Statement of Edita T. Burgos, Mother of missing activist Jonas Burgos on the CHR report/

Posted last March 19, 2011

After almost four years of waiting we see a glimmer of hope. The report of the Commission of Human Rights is now in the hands of the Supreme Court. Our theory has been right all along. The evidence gathered by the CHR confirms our family’s theory that the Philippine Army is involved in the abduction of my son and elements of the police and military are covering up to hide the identity of the abductors and those involved. We believe, however, that 1st Lt. Harry Baliaga will not act without orders from higher authorities.

We laud the brave investigators of the Commission led by Commissioner Jose Manuel Mamauag for their exhaustive investigation.

While we seem to have won this battle, the real measure of success is the recovery of my son. We shall continue the fight until Jonas is returned to us, alive and well and justice is served.

We pray that there will be more witnesses who will surface. We appeal to those who had a hand in the abduction and the continued detention of Jonas, to come clean and face the consequences of their actions. It is better to make right a wrong that has been done while one still has the capacity to do it.

We appeal to President Noynoy Aquino. You have always pronounced that the rule of law must prevail.- As Commander-in-Chief, it is time to show the military that you will never condone any wrongdoing. Mr. President, the military must be the first to follow the “tuwid na daan”. The military should be ordered to release the documents on the abduction of Jonas.

Please Mr. President, allow my son to return to his family.

March 20, 2011
Posted by PinoyXPress at 9:50 PM


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