[Isyung HR] ang mga SANA sa SONA ni PNoy

Mahigit isang Linggo nang nagluluksa ang Kamokongan republic sa pagkamatay ni Tatay Umbrero.  Higit sa lahat pinagluluksa natin ang kawalan ng pusod atay at balunbalunan ng pamahalaang ito para sa karapatang pantao.

Wika ng isang kaibigan sa malakanyang na hindi natin papangalanan, (O ha… may kaibigan pala tayo sa malakanyang, ‘yun lang hindi niya alam pag nalaman niya i-uunfriend nya ako.) “Wala sa radar ni PNyoy ang karapatang pantao.”

WHAAAAT! Shet na malagkit! Ang nakakagulat ay may radar pala siya? Hahahaha. O i-uunfriend na talaga ako.

Pero hindi kayang pigilin ng pagluluksang ito sa paghahasik ng kamokongan ang inyong lingkod. Kaya naman tinipon natin ang ilan sa mga “SANA” ng iba’t-ibang grupo para sa “SONA” ni PNoy.

TFDP: P-Noy’s lack of an explicit policy on human rights, against torture and human rights violations, in particular, may be considered as the weakest link.  This can be interpreted that P-Noy is either not in control or that human rights is not really part of his agenda.

How can P-Noy raise awareness among his ranks when he seems to be busy only with issues that will hit the headlines?  Or could it be that it is P-Noy who needs human rights education?”

PNYOY: Are you insulting me?

MOKONG: Hinde! Hindi nga?!

TFDP: These cases (Human rights violations) prove that the “paradigm shift” that the officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has been proclaiming still has a long way to go.  The government must prove its sincerity and gain the people’s confidence.

PNYOY: No comments. Wala sa radar ko ‘yan.

PIENP: as far as the PNP is concern bawal ang torture sa amo pati sa military especially we have the Anti-Torture Law.

MOKONG: Ows.. Hinde nga?!

TFDP: We welcome the challenge posed by Police Superintendent Antonio Rivera and Philippine Army 10th Infantry Division Chief Major General Jorge V. Segovia on the issue of torture.

It is unfortunate, however, that this recognition from the police and the military is far from what is actually being practiced among their ranks.

The video that came out last year of how a robbery suspect was allegedly being tortured by Sr. Inspector Joselito Binayug now comes to mind.”

AYEFPI: Ayaw mong tumigil e. i-oorder of battle kita!

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PHILIPPINES: Respect and protection of human rights is at the very foundation of Aquino’s promise of ‘transformational change’. This change will not happen unless he repairs expanding cracks in his administration. Again, Amnesty International calls on President Aquino to establish a Presidential Accountability Commission to ensure justice for political killings, enforced disappearances and torture.

If Aquino is serious about combating abuse of power, he needs to make sure that the perpetrators of atrocious human rights violations are made accountable. Moreover, impunity for human rights abuses compromises the integrity of the military and the police and ultimately, his government.

If you buy a house with a leaking roof, and it’s still leaking a year later, you can’t keep blaming the previous owner. President Aquino needs to start taking responsibility in tackling serious human abuses instead of constantly blaming the Arroyo administration.

PNYOY: Unli ka te?

REHAS: The call to free all alleged political offenders and political prisoners is a legitimate demand, not merely a tactical call, but must be a continuous fight because there will always be political prisoners as long as the system is not change.

PNYOY: E alam mo naman palang continuous e. ‘Pag pinalaya ko e di hindi na.

POLITICAL PRISONERS: Ang mahusay na pagtugon at pag-aksyon ni De Lima hinggil sa special treatment ay pinupuri natin.  Ngunit ang aming ipinagtataka ay kung bakit hindi pinapansin ng kalihim ng DOJ ang aming matagal nang apela ng paglaya na nuon pa mang siya ay CHR chairperson pa lang ay personal naming ipinaabot sa kanya ng kami ay makipagdayalogo sa kanya.  Dahil ba hindi sensational ang aming isyu?

SEC. DILEMA: That is very unprofessional. Let’s make sure that there are people from media to cover this. If there will be none, No comment ako diyan, I will not stoop down to that level. Sikat ako no. Busy pa ko sa paghabol kay Hubert Webb.

