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By Conrado de Quiros, Philippine Daily Inquirer
August 27, 2012

I’ve been reading the comments on Jesse Robredo these past days and two things stand out.

One is the question of why Jess was lionized only in death and not in life. Or why his virtues were discovered only when he was no longer in a position to regale the world with them and not when he still could. Strange how death has a way of making people larger than life.

The commentators particularly zeroed in on the iniquity that was the Commission on Appointments (CA) refusing to confirm Jess as interior and local government secretary but now showing eagerness to do so. An offer, they said, that Jess’ wife, Leni, had every reason to spurn, however she put it ever so politely by saying she doubted that would greatly matter now to her husband. Indeed, by saying she doubted that really greatly mattered to her husband even then as he seemed perfectly content to just do his job. One might add whether feebler minds approved or not.

What can one say? The CA has never distinguished itself for the commission of enlightenment, it has always distinguished itself for the commission of benightedness. It has never really distinguished itself for the admission of high-mindedness, it has always distinguished itself for the assertion of pettiness. Proof of which is that only some months ago it flatly rejected Gus Lagman continuing to serve as a Comelec commissioner. The one person who has had a long history of ensuring clean elections as a pillar of Namfrel. The one person who knows about computerizing canvassing as a leading exponent of electoral reform in that respect.

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