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Women’s Hearts Bleed for Gaza
August 20, 2014

The announcement last Wednesday of an extended truce in Gaza between the State of Palestine and Israel is a welcome relief. But this truce is vey shaky. The US government, Israel’s main patron, and the big powers of Europe supporting Israel should press the Netanyahu government to junk its operation “Protective Edge,” and remove the blockade.

Kaisa Ka b

KAISA KA, a grassroots-based feminist organization in the Philippines expresses its deep concern for the women and children in Gaza as the war principally impacts on them.

The bombarding of Gaza, which started on July 8 this year, purportedly started when Israel “retaliated” for the kidnapping and murder of three adolescents in June. Israel alleges that Hamas, an organization they consider terrorist and the majority in the Palestinian State, was behind the assault on the Israeli youth. Hamas denies it had a hand in that crime.

Obviously, Israel found a convenient excuse to unleash its deadly operation “Protective Edge” against the Palestinian people. Israel reasons out that it wants to destroy tunnels which allowed incursions into Israeli territory by Hamas terrorists. But along with its scheme at building settlements within Palestinian territories in the West Bank and in Gaza, in utter disregard of UN borders of 1967, the “Protective Edge” is clearly a war of reoccupation of Gaza.

Prior to the “Protective Edge,” Israel already had blockaded Gaza from the along the coastline and, with the help of Egypt, along the Gaza-Egyptian border, denying the population of Gaza such products as vinegar, chocolate, canned fruit, grain, nuts, crackers, sweets, fried potatoes, gas for soft drinks, dried fruit, fresh meat, plaster, asphalt, construction lumber, cement, iron, glucose, industrial salt, plastic/glass/metal containers, industrial margarine, cloth, fishing poles and nets, hoses, replacement parts for tractors, musical instruments, paper, writing instruments, notebooks, newspapers, toys, razor blades, sewing machines, horses, mules, goats and cattle, etc.

The “Protective Edge” and the Palestinian’s retaliation have taken its toll in the lives, primarily of civilians, on property and livelihoods. Israeli’s bombardment killed 1,980 Palestinians so far and wounded more than 10, 200, while Hamas attacks killed 64 Israeli soldiers and three civilians. As the war raged on, at least 10 children in Gaza died daily. Israel attacked residential areas, even schools run by the United Nations.

KAISA KA calls on women to unite with the bereaved mothers in Gaza to work for a lasting peace. As it recognizes the call of the US and EU governments for a ceasefire, it challenges these governments to allow for dialogues and negotiations of the two sovereign sides to take place and to stop giving military aid to Israel.

Withdraw Israeli forces from Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem!

Dismantle illegal settlements! Allow the safe return of Palestinian refugees!

Save children from a life of terror and violence!

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