[Press Release] Ruby affected communities greet Save the Children with relief as they arrive with essential aid

Ruby affected communities greet Save the Children with relief as they arrive with essential aid

Families who were hit hard by Typhoon ruby over the weekend greeted Save the Children with relief as they arrived to distribute life-saving aid to 2000 people in Sorsogon.

Save the children response teams rushed to reach  areas impacted by the storm across  Northern Samar, Dolores, Eastern Samar and Calbayog with clean water, materials to fix their houses and essential household items.

It’s estimated that 2 million people were affected as Ruby marched across the country, making landfall around 6 times before leaving the country on Wednesday morning.

Ned Olney Country Director of Save the Children says, “We are here to save lives, and alleviate suffering caused by the typhoon. Ruby was destructive and has caused extensive damage wherever it landed, to homes, communities and livelihoods. Save the Children is in communities distributing life-saving supplies and assessing the extent of the damage as we speak“

On Sunday evening, while Ruby hit their community, Amelita Ngoho, 31 and husband Remy, celebrated the birth of their first baby boy, born during the storm. The baby was born in a town near Ormoc that was badly hit by ‘Yolanda’. The couple were assisted during the birth by experienced midwife Criselda Gluva, 46,  who said she wouldn’t have done it without Save the Children’s ‘BEACON’ box, a storm-proof box that contains clean birthing supplies such as sterile blades, alcohol, flashlight and even a birth certificate, to help a pregnant woman deliver safely during and immediately after a disaster.

Criselda says, “When I found out about ‘Ruby’, I knew there were pregnant women in the village due to give birth that time. I took the BEACON box to our village so that we were prepared”

“It was difficult because there was no electricity but I had everything I needed in the BEACON box to help her deliver safely. I even used the flashlight that was inside.  I thank Save the Children for providing us with the clean birthing kits.”, the midwife added.

Days before landfall, Save the Children staff have been going out communities to tell people to heed evacuation recommendations, providing preparedness messages in child-friendly terms and setting up child-friendly spaces at evacuation centers

“Save the Children has response teams that are ready to go when disasters strike. We have opened new warehouses and had them fully stocked for an emergency such as this. Save the Children had emergency materials ready so we can respond quickly to children and families who need them the most.”, Olney added.

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