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RockEd’s ‘Kaninong Anino’ video: If Jose Rizal were alive today
December 30, 2011

 Not the dashing martyr-to-be, but a pensive passerby—that is national hero Jose Rizal’s role in the new music video “Kaninong Anino.”

The video begins with Rizal picking up a shiny one-peso coin, noticing his likeness, and looking out into a barren wasteland, a shadow of what Manila used to be. As the song plays on, the hero treks through the ruins of the city he once loved, while grey clouds loom overhead.

“The concept [for the video] came about when I was driving along EDSA and saw all the billboards and dizzying neon signs representing our modern lifestyles and wondered what Rizal might think if he were here today,” the animation artist Arnold Arre shared on his blog.

Arre collaborated on the video with writer Gang Badoy and a slew of talented local musicians including composer Francis de Veyra.

The song and its five-minute animated incarnation are a project of alternative education organization RockEd in partnership with the National Historical Commission of the Philippines as part of their celebration of the national hero’s 150th birth anniversary. The song “Kaninong Anino” is part of the RockEd album “Rock Rizal”, which, as the title implies, adds a rock ‘n roll twist to the familiar stories of Rizal’s eventful life.

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