HRonlinePH’s Readers’ Pick Awards for top blogger’s post. Vote Now!

As Human Rights Online Philippines officially launches its own domain ( on December 1, 2011, allow us to thank our contributors and friends by giving the “Pindoteros Awards” recognition to online bloggers, networks and campaigners who joined us and contributed to the success of our online project.

And as our way to campaign for more HR blogging and online human rights information sharing we invite readers to join us in picking the best posts to receive our HRonlinePH’s Readers Pick Awards.

Vote for your pick from the list of nominees below NOW! (Deadline of voting on November 30, 2011)

Note: Nominees are chosen based from the hits generated and recorded in the “all time statistics” of HRonlinePH.

For your reference please see below links.

[Blogger] Beyond Contraception or Abortion, Passing RH Bill 4424 – Dekonztruktschon

[Blogger] PNoy’s 2nd SONA, So what’s new? – Carpe Diem

[Blogger] K-12 Challenge to Philippine Tertiary Education – Dekonztruktschon

[Isyung HR] ang mga SANA sa SONA ni PNoy – Mokong Perspectives

[Isyung HR] Isyung RH ay isyung HR – Mokong Perspectives

[Tula] Lahat ng tao’y may karapatan – Matang apoy

[Blogger] ‘I invoke my right against self-incrimination!’ – My life is my message

[Blogger] Voltes V generations, UNITE! Marcos is not a hero! – Matang apoy

[Photo blog] Jesus Christ was a torture victim – CAT Alert!

[Isyung HR] and the winner is… Madam Pick-up lines! – Mokong Perspectives

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