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Unchecked corruption violates human rights


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In solidarity with the people’s outrage against PDAF And all forms of corruption and corruptive practices August 26, 2013

A government’s ability to respect, protect and fulfil human rights – social, cultural, political, economic and civil –
will ultimately be defined by the levels and systemic nature of corruption in those States.
United Nations Convention Against Corruption

Fighting corruption is central to the struggle for human rights.

Government’s capability to implement the human rights obligations to its constituency, without transparency and accountability, is eroded if not restricted or blocked by the degree of corruption which its governors are unable or unwilling to stop. Corruption must be linked to human rights.

Unchecked corruption violates human rights. The perpetuation of corruption diminishes the possibilities of a quality of life worthy of human dignity for thousands if not millions of Filipinos.

The Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates thus unites

with the people’s outrage against the command conspiracy of state and non-state actors to plunder of Napoles-ian scale and style the people’s money ear-marked in the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) for the welfare and upliftment of people, particularly of people living in poverty and of the vulnerable sectors;

with the call to abolish, not just rehash, the PDAF;

to investigate and bring the perpetrators to justice; with the truth that the PDAF is just less than 1.5 percent of the total government budget that has been exposed; that we have not looked closely at the 98.5 percent as, for instance, the fertilizer scam happened with the agency budget and not PDAF; that the COA special audit covered only expenditures made prior to 2010;

with the urgency now more than ever to push the people’s initiative for the Freedom of Information Bill for we cannot delude ourselves that a change of administration takes away the venues and schemes of corruption and corruptive practices;

with all those who will form people’s monitoring mechanisms not only to monitor in the dispensing of people’s money but in ensuring that such expenditures respect, protect and fulfill their human rights.

PAHRA is confident that, in Ka Pepe Diokno’s words:
Against a united people, no force is strong enough to prevail.

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