[Event] Dinner Show for a Cause on 11-11-11- SARILAYA

11-11-11 Event.

Celebrate Life by going back to the old ways:  simple lifestyle close to Mother Nature’s Heart;  simple dinner with great entertainment.

Woven in a Dinner Show for a Cause on 11-11-11 are the following:

  • An empowered women’s organization called SARILAYA.
  • A catering social business through a cooperative.
  • A healthy eating and environment advocacy as focal point of work.
  • An integrated urban gardening practice right at the backyard of every women member.
  • A day care and feeding program as primary community outreach program.

The community-based women members of SARILAYA is putting into practice the value of self-reliance.  In response to the sustainability component of its program, specifically in General Mariano Alvares, Cavite, it has daringly started its catering business endeavor with very minimum resources.  To help us improve our service, we are working on a fund-raising project through a dinner show. We are hereby presenting you the concept of the Dinner Show and its objectives, with optimism for your full support to this joint undertaking.

Mark your calendars now! This special event shall take place on 11-11-11.  The special alignment brings hope to us who are at the critical stage in our lifetime, thus providing us a reason to celebrate through the dinner show with the 200-strong members of SARILAYA in GMA.  This is both a celebration and a fundraising event.

SARILAYA Advocacy.  As a women’s organization, SARILAYA not only works for the welfare of the women sector, but also adheres to the principle of caring for the physical well-being of every person and the well- being of the planet.  Thus, the healthy lifestyle advocacy through sustainable agriculture and healthy food, and the environment-friendly living practice have become explicit part of its vision-mission-goals.

Specifically in General Mariano Alvarez, Cavite, the SARILAYA Chapter has conceptualized and started engaging in healthy catering service.  With basic home cooking experience and very limited equipment, it started operation and has now been catering to increasing number of people who are already looking for healthy food alternative.

The Dinner.   To better equip the women members who are now engaged into catering business, SARILAYA shall launch its catering operation with the primary aim of raising fund for the development of the catering cooperative through training, purchase of equipment, and further skilling.  The launch shall be in a form of a dinner.

The healthy dining experience is what makes SARILAYA’s catering different from all other caterers.  Healthy food and beverage will be served. With recipes cooked using real fresh herbs and vegetables homegrown by Sarilaya members, guests will enjoy the honest-to-goodness taste of food cooked without artificial flavor enhancers and MSG, plus the healthy benefits of eating less meat, more fruits and vegetables and beverages made from real herb extracts.

The food shall be prepared with the assistance of Chef Boy Logro and his students.  To date, consultations with Chef Logro are underway to facilitate bringing in culinary arts students to help SARILAYA women prepare the dinner.  Chef Boy Logro is the host of the “Idol sa Kusina” show on Channel 11.

The Show.  Highlight of the event will be the music, songs, dance and theater performances on environmental issues and concerns featuring the Dakila Artists (or “Green Artists” as they call themselves) and the Sarilaya Community Theater Group.

The Dinner Show hopes to strengthen the flagship advocacy of Sarilaya on health and the environment.  Aside from raising funds for the development of the catering business, it also aims in supporting the sustainability of community-based women initiated projects like the SIKAP Learning Center in Bgy. Pulido, GMA, Cavite and its feeding program.

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