Weekend HR Posts Rundown and Analysis 17 September, 2011

Weekend HR Posts Rundown and Analysis
17 September, 2011

Human Rights Online Philippines features articles, blogs, news information and photos on human rights issues. It provides up-to-date information on human rights activities, events, campaigns, and solidarity actions in the Philippines. It aims not only to put human rights at the center of national discourse through digital media but also to elicit response from the public.

This week has been news and activity-filled information based on different thematic issues, sectoral concerns and other crosscutting problems.

1.  Labor rights

Labor rights, though a very broad human rights issues pertains particularly to the protection and respect of human life in the workplace and the right to work itself. Among the labor rights are the rights to job safety, collective bargaining, and equal pay for equal work.

To support the rights of workers, HRonlinePH deemed it necessary to post statements, activities and events that tackle on the existing labor policies and practices in the country which do not only run contrary to international labor standard but also violate basic human rights to work.

Posted articles:

  • [Press Release] PALEA rally today is warning to PAL vs. lockout of workers
  • [Press Release] Bishops agree to higher wages for workers – CWS
  • [Blogger] PALEA’s history – koihernandez.wordpress.com
  • [Press Release] In the first day of CWS National conference, Challenge for the Church is to be “Church of the Poor”
  • [Press Release] Papal Nuncio, International Groups Show Solidarity to First Church People-Workers Conference
  • [Press Release] Archbishop Lagdameo summons the Church to side with the oppressed – CWC
  • [Press Release] Workers expect concrete support from the Church on local and national concerns

2.  Mining

Mining is emblematic for the negative impact on human rights in general and the right to food in particular. The bone of contention in mining activities is the displacement of farming communities from their indigenous agricultural lands, compensation packages that are perceived as insufficient, the general lack of respect for due process by mining companies that have led to serious human rights violations and the detrimental ecological effect of mining on land and water resources.

HRonlinePH deemed it necessary to post statements, news and events on the anti-mining campaign.

Posted articles:

  • [Press Release] Groups protest against DENR, reject mining policy – alyansatigilmina.net
  • [Press Release] Farmers group holds shame campaign against Sagittarius Mines Inc – alayansatigilmina.net
  • [Press Release] Groups hit Tampakan miners in Mining Confab – alyansatigilmina.net
  • [From the web] MindaNews » Foreign-backed gold miners in Bukidnon using cyanide, mercury
  • [Press Release] Protest caravans against destructive mining
  • [From the web] Legarda Warns LGUs to be More Circumspect About Permitting Gold Mining Operations- http://www.senate.gov.ph
  • [In the news] Gov’t braces for gold rush DENR fears surge in illegal mining – Inquirer.net
  • [Press Release] Solon bats for IP-responsive mining law
  • [Press Release] SLAPP suit against Ifugaos in Didipio, dismissed – lrcksk.org
  • [Press Release] Akbayan Confronts Secretary Almendras over DOE’s Commitment to Coal
  • [Statement] Is the Philippines violating the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)? –

3. Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice incorporates compliance with international children’s rights standards. It recognizes a high age of criminal responsibility and gives emphasis on restorative justice than on punitive by incorporating the systems of education, reintegration and rehabilitation, and the need to ensure that detention is a last resort. It also guarantees that children receive a prompt and a fair trial is also highlighted. It considers that children in conflict with the law are not the main problem but just offshoots of a bigger social problem.

Thus HRonlinePH deemed it necessary to post issues, events and statements that highlight the situation of children in conflict with the law.

Posted articles:

  • [From the web] Attempt to amend RA 9344 also known as the Juvenile Justice Act
  • [In the news] Archbishop supports calls to amend juvenile law- http://www.cathnewsphil.com
  • [Press Release] Blame our state leaders, not our kids – Partido ng Manggagawa
  • [From the web] Attempt to amend RA 9344 also known as the Juvenile Justice Act
  • [In the news] PNP backs amendment of juvenile law – Philstar.com
  • [In the news] Davao Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte lambasts Human Rights Commission over child offenders anew | Sun.Star
  • [In the news] Escudero wants implementation of Juvenile Justice Law suspended – InterAksyon.com
  • [In the news] DepEd won’t tolerate child abuse – http://www.mb.com.ph
  • [In the news] Cops working with Congress on ‘hamog’ boys – http://www.gmanews.tv
  • [Blogger] Youth must be sent to schools rather than in jails – sdkonline.wordpress.com

4.  Reproductive health

Reproductive freedom lies at the heart of human existence which is embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Every woman is recognized to be free to decide whether and when to have children; where every woman should have access to the best reproductive healthcare available and to exercise her choices without coercion or discrimination.

