[Statement] A Statement of Concern from the people of Bataan -NFBM

A Statement of Concern from the people of Bataan

NFBMThe Nuclear-Free Bataan Movement stands firm in its opposition to the rehabilitation of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) located in Morong, Bataan in particular and the reliance on nuclear energy in general as this energy still remains the deadliest energy source ever invented by man.
This threat to man and environment has been further underscored by the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant which has been continuously leaking contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean.

This despite measures to chemically-treat the surrounding soil, to serve as barrier to the water tainted with dangerous radioactive materials, according to nuclear watchdog, Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority.

The nuclear nightmare which has gripped Japan since 2011, should serve as a living reminder to countries like the Philippines and other Asian neighbors who are toying with the idea of building and operating nuclear plants. Simply put, the risks are not worth it and it should never be.

This is why we see no reason to revive the BNPP as we have a vast source of renewable energy from geothermal, wind, solar and hydro resources that are yet not sufficiently tapped.

The idea that nuclear energy is ‘too cheap to meter’ has been proven a fallacy since the first nuclear plant was built. In reality, nuclear power plants end up costlier to maintain, the sheer size of the project makes it vulnerable for corruption and shady deals. Most probably, like the first BNPP deal which was valued at USD600Million but ballooned to USD 2.3Billion.

We may find ourselves replacing oil dependency with nuclear dependency as we would need to import uranium in order to make our reactors work.

We appeal to DOE and Duterte’s good sense and sound judgment not to rehabilitate the BNPP. It is the same plant, already proven to be riddled with defects, more than three decades older and still unacceptable.

It is Deadly: It sits on Mt. Natib, a caldera-forming volcano like Mt. Pinatubo and Mt. Mariveles, which makes up the whole northern Bataan Peninsula and is very near to active fault lines such as Manila Trench-Luzon Trough.

We have not forgotten. We are Bataenos and Filipinos who view with concern and alarm the proposal to rehabilitate the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

Thus, we re-affirm our stand that Now, is NOT the time and there should never ever be any attempt to gamble with the high risk nuclear technology which has been proven fundamentally dangerous and unsafe. Instead, it’s time to permanently close the mothballed BNPP and cease from pursuing nuclear energy program. We reiterate our call that a safe world is a nuclear-free world.

November 14, 2016

References: Francisco Honra, Secretary General
Atty. Dante Ilaya, Co-Chairperson
Nuclear-Free Bataan Movement

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