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[Statement] The Maverick of the proletarians by Erwin R. Puhawan

“The Maverick of the proletarians
by Erwin Puhawan

lagman-popoyFebruary 6 marks the 12th year death anniversary of Filemon “Ka Popoy” Lagman. Feared by the abusive capitalist class but admired by the working class. As  a former  student  leader turned revolutionary , the  works  of  Ka Popoy  inspired  many  revolutionaries  to take the  challenge and  take  the path  of  the revolution unconditionally .

His idea of a strong and independent  workers  movement  gave  the  workers  an opportunity  to lead and  be the  vanguard  class. Under  his  guidance, the  establishment  of  the  Kapatiran ng Mga Pangulo  ng Unyon sa Pilipinas ( KPUP) Brotherhood  of  Union Presidents  in the Philippines  broke the  barriers between  rival  unions. His effort  to organize the  first  Labor  Party in the Philippines Partido ng Manggawa ( PM)  is   an attempt  to  put  the working  class as a strong  political  force.

The killing of Ka Popoy shall not stop the working class from continuing   the struggle. With the onslaught of Globalization and the continued political circus in the government of “hacienderos”   the need for a strong independent working class movement should be the primary trust.

The issue of  poverty, the  disintegration  of  trade unions, and  continued  political harassment  and killings of  activist , the  demolitions will only  prove that  the  present  administration  is  not  for the  working  class. The issue  of PALEA  is  one  indicia  that the present  Administration  cannot  and will not defend  the interest  of the masses.

This  is a clear  indicia  that social  injustice exist and  continued to exist  unless the  entire working class will be  emancipated  and  from their  chains of  slavery  and oppression. His killing will clearly show that the perpetrators are nothing but cowards and mindless barbarians. His death should not be the end of  a legacy but  a start  of  a strong proletarian movement .


Erwin  R. Puhawan
Former National  Chairperson
KAMPIKatipunan ng mga  Anak ng Manggagawang Pilipino)
( Solidarity of  Sons and Daughters of the Working  Class)

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[Statement] WeDpro extends its solidarity to the workers all over the nation and the world on the occasion of International Labor Day

Statement on the Commemoration of International Labor Day
May 1, 2012

WeDpro extends its solidarity to the workers all over the nation and the world on the occasion of International Labor Day also known as May Day, the day when we focus on the struggles of the working class.

Despite the promises of the PNoy administration of “daang matuwid”, millions of Filipino families who are the great majority in the Philippines, still stumble much too often, burdened hard by the road of poverty and bulldozed by injustice and exploitation. The continuing struggle for just wages, union rights and pro-workers’ policies, to name a few, is an ugly and painful dot in the political and economic landscape of the country on the one hand, and an unending road of the people’s struggles for their rights on the other hand.

Indeed, more and more women continue to be part of the productive force, as do children and youth. However, abuses including sexual exploitation continue to be part of the reality that they have to bear often in silence. Children work in “jobs” that are dangerous and high risk without protection from the laws – and in fact, in clear violation of the laws.

Unemployed and underemployed youth are becoming desperate for jobs that are decent and life-giving. No wonder why “sex work” or prostitution has become a normalized source of income for many, women and men alike, and even for children who are sold and pushed by their own parents into the ever-growing “entertainment” industry.

Call centers are a pipe dream for many of our youth, despite the increasing reports of the health impact on call center agents – alcohol and drugs abuse, high blood and heart-related problems, sexual and reproductive health issues, general well being concerns including psychological or mental health.

Women continue to bear the greater burden of the double-day, multiple tasks as home “managers” and at the same time part of the informal sector that afford very little economic protection. Without doubt, there is increasing number of women professionals and indeed some have excelled in their chosen professions, but the majority of women continue to suffer the unrelenting yet often subtle impacts of capitalism and patriarchy.

The so-called economic gains that the PNoy administration has been presenting as part of its achievements are hardly felt on the ground as pendulum-like gas prices, rising costs of food and essential commodities, unaffordable housing and education, among others, are beginning to feel like luxury items instead of being part of our basic needs for survival and human security.

Without the people-oriented transparent and accountable political will of the PNoy administration to address poverty and social justice issues, the “daang matuwid” will continue to be a road of thorns and bumps and bombs as the unrelenting struggles continue to wage protests, strikes, rebellions and other forms of resistances to insist on our human rights.

Workers’ rights are after all, an integral part of the internationally accepted standards of human rights. More than ever, we take note of the fact that workers’ rights rightly equates to women’s liberation from the yokes of capitalism-militarist ideology and patriarchy.

Aida F. Santos
Chairperson, WeDpro Board of Directors
01 May 2012
Quezon City, Philippines
Email: aida.santos@wedprophils.org

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[In the news] Strike cripples 80% of PUVs | Sun.Star

Strike cripples 80% of PUVs | Sun.Star.

ABOUT 80 to 85 percent of the Public Utility Vehicles (PUVs) in the province were paralyzed Monday, the first day of the transport strike, a drivers’ group official said.

Jessie Ortega, secretary general of United Negros Drivers and Operators Center (Undoc), said members of the federation of Bacolod Drivers Association (Febacda) contributed only about 20 percent of the public transport, which continued to operate Monday as they did not cooperate with the transport strike.

