[Press Release] Teachers defend doctors, challenge BIR -TDC

Teachers defend doctors, challenge BIR

Doctors found an unlikely ally, a teachers’ group.

The Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) echoed the physician’s group sentiments on the ads released by the Bureau on Internal Revenue (BIR) portraying the doctors as tax cheat and a burden to those who pay taxes- the teachers.


“The BIR ad, which started last year only goes to show that teachers are religiously paying taxes, more taxes, while other professionals who make more income than we do pay less.” Said Benjo Basas, TDC national chairperson. “It is a mere confirmation of the the unfair tax structure.” He added.

Basas however sympathized with the doctors and the statement made by the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) who called on the BIR to pull out said ad which they described as unfair.

“I believe it is unfair. An erring doctor is not a reflection of the medical profession, in the same case as an erring teacher or an erring soldier; bad members- who comprise very little portion of the organization do not represent the institution.” Basas explained in defense of the doctors which he described as “along with teachers, is one of the noblest and selfless professions.”

He continued, “This is more of a reflection of the BIR’s inefficient tax collection system and it happens not only in doctors, but perhaps, in all the practicing professionals who dictate their own income thru charges from their clients.”

While appreciative of the BIR’s portrayal of teachers as honest taxpayers, the TDC challenged the bureau to run after the big time tax evaders, the big businessmen and the bosses of government corporations who receive fat bonuses. TDC said it is consistent with the clear message from BIR, ‘When you don’t pay your taxes, you’re a burden to those who do. Do your share.’

“If the government is convinced that we teachers are heroes, then we deserved tax incentives, at least. We are at the bottom of income scale, along with other employees and workers, yet the government is dependent upon our taxes.” Basas explained. “Once and for all, the system of taxation should be revised to collect more from the rich.”

The TDC supports several legislative proposals intended to grant tax exemptions or reduction for teachers and other employees especially from their supposed bonuses and call for a stricter campaign not only in paid ads but more importantly in penalizing tax evaders and government crooks.

“The only apprehension of the taxpayers is that this hard-earned money only goes to the pockets of the thieves in government. The government must be stricter and show that it can put the plunderers behind bars.” Basas said. “Paying taxes is every citizen’s obligation, the government is tasked to ensure the fair tax collection and finally to spend these taxes for social services. There could be a system failure if any of the components of this cycle failed.” He ended.

March 5, 2014

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