[Press Release] Teachers ask DBM to release bonuses -TDC

Teachers ask DBM to release bonuses

The Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) asked the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) to fast-track the release of bonuses due teachers this month to augment their Christmas and year-end expenses. They also criticize DBM for the media release this today announcing that there would be ‘additional bonus’ for state workers.


“In the first place, there is no additional bonus, because what DBM announced is the release of the PEI or the productivity enhancement incentive.” Said Benjo Basas, a teacher in Caloocan City and the group’s national chairperson. “It is not on top of the anticipated incentives for teachers and government employees. It is actually a reduction of incentive because from 2007 up to 2011, we receive the PEI in full P10, 000.” Basas exclaimed.

The group added that since year 2012, the PEI was reduced P5, 000 when the government introduced the controversial performance-based bonus or PBB, which the scheme, according to TDC is “unfair, deceptive and divisive.”

“This PBB is also a source of dismay among our teachers and government employees. This is supposedly released by October of this year, but until this very moment, only few teachers from several schools in Metro Manila, Central Luzon and CALABARZON have received their PBB. The scheme is so complicated.” Basas added.

Based on TDC national monitoring, only few schools have received the PEI as of today, while the DBM Budget Circular 2014-3 or the PEI guidelines for 2014 says the bonus may be released ‘NOT EARLIER THAN DECEMBER 15.’

“Before the DBM turn to media for publicity, it has to make sure of its obligation to teachers. “ Basas ended.

This and other issues will be tackled in TDC’s year-end meeting at the DepEd-NCR Conference Hall in Quezon City tomorrow afternoon. #

For details:
Benjo Basas, National Chairperson, 0920-574024

December 16, 2014

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