FIND SOLIDARITY MESSAGE On the Founding Anniversary of HRonlinePH

30 March 2012

On the Founding Anniversary of HRonlinePH

The Families of Victims of Involuntary Disappearance (FIND) is one with the Human Rights Online Philippines (HRonlinePH) in celebrating its 1st Anniversary.

We commend the people, the team of highly dedicated and innovative minds, for providing opportunities for human rights groups to be heard and read online. HRonlinePH indeed served as an alternative platform for organizations like FIND to put out information that which traditional media could have hardly provided.

Certainly, the Internet through the World Wide Web is the new frontier in information broadcasting. Unlike tri-media wherein one’s information has to slug it out with the rest of the players for ‘news-worthiness’, time slot and space; with HRonlinePH, every human rights information is timely, relevant and most importantly, it gets posted.

Let us continue working with each other in exploring the web for prospects –groundbreaking ideas that would encourage discourse popularizing the otherwise unheard of issues on human rights.

Let us help make enforced disappearance a societal concern.

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