[Statement] Power Crisis Solution Should Exclude Nukes, Coal – NFBM

Power Crisis Solution Should Exclude Nukes, Coal – NFBM

For some years, we used to be second to the US in producing geothermal energy, globally. But our combined renewable energy potential (wind, solar, hydro, biomass and geothermal) around 200,000 MW, is set aside in favor of carbon-intensive energy plants like coal and even the worrisome revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP).


The Department of Energy and former Rep. Mark Cojuangco are at it again.

Using the issue of the imminent power crisis as an excuse, they are once again trying to influence and shape a pro-nuke stance from among the people of Morong and Bagac during its public forum held last July 25, 2014 in Bagac, Bataan.

President Aquino’s recent State of the Nation Address last Monday alluded to his administration’s determination to address the power crisis.

As members of Nuclear Free Bataan Movement (NFBM), we want to tell him that the solutions should veer away from the coal dependency exhibited by his Philippine Energy Plan (PEP), especially in the light of real climate change implications.

The World Bank and the International Energy Agency, in March 2012, warned that at least 80 per cent of known reserves of fossil fuels must be left untapped if the world is to avoid a catastrophic temperature rise.

Yet, here we are constructing 24 new coal power  plants contributing 52.8 million tonnes/year more of carbon dioxide emissions and an additional 20 more proposed in the next  2-5 years , not to mention entertaining the idea of rehabilitating the BNPP as if the continuing tragedy in Fukushima has not shown how devastating a nuclear disaster could be.

These plants will not be for the 2.7 M Filipino who are without electricity; rather these plants are geared for business, mining operations and economic enclaves like in our case here in Bataan.

Indeed, the Philippines is ‘ more open for business’ but on the other hand, it will leave our people in the dark as electricity supply remains private and expensive,  as high as in Japan.

Now is NOT the time to gamble with the risk of nuclear technology which has been proven fundamentally dangerous and unsafe.   Instead, it’s time to shut down the (nuclear) program permanently.  Thus, we reiterate our call that a safe world is a nuclear-free world.

July 30, 2014

Rev. Msgr. Antonio Dumaual, NFBM Chairperson – 09178679242
Francisco Honra –  Secretary General – 09188974643

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