[Event] Global Month of Action Against Dirty and Harmful Energy -PMCJ

Global Month of Action Against Dirty and Harmful Energy


Join us as PMCJ spearheads the Philippine leg of the Global Month of Action Against Dirty and Harmful Energy on October 11 – November 11 2013, with Global Day of Action Against Coal on October 22, Global Days of Action Against Dams on October 12 and November 9, a Climate Justice Caravan on November 9-11 in Central Luzon and Metro Manila.

If you are interested to take part during the Global Month of Action Against Dirty and Harmful Energy please contact the PMCJ Secretariat at pmcj2012.sec@gmail.com or call us at (02) 9253036

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Reclaim Power! Global Month of Action on Energy
NO to dirty and harmful energy!
YES to renewable energy for people and communities!
October 11 to November 11, 2013
We face a planetary emergency and now is the moment to step up our efforts to transform our societies.
The Earth’s climate is destabilizing and the planet is in crisis. Climate change is already harming our food and farms, oceans and fish, our access to freshwater. It is causing the increase in frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events that lay waste to lives, homes and livelihoods.

All around the world people are rallying to respond to this emergency. We are harnessing our knowledge, our vision, our will, our compassion, and our solidarity – to fight climate change and its causes, and to build solutions that work for people and don’t destroy the planet. We are strengthening our communities for immediate and irreversible climate impacts and paving the way for new systems where all people lead lives of dignity and our planet is out of peril.

We need to do so much more — to reach and mobilize many more people and communities; to scale up and intensify collective actions; to strengthen the links between local and national struggles across all countries for powerful global actions — to address the causes and consequences of climate change and profoundly transform our societies.


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