[Press Release] Teachers ask DEPED to expedite the release of bonus -TDC

Teachers ask DEPED to expedite the release of bonus

TDCThe Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) calls on the Department of Education (DepEd) to release a department guidelines to implement the Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) for its more than 500, 000 employees this year. Last week the group staged a protest at the gates of the Budget Department to denounce the deliberate cutting down of their traditional P10, 000.00 productivity enhancement incentive (PEI) by half. The symbolic caroling was followed by a dialoigue with some DBM officials.

“The traditional year-end incentive amounting to P10, 000.00 which we also call P-Noy should be enhanced especially this year that the government employees face many challenges.” Said Caloocan teacher Benjo Basas who also the the group’s national chairperson.

Basas continued, “Until now, the DepEd has no clear guidelines to implement the order of the president contained in his EO No. 80 last July. Thus, the amount which we expect before Christmas may be delayed.”

The group is worried that the teachers and DepEd employees would not receive the PBB or even the PEI before Christmas due to time limitation.

For this year, teachers and government employees would be entitled to a PEI in the amount of P5, 000.00 and a performance-based bonus (PBB) that varies depending on the performance of the agency and the individual employee. Thus the PBB would range from P5, 000.00 for the good performing individuals in a good performing agency up to P35, 000.00 for the best performing individuals in the best performing agencies. Best performing agencies are those in the top 10% while the better performing are those in the next 25% and the good performing or actually the least performing agencies are those in the bottom 65 per cent.

The group however dismisses the PBB scheme for being unfair, divisive and deceptive and instead calls for an across the board incentive that according to them “will benefit all the government employees and public school teachers and could reach the supposed recipients on time.”

Previously, PEI is released to government employees before Christmas break. “But for this year, the guidelines to determine the performance of agencies was only released by the inter-agency task force (IATF) lead by DBM last November 12, the agencies, especially the Department of Education (DepEd) would have a hard time to comply with the complicated requirements to determine the eligibility of agencies and employees to the PBB.” Basas added.

The group reiterates their call to the DBM and President Aquino to defer the implementation of the PBB this year and instead provide the P10, 000.00 across-the-board PEI to all government employees.

“For this year, the PBB would not be practical. The president may opt to give us the 10, 000.00 PEI or even greater amount. He should play a Santa for his employees.” Basas ended.

For details: Benjo Basas, 0920-5740241/3853437

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  • Public teachers are compensated well, I think. They get paid for at least 19k or more a month and they have different kinds of bonuses. But, the private teachers get around 15k a month with very little bonuses. And yet, public teachers complain a lot about their salary, that they’re paid too little etc. Also, they seem to live a poor lifestyle compared to private teachers who are paid lesser than them. I guess instead of whining a lot, the public teachers should learn how to use their money wisely and avoid loans.
    I really hate it when public teachers complain too much about their salary as if they’re the most violated sector in the entire country.


    • with what you’ve said, to correct you Ms. Matilda if there are seminars that the teacher must attend specially if the name is in the memo and the venue is out of town all the expenses of the participant teachers are in his own pocket. all the visual materials needed for teaching are all in our pocket, in private school your are well provided. even your reference materials need for teaching are provided by your company, while in the government only books of the pupils are provided, even repairs of our classrooms we are the one who is financing the expenses in our own pocket. We are earning 18k minus the tax of 2k, gsis 1600. the salary of the teacher in government given every 20th day of the month not like in private you can really budget your salary because you received your salary 15th and 30th day of the month. If the public school teacher has 4 kids and all are studying what should you expect??


    • I think mam d ka kasi public school teacher kaya d mo alam ang mga hirap namin, every day ung travel namin is almost 1 hour sa station namin at mga bundok yung dina daanan, kulang yung mga gamit sa pagtuturo…and mam ang dami nyong extra may tutorial pa na d kasali sa TAX.


  • bakit hindi na lang lahat bigyan ng Bonus na yan, especially ung mga teachers. Deserving naman lahat sa Bonus na yan.


    • kya nga.. unlike sa ibang ahensya ng gobyerno mas mataas pa ang sahod at bonuses na nakukuha kaysa sa mga public school teachers, sana maisip din yan ng nagbawas ng bonus ng teachers.. 6:45 ang time ng teacher sa school ang uwian 5pm.. pag dating sa bahay mag le lesson plan pa at gagawa pa ng visual aids.. konteng awa naman sa mga teachers.. kmi pa ang bumubili ng mga gagamitin sa pag tuturo bawas sa sahod namin.. unlike sa ibang agencies ang sahod nila sa pamilya nila ang mg ateachers hati ang sahod.. sa trabaho ta\\at sa pamilya.. sana maisip din yan..



    The requirement given to DEPED teachers is a trick for them to not receive the traditional 10k bonus. PNOY set a standard which is not attainable, if the certain school reach the level of best performing school, surely they got a highest NAT scores. If you’re to honest you could hardly get even 60 MPS if you’re teaching in regular class where most students are not in academic excellence, except if you’re assigned in especial or science high students. Thus, those who got a high performing rate, probably they performed magic just to receive the rewards of 7 – 35k. What a demonic strategy, Teachers need to do satan works before they can claim the fruit of their satanic labor. Woe to you authors of demonic guidelines.


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