[Video] 10 (Women) Babaeng Wagi sa puso ng mga Pinduteros

10 Women who won the #HumanRights Pinduteros Choice Awards

Taon-taon simula 2011 ay pinaparangalan ng Human Rights online Philippines ang mga posts sa HRonlinePH.com website na humataw sa hits mula sa mga mambabasa. Namayagpag ang ilang mga artikulo, videos, atbp na gawa ng mga kababaihan o kaya naman ay hinggil sa kababaihan. Dahil buwan ng mga kababaihan ngayong Marso at bilang pasasalamat natin sa inambag ng mga kababaihan para sa ika-10 anibersaryo ng HRonlinePH.com, narito ang 10 Women posts na Wagi sa puso ng mga Pinduteros…

Simulan natin sa No. 1
No. 1: An Open Letter to Pond’s and All Whitening Products By Renee Juliene M. Karunungan -3rd Human Rights Pinduteros’ Choice for HR Pindutero’s Post -2013

Ang post na ito ay isang “appeal letter” para sa Ponds na isinulat ni Ayeen Karunungan. Tumalakay ito sa isang “advertisement” ng Ponds noong 2013 na humihikayat sa kababaihan na magpaputi.

“While beauty products are there to enhance a person’s face and body, I believe they should not exist to define what beauty is.”

“Your latest TV advertisement about a young girl who was “stopped by her dark and oily skin” in doing what she wants sends a wrong message to all girls and women out there. Why should one’s skin color dictate what you can or cannot do? What is the difference between a girl who has dark skin versus a girl with light skin? Does a person who have lighter skin color automatically become more beautiful, more empowered? Does she gain more friends, admirers?” ayon pa sa apila ni Ayeen.

Ang pangalawa at pangatlong wagi sa puso ng mga pinduteros ay nagmula sa World March of Women.

No. 2: Love is…Freedom from Violence! By World March of Women – Pilipinas -3rd Human Rights Pinduteros’ Choice for HR Event -2013

Ito ay isang flashmob event na isinagawa noong valentines day ng 2013 bilang kontribusyon sa 1 Billion Rising.

“We have decided that this is a critical moment to contribute to the widening and deepening resistance to violence against women, in the wake of the epidemic of rapes in India. This becomes urgent as in the Philippines, one in 10 women aged 15-49 experienced sexual violence, and for deaf women, it is 1 in every 3 women raped. There has been an increase in violence against indigenous women especially in mining communities, including the recent murder of a pregnant woman in Tampakan. We see the rise in hate crimes against lesbians. There has been a steady growth in the prostitution of women and children as the climate and capitalist crises continue.”

No. 3: March 8, 2013, International Women’s Day -By World March of Women – Pilipinas- 3rd Human Rights Pinduteros’ Choice for HR Video- 2013
Ang video ng kanilang pagkilos noong Women’s Day 2013 ang wagi sa puso ng mga pinduteros. Kuha ito ni Clydie.

Ang pang-apat naman ay…

No. 4: The impact of Philippines’ Conditional Cash Transfer Program on Consumption by Melba V. Tutor -4th Pinduteros Choice Awards HR Off-The-Shelf 2014
“Results show that households have responded to program conditionalities but there is very little room to improve consumption of other basic needs. The recent program modification of increasing education grants to older children and covering up to secondary school completion will help households sustain induced behavioral changes over time. Stronger impact on the poorest fifth of households underscores the need to improve the targeting mechanism to address leakage issues.”


Sa No. 5: koihernandez.wordpress.com ni Maria Karol Hernandez – 5th HR Pinduteros Choice for HR Blogsite – 2015

Si Maria Karol Hernandez ay isa sa mga kabataang kababaihan na hindi natakot magpahayag ng kaniyang mga opinyon at tumalakay ng “anything under the sun” ika nga, using her own perspectives. Mababasa ang kaniyang mga akda sa kaniyang blog. https://koihernandez.wordpress.com/

Human Rights Pinduteros’ Choice for HR Campaigns

Isa pa sa pinaka-namayagpag na campaign ay nag mula naman sa Dakila.

No. 6: It’s about time we celebrate our SHEroes! –DAKILA- 5th Human Rights Pinduteros’ Choice for HR Campaigns – 2015
Nag-feature sila ng mga kababaihan sa iba’t-bang sector at mga Gawain. Tinampok nila ang mga ambag ng mga ito sa ating lipunan, naging inspirasyon sa mga kabataang kababaihang millennials.

Sino ang makakalimot sa hataw na
No.7: #BABAEAKO -8th HR Pinduteros’ Choice for HR CAMPAIGN -2018

Nag-viral ang #BabaeAko noong 2018. Isang hashtag na pinag-isa ang mga kababaihan ng iba’t-ibang sector sa online at offline campaigns.

Sa No.8 muli ay ang World March of Women sa kanilang post hinggil sa
Violence against women is a policy of the Duterte administration –WMW -8th HR Pinduteros’ Choice for HR NETWORKS’ POST -2018

“Violence against women is a policy of the Duterte administration. This violence is evident in the president’s economic policies, his verbal attack on women, and his marginalization of women in power. Today, International Women’s Day 2018, we are telling Mr. Duterte that we’ve had enough of these. We are rising, resisting, reclaiming our power!”

Hindi rin mawawala ang Coalition Against Traficking of Women – Asia Pacific na nagwagi sa puso ng mga pinduteros noong 2018 at 2019.

EJK Victims’ Mothers, Widows and Orphans’ Healing Journey with -CATW-AP -8th HR Pinduteros’ Choice for HR VIDEO -2018

Four Cases of Prostituted Women in 4 Minutes –by CATW-AP-9th #HumanRights PINDUTEROS CHOICE FOR HR VIDEOS -2019


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