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Let’s Protect Human Rights Defenders

Published on Mar 10, 2015, youtube
The meaning of human rights would be lost if there was no one to speak about them and defend them wherever and whenever they are violated. In this sense, human rights defenders (HRDs) play a crucial role in monitoring and challenging human rights abuses and violations, contributing as well to the dissemination and safeguard of the core human rights principles.

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By standing up for the rights of others against powerful interests, HRDs and their families are often exposed to a wide range of risks and threats, with women human rights defenders facing specific risks.

In its new video FORUM-ASIA highlights the profile of HRDs in Asia and the challenges they face defending human rights, paying homage to their courage and stressing the need for greater protection.

For more information about Asian HRDs and their work, visit our website: http://asianhrds.forum-asia.org/

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