[Statement] The Maverick of the proletarians by Erwin R. Puhawan

“The Maverick of the proletarians
by Erwin Puhawan

lagman-popoyFebruary 6 marks the 12th year death anniversary of Filemon “Ka Popoy” Lagman. Feared by the abusive capitalist class but admired by the working class. As  a former  student  leader turned revolutionary , the  works  of  Ka Popoy  inspired  many  revolutionaries  to take the  challenge and  take  the path  of  the revolution unconditionally .

His idea of a strong and independent  workers  movement  gave  the  workers  an opportunity  to lead and  be the  vanguard  class. Under  his  guidance, the  establishment  of  the  Kapatiran ng Mga Pangulo  ng Unyon sa Pilipinas ( KPUP) Brotherhood  of  Union Presidents  in the Philippines  broke the  barriers between  rival  unions. His effort  to organize the  first  Labor  Party in the Philippines Partido ng Manggawa ( PM)  is   an attempt  to  put  the working  class as a strong  political  force.

The killing of Ka Popoy shall not stop the working class from continuing   the struggle. With the onslaught of Globalization and the continued political circus in the government of “hacienderos”   the need for a strong independent working class movement should be the primary trust.

The issue of  poverty, the  disintegration  of  trade unions, and  continued  political harassment  and killings of  activist , the  demolitions will only  prove that  the  present  administration  is  not  for the  working  class. The issue  of PALEA  is  one  indicia  that the present  Administration  cannot  and will not defend  the interest  of the masses.

This  is a clear  indicia  that social  injustice exist and  continued to exist  unless the  entire working class will be  emancipated  and  from their  chains of  slavery  and oppression. His killing will clearly show that the perpetrators are nothing but cowards and mindless barbarians. His death should not be the end of  a legacy but  a start  of  a strong proletarian movement .


Erwin  R. Puhawan
Former National  Chairperson
KAMPIKatipunan ng mga  Anak ng Manggagawang Pilipino)
( Solidarity of  Sons and Daughters of the Working  Class)

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