Weekend HR Posts Rundown and Analysis 24 July, 2011

Human Rights Online Philippines features articles, blogs, news information and photos on human rights issues. It provides up-to-date information on human rights activities, events, campaigns, and solidarity actions in the Philippines. It aims not only to put human rights at the center of national discourse through digital media but also to elicit response from the public.

This week has been news and activity-filled information for HR postings.

The upcoming Pnoy’s second SONA was the central focus of public interest for the couple of weeks. We deemed it necessary to post views, opinions, statements and events that provide recommendations or anti-theses of what PNoy will have to say in his much anticipated State of the Nation Address.

Posted articles

  • [Press Release] Amnesty to Aquino: commit to a clear roadmap towards human rights protection for SONA (hronlineph.wordpress.com)
  • [Press Release] International Rights Group says: P-NOY must step up efforts to free our country from human rights abuse and injustice – Amenesty International(hronlineph.wordpress.com)
  • P-Noy’s “matuwid na daan” is for the few (hronlineph.wordpress.com)
  • [Statement] The next year: a breakthrough or a breakdown against impunity(hronlineph.wordpress.com)
  • [Photo blog] Green Parade for a Green SONA (hronlineph.wordpress.com)
  • [Press Release] Three days before SONA, Cebu workers urge PNoy to prioritize wage hike legislation – CTUHR
  • [Press Release] Towards sustainable development GREEN CONVERGENCE URGES AQUINO TO TAKE CHARGE

The disappointments and furors over inaction of the Philippine government on the incessant appeals for the immediate release of political prisoner, Mariano Umbrero before he died last July 15 exposed how uncompassionate and indecisive PNoy’s administration in the plight of the political prisoners in the country.  We express our support to their cause through our consistent and constant posting of news, events and campaign activities.
Posted articles

  • [Featured Photo] A President bereft of any compassion for human rights victims and human rights – Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (hronlineph.wordpress.com)
  • Requiem for justice, Requiem for Tatay Mariano Umbrero – Medical Action Group(hronlineph.wordpress.com)
  • [Press Release] Health group pushes for prison reforms as 63 year old, ailing political prisoner dies at New Bilibid Prison (hronlineph.wordpress.com)
  • [Press Release] Rights group: Death of Political Prisoner reveals P-Noy as an uncompassionate President (hronlineph.wordpress.com)
  • [Blogger] The Blind Side – Carpe Diem (hronlineph.wordpress.com)
  • Political prisoners launched nationwide fast for freedom and human rights – http://www.tfdp.net

The recent Supreme Court ruling revoking the stock distribution option and ordering another referendum for Hacienda Luisita farmers-beneficiaries received mixed reactions from the government, landowners and farmers-beneficiaries. We deemed it necessary to give a space for views, updates and activities on this highly controversial issue.
Posted articles

  • [Statement] KATARUNGAN-FARM statement on supreme court decision in Hacienda Luisita case (hronlineph.wordpress.com)
  • [Press Release] The Luisita case is a blow for the farmers of Luisita, and a death-knell for small Filipino farmers who are, as it is, already working under adverse conditions- FARM-Luisita – KATARUNGAN (hronlineph.wordpress.com)
  • [Statement] “STOLEN LAND” CBCP-NASSA’s Statement on Hacienda Luisita(hronlineph.wordpress.com)
  • [Statement] Expropriation is the ultimate solution to Hacienda Luisita dispute – Partido ng Manggagawa

Human rights are all about the respect for human dignity. We deemed it necessary to post news, statements and activities on different human rights advocacies.

Posted articles:

  • [Blogger] Join the global chorus for the protection of human rights defenders (HRDs)
  • [Statement] THE 2011 PHILIPPINE NATIONAL LGBT CONFERENCE Official Statement
  • [Press Release] Claretian Priest, Kris Literacy Group Call for Humane Treatment of Relocated Informal Settlers – Kristiyano-Islam Peace Library
  • [Featured video] World Population Day 2011 (RH Bill) by sdkonline.wordpress.com
  • [Event] Climate Campaign Conference – FDC & JSAPMDD
  • [From the web] PHILIPPINES: Torture victims speak out–”I kept the torture I experience to myself for one year” Interview 9 – AHRC
  • [Press Release] Lumads Start Arriving in Koronadal for the National IP Women Gathering and the State of the IP Address (SIPA)
  • [Statement] Filipino teachers of Prince George unite! – Partido ng Mangagawa

Speaking out is a right and an obligation in defending human rights. We deemed it necessary to share to our subscribers our effort to improve HR online Philippines as a venue not only for HR information sharing but also a convergence of actions towards promotion and protection of human rights for all.

Posted articles:

  • We blog for human rights!

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