Ortega said they are contented with the result of the strike Monday in protest of the higher prices of petroleum products compared to other provinces.

“Once fuel prices in the province would be reduced to be at par with those in other provinces, we expect that members of Febacda and Action Inc. would still continue to pay for the higher prices because they did not cooperate with us,” Ortega pointed out.

Major universities in the province, like the University of St. La Salle, Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod, La Consolacion College and the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos, also suspended classes after Bacolod Bishop Vicente Navarra issued a pastoral letter last Sunday and called for cooperation and support for the transport strike.

Ortega said that on Tuesday, they expect more transport operators to cooperate with the protest action by not allowing their vehicles to go out in the streets.

The transport strike will start at 7 a.m. and will end at 2 p.m., as participants from the designated camp-out centers will converge at the Fountain of Justice in front of the Old City Hall for a rally.

Leaders from the transport, business and sugar industry sectors are expected to speak before the protestors.

Meanwhile, Nilo Frias, Undoc assistant secretary general, said they were very disappointed with other drivers who became too selfish by going out with their regular operation Monday, despite the transport strike.

He said they flagged down some of the drivers and educated them about their reasons for holding the transport strike. He said the striking drivers are expecting more support and cooperation from other drivers today. (TED)

Published in the Sun.Star Bacolod newspaper on May 17, 2011.

[Statement] P125 Minimum Wage Increase Now! www.masa.ph

by Partido Lakas ng Masa

The Workers Create the Wealth of the Society!
We Deserve Better!

The Regional Wage Board’s decision of giving NCR workers a 22 pesos non-wage benefit is unacceptable and considered an insult to all non-agricultural workers. The additional Php 22 was too little to make any economic impact for the workers because it was given way too late when prices of basic commodities and transportation fares were already increased.  We can say that the adjustment is really not an adjustment to help but a mere pampalubag loob (consolation).  President Noynoy Aquino (Pnoy) made an announcement before May 1, International Labor Day, that he has good news for the workers.  But instead of making good of his promise to help alleviate a little the economic condition of the workers, he failed the expectations of the Filipino working class for the nth time.  This decision and the inability of Pnoy to act in favor of the majority, made it clear that Pnoy’s bosses are not the ordinary people but the elites.

The Php 22 is not a wage increase which the workers are asking.  It is way below the Php 125 or the Php 75 that the workers are asking, and is too little for a Living Wage needed by a worker to live a decent life.  The Php 22 that will be added to the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) will not be subject to over time and night differential and 13th month pay computations, making the Board’s decision more favorable to employers than the workers who badly need a salary increase.

This decision is a manifestation that the ruling elite of this country is highly favored by this government.  The Private Partnership Program (PPP) of Pnoy is in full motion to the detriment of the working class.  All those who will benefit from this shenanigan are the capitalists who are cashing in on the government’s inability to protect the interest of the working class who produces the wealth of the society.

The Partido Lakas ng Masa (Party of the Laboring Masses) calls on Pnoy to do something for a change, to do something to benefit the ordinary Filipino, especially the Working Class.  What he needs is a political will to put forward policies that will benefit the poor majority of the society.  What the workers are asking is a Php 125 salary increase, the scrapping of the Oil Deregulation Law, and the cancellation of EVAT for basic commodities!  And we will not settle for anything less!

11 May 2011

[in Facebook] PLM Supports PALEA’s Planned Strike – Partido Lakas ng Masa

Stop Contractualization!

After assuming jurisdiction over the high profile labor case of PALEA against PAL last December 2010, Malacañang last March 26 finaly gave its ruling supporting PAL’s outsourcing plan.  This ruling of Malacañang only echoed Labor Secretary Baldoz’s decision last year of approving the compensation package being offered by PAL to affected workers.  This decision will result in the retrenchment of 2,600 employees of PAL.

How can the Philippine Government let its self be dupped by a self proclaimed unsuccessful business man in the Country? Who will believe that Lucia Tan who is ranked last 2010 by Forbes.com as the 2nd wealthiest man in the Philippines, with a net worth of 2.1 Billion Dollars, is accumulating big losses?  It is absurb and outrageous!

It is not a surprise that PALEA is frustrated with Pnoy.  After four months of waiting, instead of siding with the workers, Malacañang sided with Lucio Tan, the number 1 labor union buster in the Country. It is a clear betrayal of trust! This only shows that Pnoy’s labor policies are anti-workers.  His “kayo ang boss ko” antic is now exposed, it is all lies and nothing but bogus propaganda! His true bosses are the capitalist who raked in profit by using the contractualization law and outsourcing scheme to feed their greed!  This is an alarming situation for the labor front; we have a president who will use all his power to protect not the working class but the greed of capitalism!

The Partido Lakas ng Masa fully supports PALEA’s planned mobilizations.  We support their planned strike to paralyze PAL’s operation.  PALEA’s fight for their rights and security of tenure is the fight of the whole labor movement, and we will not stop until Pnoy is unmasked and his true color revealed to all.

Stop the mass layoff! Stop contractualization!

Partido Lakas ng Masa
6 April 2011

Source: PLM Facebook