POLITICAL PRISONERS: Ang pag-aayunong ito ay aming ilulunsad dahil sa kawalan ng sinserong pagtugon o atensiyon ng administrasyong Aquino sa mga isyu ng karapatang pantao.  Bahagi din ng pag-aayunong ito ang panawagan para sa pagpapalaya sa lahat ng tulad naming bilanggong pulitikal na walang tinatanging organisasyong pinagmulan.

PNYOY: Fasting? That will help lessen the food consumption in jails, I thank you for that.

PAHRA: P-Noy failed to make human rights a priority on its agenda and governance, had P-Noy incorporated and implemented human rights principles as basis for governance and for the country’s development plan, P-Noy’s administration for the year would have kept on the ‘matuwid na daan’.

PNYOY: That’s why I said nothing about it. Don’t put words into my mouth.

TFDP: The death of Mariano Umbrero, 63, cancer-stricken political prisoner who was detained and died inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) hospital, shows the incapacity and failure of the P-Noy administration to do a compassionate and humanitarian act.

MAG: This situation only reflects that last administration’s poor human rights performance still persists and this only serve to throw the spotlight on P-Noy’s ‘matuwid na daan’ is only impressive on paper but extremely poor in the respect, protection and fulfillment of human rights.


NASSA: it is disappointing to note that the Cojuangcos have managed to evade agrarian reform for more than five decades, even as the legitimate beneficiaries of the land continue to live in grinding, abject poverty.

PNYOY:  I have washed my hands before I ate and I will wash my hands once more.

CTUHR: We urge the Aquino administration this coming SONA to advise the Congress to pass the bill that will provide a P125 across the board wage hike to the Filipino workers. This is very much needed by workers all over the country especially because wage hikes have become very difficult to pass with the regional wage boards.

PM: After one year of PNoy, there is no new program to generate jobs, no new guideline to increase workers wages and no change in the no-union policy in the ecozones. PNoy has given the go signal for contractualization at Philippine Airlines. He has praised Hanjin’s investments but has been silent on the deaths and injuries of workers at the shipyard-cum-graveyard. PNoy has continued with sacrificing labor rights at the ecozones to attract foreign capital.

Ipinapaabot ng mga manggagawa kay PNoy, ang gusto ng kanyang mga boss ay bagong landas di lang tuwid na daan. In his SONA, PNoy will highlight his administration’s accomplishments in stamping corruption but poverty will not be solved by good governance alone. Poverty can only be eradicated by reforms in the economic and social arena that attacks the iniquitous distribution of wealth in the country.

PNYOY: I will consult my KKK first.  KKK gang well what can you say?

EU AMBASSADOR TO THE PHILIPPINES GUY LEDOUX: I think convictions should be made to convince the public the government is genuinely committed in ending this culture of impunity.

SEC. DILEMA: During Aquino’s first year as president, five of the around 10 EJK cases are already undergoing trial, and that suspects of three of the five remaining cases have been identified.

“The handling of cases has been much speedier now than before,”

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: none of the 10 cases of EJKs and enforced disappearances under the Aquino administration has been resolved since Aquino took office in July last year.

SEC. DILEMA: I m disputing that, in so far as it says that no one has been arrested and no one has been prosecuted. We’re waiting for conviction because precisely, these are still under trial. Resolution of similar cases usually takes one to two years.

PIENPI CHIEF BACALZOW: the country’s police force is undergoing a “transformation” program to make cops more aware of human rights.

We have made a lot of positive strides toward this problem. We are more aware of the procedures and other police protocols. We have also conducted a lot of dialogue with the community.

PNYOY: Sorry my KKK are taking their time to advice me on that matters. Let Secretary DILEMA do the answering.

MOKONG: Ang mga nagging sagot ni PNoy ay pawang kamokongan lamang dahil hanggat hindi siya sumasagot sa mga “SANA” para sa kanayang “SONA” ay kung anu-anong interpretasyon ang lalaganap. Yes silence means yes but in this case silence means PNoy’s having no plans for human rights. Baka nga kelangan ng HR education?

Ano Mr. President, ano ang National Human Rights Program mo?

PNYOY: Sorry my radar is not working properly… dudotduutotoooooooooooooooooot (Static)

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