[Statement] DEU Officers and Members soon to jail…to silence them and hide the truth!

DEU Officers and Members soon to jail…to silence them and hide the truth!

DEU copySome officers and members of the Digitel Employees Union (DEU) received summons from Makati RTC wherein they were each filed cases of illegal occupancy or trespassing. The said subpoenas were sent to their respective homes and received by their families.

Is this another wicked scheme by the PLDT/DIGITEL Management to cover up and hide something? Just like covering the DEU Protest Center with tall security guards and a big bus? This kind of attack to the members of DEU just goes to show the management’s disrespect of every worker’s rights, disrespect of human rights and disrespect of the Philippine Law. How could someone seek justice, when that someone doesn’t respect justice?

Is the management above the law? The Supreme Court Decision WITH FINALITY (G.R.No.184903-04, January 21, 2013) and the Department of Labor and Employment Order BE ENFORCED (Writ of Execution, March 20, 2013), stated therein to commence Collective Bargaining Agreement and Back to Work in favor of DEU.

In support of the DEU’s protest that started last April 10 and hunger strike that started last April 16, Mama Au, mother of a DEU member said,” I salute you, principled and brave men! I am sure that a thousand fold families of labor unions and workers are praying for your success in your great battle.”

Families of each DEU member are updated of what has been happening at the picket line and they fully support their love ones. They know the TRUTH and they understand what the DEU is fighting for is RIGHT.

God bless the righteous!J

Member of Manggagawa para sa Kalayaan ng Bayan (MAKABAYAN)
22-A Domingo Guevara Street, Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City
Telefax: (632) 717 3262 Blogsite: http://digitelemployeesunion.wordpress.com

April 17, 2013
REFERENCES: Allan Licardo – Union President – 09225375689
Fritz Alzuelo – Union Vice President – 09228958758
Picket Direct Landline – 345 5991

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