[Press Release] Teachers reiterate appeal for just compensation to Senate -TDC

Teachers reiterate appeal for just compensation to Senate

TDCPublic school teachers again sent an appeal to the members of Senate yesterday asking the chamber to consider the clamor of government employees and public school teachers for a better salary increase package. In a letter sent to the Senators, Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) national chairperson, Benjo Basas said ‘We respectfully submit that pegging the monthly salary of the lowest paid government employee at P16, 000.00 would be a huge boost to morale and would motivate better performance. For teachers, we reiterate that a P10, 000.00 increase over the present P18, 549.00 monthly pay for the entry-level position of teachers would repair the erroneous compensation scheme classifying teachers as among the lowest paid government professionals. The Congress, through a joint recommendation in 1991 and a bill approved by Senate in 2008 (SB 2408) agreed that there was indeed an injustice and that error should be rectified. All these could be made possible by an equitable downward adjustment in the exorbitantly high projection of increases in the middle and high level positions, who we know are already enjoying many perks and incentives (both monetary and non-monetary) as granted by law.’

The group led a series of protest last year against the proposed salary increases UNDER ssl 2015, which will mandate the hike in compensation of government officials and employees starting January of this year.  According to them, the P500 monthly increase approved by the House (HB 6268) is an insult to their profession. On December 14, 2015, they sent a letter of appeal to the Senators, the very day that the Senate is scheduled to approve the measure (SB 3009). The Senate, in response did not act on the bill.

For details: Benjo Basas, 0927-3356375

January 19, 2016

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