[Press Release] Activists stage “pabasa” to denounce people’s suffering under P-Noy -FDC

Activists stage “pabasa” to denounce people’s suffering under P-Noy

Photo by FDC

Photo by FDC

Activists belonging to the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) and the multisectoral campaign Palag Na! staged their own version of the traditional pabasa near the gates of Malacanang today to denounce the suffering caused by the “arrogant, insensitive and incompetent” administration of Pres. Benigno Aquino III.


“Since the start of the year, we have been hit with the MRT-LRT fare hike as well as multiple rate hikes for water and electricity. To make matters worse, the nation suffered collective trauma with the tragic deaths of 67 people, including 44 Special Action Force troopers in Mamasapano,” Erwin Puhawan, Officer-in-Charge of FDC said.

“As the nation takes a break to reflect on the suffering of Christ, we must also call attention to the string of suffering that the P-Noy administration, through its arrogance and ill-conceived policies, has brought upon our people,” Puhawan added.

FDC explained that the “Pasyon ng 2015” highlights the many difficulties ordinary Filipinos have had to face under Aquino.

“The P-Noy government cannot say it had nothing to do with the rising cost of mass transport, electricity and water because these are a direct result of their perpetuation of private sector-led policies in these sectors. In the same way, P-Noy cannot pass the buck with respect to Mamasapano as both the Senate and PNP Board of inquiry reports have identified him as ultimately responsible,” Puhawan argued.

The protesters included a man dressed up as Pontius Pilate, representing Pres. Aquino’s naked attempts to wash his hands of the tragic Mamasapano raid.

“Despite the mounting evidence pointing to his culpability in the tragic operation, P-Noy continues to insist on his innocence, instead pointing to underlings who either lied to him or disobeyed his direct orders. But if he thinks he is off the hook, he should think again. As the recent Pulse Asia survey showed, nearly 4 out of five Filipinos (79%) were not satisfied with his attempts to explain away his role in the tragedy, proving the old adage that “You can’t fool all of the people, all of the time,” Puhawan said.

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