[Press Release] Teachers join Luneta protest to leave legacy for children -TDC


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Teachers under the banner of Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) call on their fellow educators to join the massive protest against the pork barrel system and the rampant corruption in government on Monday, August 26 at the Luneta Park in Mnaila. This despite the pronouncement made by President Aquino last Friday that he will soon abolish the PDAF.

“The pronouncement is just a ploy to weaken the growing unity and anger of the people against corruption in government. The crooks in the bureaucracy should be punished, regardless of their party affiliation, whether in Senate, HoR or the executive branch.” Benjo Basas the chairperson of the TDC said in a statement.

Teachers were enraged by the report that the JLN Corporation headed by the alleged pork barrel scam queen Janet Lim-Napoles paid less amount of taxes than the average public school teacher in the years 2009-20011.

“The people who keep the state operating thru their shares of taxes should be the recipients of the services from the government. Public funds should not be used for patronage politics and lavish lifestyle of the elected officials and their cohorts.” Basas explained. “Corruption-free governance would mean a better spending for basic social services like education, health, public transpiration, housing and environmental care among others.” He added.

The group called on the teachers and the people in general to remain vigilant and to denounce the corruption in all branches of the government at all levels.

“By marching on the streets on Monday, we could leave a legacy for our students and our own children that they will grow-up in a country free of corruption and thievery and would make them proud as Filipino people.” Basas ended.

The group’s central slogan is “Scrap the Pork, Jail the Crooks, Fund our Schools!” #
Reference: Benjo Basas, National Chairperson 0920-5740241/3853437

ADVISORY: Teachers’ Preparation for Rally

Tomorrow, Sunday starting 10:00AM, TDC members will prepare the materials needed for the rally on Monday- banners, placards, sound system, printed t-shirts and cultural presentation. Some leaders from Metro Manila are expected to come to their office to bring plain white t-shirts for printing.

White would be their color motif in solidarity with the protest movement in Luneta whose participants are expected to wear white shirts to symbolize purity and political neutrality. In Luneta, the group along with their respective families will share their “baon” for a symbolic picnic. However, TDC will bring their group banners for they will be joining the initial program of various groups in Liwasang Bonifacio at 9:00AM then they will march and join the “colorless” Luneta crowd before noon and will also join the march to Mendiola after the Luneta gathering.

Attached are the poster and the t-shirt design that will be used by the TDC in the protest.

Anti-PDAF tshirtTeachers Honest Taxpayers5 PINK white box

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