Aug 25 peoples Initiative Against Pork Barrel

On the first anniversary of the MILLION PEOPLE MARCH (MPM), on August 25 (Araw ng mga Bayani), 6am-1pm, let us gather at Luneta once more and continue our fight against ALL FORMS of PORK BARREL and CORRUPTION! Bring along family and friends to this FUN event of GENUINE PEOPLE EMPOWERMENT! Stand up, Sign up for our FUTURE! Stand Up, Sign UP Against ALL PORK! Pls invite and share! HASHTAG: #SignUpVsPork

“All measures our citizens take, provided these are moral, peaceful and lawful, aimed at curbing corruption and the irresponsible use of public funds have our full support,” – Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines president and Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas endorsing P.I. vs Pork http://www.cbcpnews.com/cbcpnews/?p=39527


6am – Takbo Na w/ F Robert Reyes vs ALL PORK and start of SIGNATURE GATHERING for People’s Petition proposing to enact a national legislation entitled AN ACT ABOLISHING PORK BARREL
9am to 1pm – Program proper (performers and speakers soon!)


Pls read the LATEST DRAFT of the petition at http://www.scribd.com/doc/236600451/The-draft-People-sGreen Releaf Initiative

Salient points of the Proposed Act:

SUMMARY: The Act Abolishing Pork Barrel abolishes the presidential and congressional pork barrel, mandates line item budgeting, prohibits and criminalizes allocation and use of lump sum discretionary funds, penalizes violators with six years and one day to ten years imprisonment and disqualification from holding public office.

Defines Pork Barrel, Lump Sum Appropriations, Impoundment, and Savings

(a) All proposed budgets submitted to the Philippines Congress shall contain only itemized or line-item appropriations, except 1)appropriations for the purpose of disaster response, 2)contingency fund of not more than 5% of the budget for a specific item, and 3)for the intelligence/confidential funds of the National Security Council (NSC), the Department of National Defense (DND) and the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

SECTION 5. Appropriation of special funds.
Within the fiscal year following the approval of this Act, a report on the financial status of every account including but not limited to the Malampaya fund, the Motor Vehicles Users Charges and other off-budget items covered by a special law authorizing the continuous disbursement of funds for a special purpose shall be submitted to Congress. Every fiscal year thereafter, the President shall submit to Congress a proposed budget for the disbursemen

SECTION 6. Abolition of the Presidential Social Fund.

SECTION 7. Special Offenses
The penalty of imprisonment of six years and one day to ten years and perpetual disqualification from public office shall be imposed…

Other links:

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/406846762761075/568801773232239/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity

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