In support for the passage of the proposed reproductive law, HRonlinePH deemed it necessary to post opinion, news, and events that show underlying issues that undermine this right.

Posted articles:

  • [Blogger] (RH BILL)And you just want to get this over with – koihernandez.wordpress.com
  • [In the news] Youths push Congress to vote on RH bill – http://www.philstar.com
  • [In the news] Reproductive Health bill won’t allow abortion – Cayetano – http://www.philstar.com
  • [In the news] In Bataan villages, a war against contraceptives- InterAksyon.com

5. Economic security

Everyone has the right to a standard of living with adequate social services. Economic security for necessary social services and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, or old age must be guaranteed by the state.

HRonlinePH deemed it necessary to post issues, events, and statements that assert this people’s basic economic and social rights.

Posted articles:

  • [Press Release] Teachers to hold protest for higher education budget – TDC
  • [Press Release] SANLAKAS padlocks MERALCO gate to protest increase in power rates

6. Guarantee and protection of civil and political rights

Everyone has the fundamental rights to life and freedom. The state has the obligation not only to guarantee these rights but also to protect these rights from any forms of infringement.

Thus, HRonlinePH deemed it necessary to post issues, opinions, news and events which show how civil and political rights are still being violated.

Posted articles:

  • [Blogger] 9/11 and Human rights in the Philippines – Carpe Diem
  • [Off the shelf] Pagyurak sa Dignidad… comics
  • [From the web/Urgent Alert] UPDATE (Philippines): Tortured boy temporarily released to his parent’s custody
  • [In the news] The long, difficult road to justice for mothers of 2 missing UP students – Bulatlat.com
  • [In the news] AFP: Dumagat teen not kidnapped – http://www.philstar.com
  • [Press Release] PM asks PH to support creation of UN body to investigate junta’s crime against humanity in Burma
  • [In the news] Muslim youth fight 9/11 biases with ‘jihad by heart’ – GMAnews.tv
  • [From the web] Martial laws in the Philippines – emanila.com
  • [In the news] IBP volunteer lawyers to help protect OFWs, prosecute human traffickers – http://www.mb.com.ph
  • [In the news] Youth to help vs. human trafficking – http://www.sunstar.com.ph

7.  Rights to peace

Peace is a prerequisite for the exercise of all human rights and duties. It is not simply the absence of war but a pursuit of harmony based on justice and equality.

HRonlinePH deemed it necessary to post news and events which are the efforts to achieve long lasting peace in the country.

Posted articles:

  • [Statement] Finding the common ground in the GPH-MILF peace talks – NSCM II
  • [Video] Women’s ‘sex strike’ ends fighting in Mindanao villages – UNHCR | ABS-CBN News
  • [In the news] OPAPP marks peace pact anniversary – http://www.sunstar.com.ph

8.   Freedom of Information

Freedom of information is a basic human right. It is considered as one element of freedom of expression, which is an “indispensable condition for the full development of the person” and “the foundation stone for every free and democratic society.”

HRonlinePH deemed it necessary to post news, events and statements that show the importance of freedom of information to guarantee the people’s participation in governance.

  • [From the web] Palace draft of freedom of info bill: Focus on restrictions? – CMFR

9. Good News

There is nothing better than to have good news. HRonlinePH deemed it necessary to post good news and updates in effort to further promote and protect human rights in the country.

Posted articles:

  • [Event/Announcement] KASAMA 2011: The search for innovative Philippine human rights initiatives
  • [Blogger] Our very first Advocacy Team workshop and teambuilding – Anthony Gaupo
  • [In the news] European Union to provide P338 million for human rights | Sun.Star

10.  Reality bytes

Speaking for human rights does not only require passion but must also entertain and captures one’s imagination. HRonlinePH deemed it necessary to post literary works and reflections of our PEOPLE and bloggers.

Posted articles:

  • [People] The Greatest Miracle by Fr. Shay Cullen
  • [Isyung HR] MokongLeaks, kukuro-coke-crocs

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