[Petition] The Medical City: Please give back by setting up one mobile hospital in any of the provinces hit by super Typhoon Yolanda -change.org

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The Medical City: Please give back by setting up one mobile hospital in any of the provinces hit by super Typhoon Yolanda

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Antipolo City, Philippines

Many survivors of super typhoon Yolanda are in need of immediate medical care but they have nowhere to go. Almost all hospitals and health centers in the provinces hit by the super typhoon are no longer functional, some of them were even flattened. Local medical and health professionals and medicines are even more scarce than food and water.


The Department of Health has set up its own medical tents, but their resources and people are too scarce and scattered; they can barely keep up with this massive scale of devastation Yolanda left on our people.

We are calling on The Medical City to set up at least one mobile hospital to any of the super typhoon-hit provinces. And we ask that these hospitals keep these facilities ready for deployment every time disasters strike the country. This is the perfect time for one of the top 5 hospitals in the Philippines to GIVE BACK to society in terms of resources and expertise.

For every day that survivors are not given medical attention, they are becoming more and more vulnerable and at risk of death. And this human catastrophe may become bigger than what we’re seeing in the news.

A mobile hospital in each province can help thousands of survivors who are in need of emergency care or surgery. Instead of patients being airlifted to Manila, why not just bring the hospitals to them? Hundreds of lives may be saved and it could help preempt an outbreak of diseases and infections.

Sign petition @www.change.org

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