[Statement] House Resolution No. 1135 – a shameless attempt to twist history – www.tfdp.net


House Resolution No. 1135 that seeks the burial of the late Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani is a shameless attempt to rehabilitate the image of a dictator and notorious human rights violator. It is also a move to re-write history in favor of Mr. Marcos.

The thousands of human rights victims are proof of the gross violations of human rights during the time of Mr. Marcos. The assassination of Ninoy Aquino is ample evidence of the bloody reign of the dictatorship. Mr. Marcos when he was alive denied any wrongdoing and his family continues to strut around peddling this blatant lie. Cronyism, corruption and human rights violations were the order of the day during that time of darkness.

We bury our dead at the Libingan ng mga Bayani to honor their heroism and bravery. We extol their selflessness and sacrifice for the motherland.

What outstanding feat did Marcos do to deserve a burial among our heroes? A string of fake medals? A long list of human rights violations? An unbridled and rapacious corruption?

It is the 25th year of the EDSA Uprising and we should remember and honor, not those who brought suffering to our people, but those who stood up and fought against tyranny and repression, those who were victimized by the dictatorship, those who were summarily executed, those who were tortured, those who disappeared. They whose rights were trampled upon and violated. It is they that we must remember and honor as our heroes and martyrs. It is to them that we owe our freedom and democracy.

Genuine reconciliation says our esteemed legislators. JUSTICE, we cry out! Let the Marcoses admit their wrongdoing, let them make reparations to the victims; let them account for the “salvaged” and disappeared. Only then can we speak of reconciliation.

We ask PNoy to rally his party mates and allies to reject this resolution. It is a resolution that mocks and insults the bravery and sacrifice of our true heroes and martyrs such as Ninoy Aquino, Dr. Remberto dela Paz, Johnny Escandor, Edgar M. Jopson and Macliing Dulag.

We ask our legislators to rethink their position and withdraw support for this resolution. There is still time to do a heroic act for our people and reject this resolution.
Are we again to be crucified so that Mr. Marcos, long dead, can erase the stigma of dictatorship and corruption? Are we again to be crucified so that Mr. Marcos can regain his honor?

In this time of Lent, may we all be guided by prayers and sacrifice. Let us be reminded by these words: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Source: www.tfdp.net


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