[Literary] Empty Basket?! by Kalayaan

Empty Basket?!
by Kalayaan

from the margin

This is Earth- life bearing planet in universe
Which can only sustain life forms and hone?
this our home, shaped like a spherical dome
where our ancestors from million years was born;
lived in harmony with among other creatures

traversing seas that connects huge continent
Flowing Nile River overflowed with jaded fishes
human civilization was born in caves and stones
Hid and hone in the rocky corals in sea floors
thickly cemented turtles and crabs afloat

Forest lands that shelter small and tiny species crawl
swamps and ponds formed from sprinkled mist
aged trunks of forest in Negros and Cordillera region
Monkey eating eagles used to soar high from tree tops
Where freedom sought to reach a longest mile

Where are the tiny birds that used to sing in mango tree?
We used to see those in sketchy streets in Limay, Bataan
It was before they install Coal plants, a huge chimney
where fly ashes covered by smoke the whole town and city,
they made all these in the name of progress and development

We cut trees in order to build furniture for the first world,
Logging has stormed our mountains and turned it into wasteland
We are so generous to give up our defenses from typhoons
We exchanged hope with hauling tons of our sovereign lands
Then we recite our national anthem with candor and pride?

Nothing beats how human being catches water in dikes
In energy technology, we were able to send light to every house
Streets are no longer empty dark ditch of the night
all this free of any charges from waters and seas
human intellect harnessed nature to serve mankind!

Lo’, how corporations transformed empty streets and houses?
of piled up hunted haven of unpaid bills from electricity?
Malls build like mushrooms grow in heart of the City
That even threatened to cut the pine trees in Baguio City
They cleaned up old legend trees for highways

We boast our big dam that catches water into energy bin
We use taxes to invite Spanish blood of foreign origin
To use this dam, and forget the ancestral land of Lumads
Militarized Lumads has to flee for their lives from stray bullets
Mindanao our food basket, are we so glad?

The haven you called is now plantation economy
of first class, pine- apple, palm oil, banana, asparagus
which will be delivered into the plates of abroad
this thousands deal of hectares of land is dedicated
to feed Filipino people of amount of huge poverty!

Our seas and waters are playground of big fishing ships
who plundered marine resources and left us with garbage
they substitute our internal waters from which we own
into international waters free for all traders and financiers!
an empty basket was left for fisher folk in their daily throng!

It is long overdue the call for people to stand for what is right
private profit is here to plunder and extract wealth to its might
clean energy in coal plants claims – will become burial grounds!
not unit we stand as one, marching for our sovereign rights
reclaiming life, environment and future away from insatiable elites!

(For November 28, world march for climate justice!)

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