[in Facebook] PLM Supports PALEA’s Planned Strike – Partido Lakas ng Masa

Stop Contractualization!

After assuming jurisdiction over the high profile labor case of PALEA against PAL last December 2010, Malacañang last March 26 finaly gave its ruling supporting PAL’s outsourcing plan.  This ruling of Malacañang only echoed Labor Secretary Baldoz’s decision last year of approving the compensation package being offered by PAL to affected workers.  This decision will result in the retrenchment of 2,600 employees of PAL.

How can the Philippine Government let its self be dupped by a self proclaimed unsuccessful business man in the Country? Who will believe that Lucia Tan who is ranked last 2010 by Forbes.com as the 2nd wealthiest man in the Philippines, with a net worth of 2.1 Billion Dollars, is accumulating big losses?  It is absurb and outrageous!

It is not a surprise that PALEA is frustrated with Pnoy.  After four months of waiting, instead of siding with the workers, Malacañang sided with Lucio Tan, the number 1 labor union buster in the Country. It is a clear betrayal of trust! This only shows that Pnoy’s labor policies are anti-workers.  His “kayo ang boss ko” antic is now exposed, it is all lies and nothing but bogus propaganda! His true bosses are the capitalist who raked in profit by using the contractualization law and outsourcing scheme to feed their greed!  This is an alarming situation for the labor front; we have a president who will use all his power to protect not the working class but the greed of capitalism!

The Partido Lakas ng Masa fully supports PALEA’s planned mobilizations.  We support their planned strike to paralyze PAL’s operation.  PALEA’s fight for their rights and security of tenure is the fight of the whole labor movement, and we will not stop until Pnoy is unmasked and his true color revealed to all.

Stop the mass layoff! Stop contractualization!

Partido Lakas ng Masa
6 April 2011

Source: PLM Facebook


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