[Petition] Marcos is NO HERO – PAHRA

28 April 2011

Dear Friends,

In the past weeks, the proposed House Resolution 1135 declaring former President Ferdinand Marcos as worthy of a heroic burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Cemetery for Heroes) resulted in strong public sentiments against the recognition of the Marcos as a hero rather than the dictator and the leading human rights violator during his regime.

The dark era of the Marcos dictatorship ended in a revolution that marked the Philippines as the first country in Asia to regain democracy in a peaceful manner. The memory of the historical people’s struggle to break free from the tyrannical rule is now being sullied by the proposed house resolution.

Marcos’ launch and grasp over power were backed with impunitive measures that caused thousands of human rights violations to individuals and communities that until this day remains grossly unaccounted for.

Years of democratic freedom enjoyed today can never diminish the memory of the inhumanity that prevailed during the Marcos dictatorship. There can never be reconciliation with the atrocities committed during former President Marcos unless there is a recognition that human rights violations occurred, perpetrators are prosecuted for their corresponding liabilities and reparations were made to the Marcos victims.

It is in this light that PAHRA is appealing to you to join us in condemning the attempt to honor former dictator Ferdinand Marcos as a hero and prevent the passage of House Resolution 1135. We have prepared a statement in which you and your organizations can affix your signature. Attached is a copy of the suggested letter including the names of congressional representatives to whom we can send our appeal.

The proposed House Resolution 1135 is authored by Congressman Salvador Escudero and is alarmingly being supported by 190 congressional representatives.

For inquiries and comments, please contact us at (02) 436-2633 or (0927) 4012416.

Thank you and we hope you can join us in this campaign to help the nation remember that Marcos is a human rights violator and NOT a hero.


Max M. de Mesa


7 thoughts on “[Petition] Marcos is NO HERO – PAHRA

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  3. Former President Marcos deserves to be a hero …this article is useless….many people are now know who really Marcos are…


  4. Yes! It is true, I certainly agree with you. Many people ARE NOW KNOW who really Marcos are… People know that Marcos was a dictator and does not deserve to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Moreover, to be buried a hero with full military honors. We need more articles like this to enlighten people that veneration without understanding will lead us to a vicious cycle of violence. I am tired of hearing other nationals of criticizing us of having “a very short memory” or does not have a fully grasp of national history. I don’t want our country to be a disgrace! Do you like that Sam? Do you?


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  6. Idiot Communist/Yellow Propaganda Supporter. Who else built the most number of structures and bridges? Who else tried to bring order from NPA rule (Well, tried). And who else brought us to the 2nd of Asia (before the NPA and yellow guys started to wreck havoc in the 1980s).


  7. The answer to that, is Marcos. He is without the question, the greatest president this country should have. Without the ML part, because it failed. (But it was a good attempt to stop the commies from taking over the country.

    PS. Ninoy was in league with Joma, you know. And Marcos gave him a chance to be his succesor.


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