[Right-up] Acumen -by Rene Boy Abiva

by Rene Boy Abiva

Unshackle us from the yoke of idiocy
and listening to thousand marching feet
of Commoners nestling in the corner
of our tainted and hollowed soul.

Wishing to pull the rope and trigger
spinning the world—
and like two naked lovers
it crave to forge oath and Eros
amidst of light and darkness
in pain and pleasure
warmth and aloofness.

It covet to manifest strength
by clasping thick and sharp dribs of falling rain
that made the blood of the Deity
reddish and sticky
but sweeter than wild honey
to sprout and flourish on the hands
of the dying Jesus Christ
on thick-wooden Roman cross.

That after five, ten and fifty years of captivity
like dove in a bronze crate of the late Caesar
the blistering and boiling fire of resurrection
has fate like a slumbering giant volcano,
a temptation that ruled the heart
of every in rage and great men for centuries
a plea that can make the iron-like roots of Kamagong to arise
and to conquer even the cynical un-holy sky
and pull it back to harsh-stony yet muddy land
and be baptize on a river made of molten gold and rock.

Oh, acumen…
open our eyes, the mirror of our inner being
do not allow it to blink even for a single moment
and fell in deep sleep and dark well of nothingness
so that we can unleash manacled facts and secrets
that is written in the Book of Life—
buried in the Valley of Death
or in the sarcophagus of dead emperors and warlords.

We must fulfill this duty
on numbing and bleeding womb of humanity:
more than fine and gleaming fists made of ivory
more than the virtuous scent of newly cut Pine Trees
on the breathing, moving and milky breast of Sierra Madre,
more than the blazing coal and a warriors victory—
more than the firmness and blade of a Katipuneros bolo
that unchained their subtle neck and waist
against the Queens’ pawns and friars
more than the reaped and offered glory
on dying Motherland,
after countless wars and political turmoil—
The revolutions of masses are more than the ideals
of Rizal’s literature which was paid by fortune
through burning bullets from the long and old barrel
of Spanish Mauser.

November 12, 2018
Quezon City, Manila

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