[Statement] Climate justice group slams PH support for unjust climate deal -PMCJ

Climate justice group slams PH support for unjust climate deal

The Philippine Movement for Climate Justice (PMCJ), a broad coalition of 109 grassroots networks and organizations, denounced developed-country governments for pushing for an unjust climate change deal at the UN climate change negotiations in Lima, Peru while at the same time slamming the Philippine government’s for supporting this deal.


Breaking ranks from the majority of other developing countries and with many climate justice organizations, and choosing to line up instead with the US, EU, other rich countries, and a small number of developing countries, representatives of the Philippine government threw its considerable moral weight behind a draft “decision text” that sells Filipinos—and others most affected by climate change—down the river.

This is an unacceptable deal for the following reasons:

NO INCREASED AMBITION: It does not even compel developed-country governments to increase their pre-2020 emissions reduction targets

NO ‘LOSS & DAMAGE’: It does not even bind those responsible for climate change to commit to providing resources to those who suffer from climate change

NO FINANCE, ADAPTATION, TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER: It does not even oblige those responsible for climate change to commit to provide finance and technology to those less responsible

NO GUARANTEE FOR ENSURING ADEQUACY: There is no mechanism for ensuring that those most responsible for climate change can be compelled to increase their pledged targets if they fall short of what is required by science and equity

All this will result in a deal that condemns millions of Filipinos and other peoples worldwide to a future of even more catastrophic super-typhoons—a deal that condemns them to carry even more of the burden of addressing the crisis.

The Philippine government representatives argue that they can still fight for a more balanced decision and for the inclusion of “loss and damages” as negotiations resume on the “elements” of the 2015 agreement next year.

This is a weak defense because they, more than anyone, should know that if the Philippines makes these concessions now they make it even more difficult to justify asking for them again in the future.

The Philippine representatives claim that they have undertaken a “pivot” by championing “human rights” in the negotiations. But the deal they embraced actually violates a basic right of millions of Filipinos and other vulnerable peoples: the right to survive.

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