news conference that the use of modules would have an impact on the environment and will put too many trees in danger aside from being very expensive. Of course, we want to see this pronouncement in terms of policies. We adjure the DepEd to use the printed books instead of modules and supply the necessary activity sheets or lesson guides (physical or digital). We, therefore, propose to halt further production of modules for the second quarter and the rest of the school year. And since many teachers claimed that they produced their own materials and actually spent for those, accounting for the initial fund allocation is needed.

Benjo Basas, TDC National Chairperson

0923-0819750/ 0927-3356375

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